Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Just because I didn't want to NOT post in July.....

Yep.  Ezra's still around.  I feel like I should call the veterinary surgeon and let him know.  He swore he MIGHT live nine months after the surgery he sorta kinda wasn't really sure would help him.  I know we looked like complete fools agreeing to pay $4000 for MAYBE six months more with him, that and the fact that we were pretty much sobbing on the cold tile nasty with animal germs floor.

We have taken it day by day since and here we are fifteen months later.

When I start to stress, I look at him and remember how blessed we are to still have him here.

Yes, it's probably silly to some to deplete our long saved Disney World account to save him, but we have not once regretted it.

Yes, he's fourteen and a half years old and his odds of living to another birthday aren't good, but when we all wake up and see his smiling face (yes, he smiles) another day, we are happy.

And that was worth $4000 to me.