Wednesday, May 31, 2006

We Made It!

WHEW....what a trip!

We have arrived at my mom's...finally. We are all better, just waiting to see if Adam catches it now, but glad to be at "home" if it happens. We currently are without an air conditioner and sweating profusely. It figures that last week it was in the sixties here but it's in the nineties this week and the repairmen can't come until Monday so we are in for an interesting few days.

The southern WV trip was a bust, as you read from my previous post. It wasn't a wasted trip, though. I was able to meet my best high school friend for dinner and finally meet her four month old son. We also got a three hour nap in the COOL motel room which was AWESOME!

I still have no idea what happened to my blog yesterday, I am guessing the hotel's free wireless was the culprit as it seems to be working fine today. I posted about three posts yesterday trying to get one to come up, so I must have deleted some of your comments and for that I am sorry. Hopefully it will be smooth sailing from now on. They have dial up here and it is ssslllooowwww. I forgot how much I hated that. I will post some pictures later on when I can get a better connection. I am going to try to catch up reading my blogs as well. I feel lost.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Murphy's Law

How to have an exciting trip:

* Catch raging stomach bug two hours away from home. Stop to puke on interstate. Fear for your life as commuters honk at you.
* Arrive at motel destination after midnight, unpack and put to kids to bed, only to be told AFTERWARDS that they do not accept pets and we must vacate premises immediately.
* Drive 65 minutes in opposite direction to finally find motel that will take cat.
* Travel in car to meet father in law and hear backseat wretching. Scrap plans to see in-laws, spend day holed up in stinky motel room with vomiting child.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Take Me Home, Country Roads....

Well, I have cleaned, packed, and loaded the car. The dog is waiting patiently in the back and I cannot get him to budge. The animal police will probably come after me. I continue to search for the cat, who scattered as soon as I pulled the cage out. I am ready to go. The neighbors appear to be having a graduation kegger tonight that I am sure will last all weekend. I am glad I don't have to witness the carnage. Now we just wait for the Daddy to come home and we will be on our way. I won't have computer access again until at least next Friday, unless we find a motel with high speed on the way. I have agreed to stay two nights in southern WV with the in-laws, so please pray for me. Here are some photos of yesterday's fun fest to tide you over until my return to bloggerland. Have a safe and wonderful holiday weekend, folks!

Time Sure Flies....

I am stealing this from Shane.

Twenty Years Ago I was attending my junior prom with my then boyfriend, Jeff. It didn't go quite as I had planned, turns out the week before he "had relations" with a skanky freshman girl and I was heartbroken. I thought I would love Jeff forever. We went our separate ways after that night only to meet up again in college three years later where we became the best of friends. I know ya'll are jealous of that purple dress....

Ten Years Ago I was just returning from the Bahamas with my then boyfriend (looks familiar doesn't he?). I was living in Virginia Beach at the time teaching an LD class but had just received a transfer to my dream job: Third Grade. I had also recently purchased a nice home and bought a new car. If there was a nine years ago, it would say I gave all that up and moved to WV to live in a small apartment and become a substitute teacher...but it got better....

Five Years Ago I was home with a ten week old premature baby and the post-partum depression was just starting to sink in. I blamed myself for Jacob's early birth and the incessant all day crying had frayed my last nerve. I loved my son so much. I was happy and unhappy at the same time and it was the worst feeling.....but that got better, too.....

Three Years Ago

I met my neice, Abigail, for the first time. Jacob was smack dab in the middle of the terrible twos and I was pulling my hair out daily. I also, apparently thought a perm was a really good idea.

One Year Ago I was the mom to TWO boys, who would've thunk? I was basking in the glow of motherhood and loving it this time around. Adam's birth and babyhood was a complete turnaround from Jacob's. Maybe it was having the extra four year old help around or those vitamins Tom Cruise gave me, but there was a world of difference. My little baby became a big brother and he was SO good at it! It was also this weekend that Laura went to live in St. Louis to wait for her transplant. We didn't go to Florida to "celebrate" because we had just returned from WV and didn't want to make the ten hour drive. We had no idea what was coming.

So Far This Year....I have watched my big baby turn five and finish preschool. I have watched my little baby learn to walk, climb, and sign.

Yesterday....I played in the backyard with my boys

Today...I am tying up loose ends, cleaning the house, paying bills, packing in preparation for our long trip.

Tomorrow I travelling to Memphis to spend the long weekend with friends. On the way we will meet my 83 year old uncle in Arkansas for lunch and I cannot wait to give him a big hug and watch him love on my boys.

In the Next Year...I will see my big baby start kindergarten.

In the Next Minute....I will fix my kids some breakfast and sit down to watch Charlie and Lola. Nothing like a little procrastination to start your day.

Friday Find

It's Friday Find time. Be sure to let Mary Ann know if you played.

Has anyone else seen this show? When I moved back to West Virginia, so many moons ago, Derick got me hooked on this show. It came on late at night, when I used to WANT to stay up late at night, on Comedy Central. I looked forward to it each week and then one day it was gone, on to cancellation oblivion. I was sad, at first, but after a while I moved on to other fine television entertainment and forgot about my good show.

I was in Target last week (LOVE TARGET) and as I was cruising the electronics aisles in search of the NEW Thomas video, I happened to look down and "find" this on a bottom shelf! Sweet Hallelujah! I was absolutely giddy! Dr. Katz, viewed at my leisure, what could be better? Oh Dr. Katz, how I have missed you.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Last Week

It's been a weird week for me. It has been a string of lasts for Jacob and it saddens me. His last day of preschool was Tuesday. It really does seem like yesterday was his first day. I remember how excited he was, and the excitement never ended for him. He absolutely LOVED going and would count the days each week until the school days rolled around. Yeah, we had some issues there (mainly me), but he grew so much there. He just seems so small in this picture taken on the first day and so big in the last day photo. I cried almost the entire day. It was all so happy, yet so sad at the same time. How can it be that my BABY is an official kindergartener now?

We went to library story time for the last time yesterday. We have been going every Wednesday morning for the past three years. Jacob knows all the library ladies and they adore him. I thought I would bawl my eyes out hearing those ladies tell him how much they loved him and would miss him next year. I can remember when we first started going I would have to translate a lot of what he said to the ladies and it suddenly dawned on me that he lost the one speech quirk he still had, saying Ys for Ls as in Yemon (lemon) and I don't even know when that happened. I used to scrapbook and keep the baby book up to date by practically the minute, and now whole months go by and I have no firsts to log into them. I feel like I haven't appreciated the preschool years as much as I should have. They are over and I didn't do many of the things I had planned on doing with him the past five years, like go to the children's museum more, or take a swim class, and all the art projects I was going to do.....the patterns and materials still sit in a heap on my desk where they have been since the day before Adam was born. This last year was supposed to be LOADS AND LOADS of fun for us, instead he has taken a liking to Noggin while I attempt to keep the house clean and the days just pass us by. I really do think I am ready to take that next step, kindergarten, with Jacob, check back with me in August, but I do miss his babyness and cannot believe it passed me by in the blink of an eye.
***He just came in, hugged my neck, said "I Love You, Mom" (and I noticed the L sound), and asked me nicely to fill his pool up and eat popsicles outside. I guess I should oblige and enjoy my time.

In case you were under a rock last night......

It's over!!!!

American Idol is over, WHAT will I do on Tuesday and Wednesday nights? I am pleased to report, as if you hadn't already heard, that Taylor beat Katherine for the title and for that I am happy, I know it was my two votes that pushed him over the edge so the forty minutes I spent trying to get through wasn't in vain. I don't think Katherine is suffering much, I am sure she has a pretty hefty record deal sewed up and that brand new mustang is nice, but at least I don't have to see her on the morning/late night shows for the next month. Some recaps:

* Mandisa proved she truly belonged in the final four as she sang circles around Katherine and the other girls.
* Chris sang with the band Live and now I am glad he did not win because he does so much better with a band. Hope he takes Fuel up on their offer.
* Ace was there and that was good. It was so nice to see a good looking guy again.
* Can I love Elliott anymore? They just show his mama for a millisecond and I am in tears. When she introduced him as "my Elliott Yamin" I wanted to jump through the screen and hug her. I hope he cuts an album because I am buying a copy for me and all my closest friends (watch out, ya'll!). I want him to make lots of money so he can lavish his mom in luxury, ala Clay Aiken, which speaking of:
* Clay Aiken showed up. It took me a good two minutes to figure out it was him. If you are trying to make people think you are not gay, honey, that look is not the way to go about it.
* The whole American Idol awards thing was just stupid. Another way to kill time so we cannot switch over and watch the Lost finale.
* Just when I thought Kellie couldn't get any stupider she agreed to some lame skit with Wolfgang Puck (which was weird in itself) where she couldn't even sound out the word shanghai or escargot. Did she not realize they were making fun of her? I don't like her much, but I truly felt sorry for her last night; reminded me of junior high kids picking on a slower child. I hope she was paid well for it.
* PRINCE sang! On American Idol. WHY? Does he have an album or tour he needs to promote? I was quite surprised to see him there, although YEAH! I love Prince, it inspired me to load my CD changer with all my Prince CDs, but is he that hard up for exposure? It just didn't seem like his thing to me.

Anybody watch the Lost finale last night?

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


by Jennifer......

What is your favorite word? To say or to hear? I cannot say sh** enough. I don't mean too, but it works in almost every context and flies out of my mouth before I can do anything about it. I would love to give up my swearing habit, but it's like smoking to me, I can't go cold turkey and that one is better than the other one, you know which one I am talking about. Both boys call me Mama and I like to hear that.
What is your least favorite word? marshmallow....One of the weird boys at school started saying it constantly in a strange, possessed voice and Jacob thought that was cool so he started it too. I want to throw something at him when he starts that. He has been doing it since Easter. It sucks. marshmallow, marshmallow, marshmallow AGGGH!
What turns you on spiritually, creatively, emotionally? Spritually...hearing my son repeat bible verses from memory. He knows more than I do at this point. Creatively.....Jacob's drawings and the stories that go with them. So much imagination in such a little boy. Emotionally.....I am overwhelmed with how much I love my sons. I knew I would love them, but I never knew my heart would explode with it.
What turns you off? I really cannot stand when people wonder when we are going to complete our family by having girl. Do people not understand the basics of science? You get what you get ain't Burger King!
What's your favorite curse word? See number 1
What sound or noise do you love to hear? I have to go with the majority and say my kids laughing. Nothing beats the first time your baby laughs. But I also love the sound of a cat purring and birds chirping, as long as neither of those is before 7 am.
What sound or noise do you hate? The constant racket in our never ends. I haven't had a good night's sleep in over six years.
What profession, other than your own, would you like to attempt? I would love to be a good photographer.
What profession would you not like to do? I would hate to be a garbage man...the hours are bad, you're out in the weather all the time, and you get no respect.
If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say at the pearly gates? I pray daily to just let me be a good mom that day. I would hope God would say I did the best I could and my kids thrived because of that and also "Your pets are here waiting for you"

I tag anyone who sees this to play too.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Treasure Tuesday

Has it been a week already? Be sure to pop by Faith's to check out other Tuesday Treasures.

This might not look like much to you, but it is about the only thing I have left of my paternal grandparents, aside from some old letters, pictures, and memories.

My Mamaw and Papaw lived in a little town called Mountain Pine, Arkansas. We didn't see them much, maybe once a year, because we always lived so far away from them. They were good people and loved my sister and me. I remember Mamaw trying to teach me to crochet once, she would laugh if she could see me now trying to knit I am sure. Papaw was a big man, but his hugs could melt you. He was the happiest person I have ever known. They passed away in 1998, three months apart. They were 92 years old. My Papaw was in excellent health, we thought, until March 4 that year (which ironically is Jacob's birthday) when he had a small stroke and after that they found he had cancer pretty much everywhere and died in July. They moved in with my parents and Mamaw never was able to go home, although she cried daily about how much she missed it.

I don't have much of an opportunity to go to Arkansas much anymore, but two summers ago we travelled up for a reunion on the other side of the family and took a detour to my grandparent's old house. My cousins somehow "inherited" it and at one time were trying to "restore" it, but judging from all the empty beer cans scattered around the porch, I guess it got too hard for them. Anyway, it was tough to see that old house empty and falling down but my Mamaw's flowers were still blooming and the squirrels still came around, missing her I bet. I had to go up and peek in the windows, I wanted to remember listening to my Mamaw sing Johnny Cash tunes while she was cooking in the kitchen and my Papaw whittling by the window, but that was hard to do. The cousins had pretty much trashed the inside as if they were looking for something, but I found this "plaque" hanging by the door. It hung by the door and I can remember being little and looking up at it, held by my daddy when we would arrive to visit. It now hangs on my back porch reminding me how much my Mamaw missed her home, helping me to appreciate the one I have.

Monday, May 22, 2006

It's Just Another Manic Monday.....

I like Monday, really I do. I like getting back into our routine after a fun weekend of it being turned upside down, but this is the last Monday we will have here for a while and it makes me kind of sad. The kids and I are going up to West Virginia this weekend and will be staying a few weeks with the grandparents. The Daddy has a project at work all of June that will keep him burning the midnight oil and Jacob starts school in August, so I figured if we wanted to spend some time up there NOW is the time! PLUS, it gets me out of the neighborhood for most of the summer so you can't beat that!

BUT, I am a real creature of habit. I don't do change well. I like knowing what I am doing each day of the week and going up there and meshing into my mom's routine, with two children and a cat, may be hard to do. I will miss doing things my way BUT I am excited. We haven't been up north in over a year and I miss my friends. It will be nice to call them on the phone and be able to meet them on a whim just to hang out again.

Don't think you are getting rid of me so easily, though. I have a brand new laptop coming with me so I will be able to give you the WV view from time to time.

I just wanted to share the picture of my two boys on the slide together. Adam can climb onto the jungle gym, so hanging out in the hammock while they play is no longer an option. Jacob loves having him up there with him, though, even if I do freak that he will fall backward and break his tiny neck.

We have a pool party this morning. Jacob received an invitation to an end-of-the-year party hosted by one of his friends and we will be attending that this morning. YEP, the boys and me and all my closest preschool mama friends together for THREE hours. Quick....what kinds of alcohol have no smell and can give you a quick buzz, yet leave you able to drive home? I am soooo not looking forward to this. I considered skipping it, but Jacob reallllly wants to go so I decided to suck it up JUST THIS ONCE. But while we are here, let me ask your opinion on something: Attached to the invitation (a fancy one I might add) was a slip of paper giving directions AND a little note stating to be sure to bring a towel, sunscreen, and money because we are all going to pitch in and order a pizza and BYOB your drink. is that normal? Have I been shelling out dough on all my kid's parties when I should have been collecting at the door? Maybe I am the snob here, go ahead you can say it, but that just doesn't seem right to me. NOW if we were all friends and decided to get together sans invitations, I would be all for that, but to me it's like inviting someone to your wedding, yet asking them to bring some flowers, or maybe the unity candle. AH, but I digress. we are still going to the party, we are going to chip in for pizza, and I am going to have fun, DAMMIT, chasing little guy away from the water and watching big guy play with his friends. Even if it kills me.


WARNING: There will be swearing. If that offends you, please read no further. just about killed me. WHY did I even consider doing that? I am a glutton for punishment, I will never learn. It was the clique, their kids, me, my kids. They sat around a table in the shade while my BABY and I sat out in the blazing sun across the pool. I tried to be polite and wheel us on in there around the table, I mean, what DO you do in that situation? You appear rude and aloof if you sit away, yet you aren't invited over, do you just go for it or wait? PLEASE fill me in on this piece of etiquette because I am at a loss. We trekked over and made a little spot for us, but I turned around to get something for Jacob and when I came back someone had taken my chair so Adam and I went back to our sun spot for the duration. The kids had a good time, at first, but at the end three of the boys were just MEAN to Jacob. He would be in his ring, and they would push him to the deep end and leave him there and laugh at him while he tried hard not to cry. The point in which I left early was when two of the boys were bouncing balls off Jacob's head while he bobbed out there in the deep while I was trying to steer him to safety. I told those boys, loudly, to please refrain from the ball throwing and they laughed at me and then those kid's big, fat mamas told them, "just go on and play, boys, have a good time". So they continued to wing balls at my kid and everyone thought that was ok. In fact, one big, fat mama took pictures. What the fuck? Oh, man my blood boiled. You can mess with me, but DON'T mess with my kid! So I got in that woman's face and said:


Well, no I didn't. I wanted to say that, but I hate confrontation and I really don't want to teach my son to fight, so we packed up and left. OH, and the pizza. I didn't get one damn slice of the pizza. I put a piece on a plate and went off to keep Adam from tumbling head first into the water and when I returned someone had thrown that AND the three drinks I brought for us away. GEE, thanks bitches. You can be sure they woofed down their fair share AND I know that at least two of them didn't pay a dime. Am I the only person who goes through this? Please tell me that the rest of my life will not be like this. Only one more day....I hope I can make it.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Sunday Six

I got this from Jennifer, who got it from Kelly. Jacob answered the questions grudgingly....

1. When you see Mom or Dad on the computer, what are they doing? They are trying to help people. Yes, son, I help all those people in the blogosphere by posting beautiful pictures of you.
2. How does a telephone work? When it rings you pick it up. Unless it's the inlaws....
3. When you play a game at an arcade, what happens to the coin you use to start the game? It goes into a slot to make it work. AANNNDDD?
4. How does milk stay cold? in the freezer. He might be able to elaborate more on that if he actually drank milk
5. What makes the car move? You turn it on with the key and then the air pushes it. Is he saying I am full of hot air?
6. How does a radio work? When you press the button it starts.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Top Ten Reasons I Hate My Neighborhood

1. Cul-de-sacs provide opportunity for teenagers to make out and drink in your yard, while leaving their empties for you to pick up.
2. The barking dog, whose owners ignore him, keeps everyone awake, except said neighbors who refuse to silence it.
3. Apparently there is a clause in the homeowner's packet that states our driveway is a public parking area, we just weren't notified of that.
4. Our yard is also the neighborhood park, yet my kids aren't allowed to play.
5. We are also the neighborhood florist/greenhouse. We plant, kids pick.
6. If you like basketball, you can find a game here...after midnight on weeknights.
7. Our driveway is the local skateboard ramp...with dents in the garage door for added effect. You can also play daredevil here....go out and try to enjoy your own driveway with your own kids and hear wrath of prepubescent white trash let you know what they CAN do in your yard.
8. Why go to a concert when you can hear the latest hits here in your own backyard, after midnight of course
9. The keg party down the street at the home of the college guy whose parents bought a house for him and seven of his fraternity buddies makes me feel old and I can't drive my blooming SUV to my home for all the cars parked on both sides of the street.
10. I am tired of shooing the pitbulls from next door out of my fenced in yard.

Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs....

I am sure you have read, somewhere, the new hype about teaching your baby to sign before he can speak. This was a relatively new concept when Jacob was a baby, but now we have weekly classes here in town and you can find books on the subject in every store. I atttempted a few signs with Jacob, but he never picked it up and honestly, I think I gave up too soon with him. I began showing Adam signs when he was four months old, with no reaction from him at all. My family thought I was a complete kook and more than once did I catch my husband rolling his eyes behind my back when I would sign "milk" while he nursed or "more" while feeding him. When Adam was 11 months old he signed "milk" to me and started using that pretty consistently. I started learning more signs and began tivoing the show Signing Time, turning that on while I cook dinner. In the past two weeks, Adam has been signing up a storm. He now signs: please, thank you, more, milk, eat, daddy, mommy, airplane, dog, cat, bird, bath, baby, bottle, water, drink, and car. Here he is signing bird while meeting a goose at the park. I LOVE that he can do this AND his brother is picking the signs up as well. My husband no longer rolls his eyes at me and signs with them too. So, now we have jumped on the signing bandwagon, I wish I had kept it up with Jacob. Thank you Signing Time lady for teaching my baby to communicate...I can't wait to see what his next "word" will be.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Friday Finds

It's Friday, that means time for Friday Finds by Mary Ann. Be sure to let her know if you played.

I had totally intended to post about a piece of Lenox I found at an antique store for a garage sale price BUT I couldn't get a picture that you could actually see so I "found" something else.

I found this picture of Laura and Jacob under our couch in a box with a bunch of photos I need to scrapbook....eventually. I love finding these pictures. They usually tend to pop up whenever I have had a bad day and am needing some solace. It really is like she is reaching out from beyond to me and it makes me happy. This picture was taken that week in July when she drew the picture for me. Anytime we were with my sister's family, Jacob stuck close to Laura. She was, and still is, his favorite cousin. He tells me frequently that he sees Laura and she talks to him in his dreams. This picture is the best one I have. It is exactly as she was, the jewelry on the fingers, the hair behind her ears, and that forever smile on her face. I am still sad at the thought that she will remain like that forever, but I do hope that she is in a happy place...talking to my big dude in his dreams.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

It's a circus around here...

Well, the table is a big hit with the wee folk in the house. It's so much bigger than the last table, I actually pushed it up against the wall creating a sun spot for Phoebe and she doesn't budge from it. Even through all the "love" she is getting from these boys, who rarely see her emerge from her darkened hole, she sticks around. I can't keep Adam off of it and Jacob already has puzzles and board games stretched out all over it AND with that we still have room to eat on it. Derick doesn't know of all that conspires at the table while he is earning our living all day. I must delete these pictures before he finds the evidence.

I baked a cake yesterday.....from scratch. I am typically the cake mix kind of cook, but I found a good recipe and decided to go for it. I took it out of the oven and out of the pan to cool on the counter and went upstairs to do some laundry and, yes, cruise my blogs. Adam was asleep on the couch and Jacob, well I guess he was drawing in front of the tv. Jacob kept asking for some of that cake and I wouldn't let him have any, so when he called up and said "I think someone took a bite out of the cake, can I have some now?" I just thought he was working it, thinking I would give in and give him some. So, I went downstairs and sure enough, someone had taken a bite out of that cake........three fourths of it was missing and crumbs were scattered as far as the eye could see and sitting on the rug with a guilty look was Ezra, my dog...NO, Derick's dog! Damn dog!! He already has the cushiest dog life in the state of Texas and he wants my cake too! For lack of a better euphemism...he is in the doghouse today! It is actually quite hysterical, he will suck up to me, give me those puppy dog eyes, but I won't be swayed. No sleeping on the couch today dog!!!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

It's rigged I tell ya!


I have to endure Katherine another week! I hope Elliott has a big future ahead of him. I have a soft spot for a boy who loves his mama that much.

Is it Hump Day already?

It's down to the wire on American Idol. Three contestants remain with one hitting the highway tonight. My TV Guide came in the mail yesterday with a big picture of Katherine obscuring the guys while practically bending over backwards to show off her tatas when I finally realized who she reminded me of.....Britney Spears, and really do we need another? My take on last nights show, if you care:

Elliott: You gotta feel for him, what with the hearing loss and bad teeth AND he has a great voice, but he is all about that Harry Connick and Michael Buble thing, which he does well, but I don't think that type of album will be marketable. I am to the point where I believe the votes don't count anyway after Chris, the good one, was sent packing, so I think ole Clive Davis will cut him tonight and that's a shame because I wonder if someone would pick him up, he probably needs to win more than the others. Whatever that song was that Paula picked for him, he did really well.
Katherine: Simon picked "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" for her and I love it when he gets things right. She kicked it on that song, I even began to like her some, but the other two songs sucked, so no, I don't like her and hope she goes home tonight.
Taylor: He gave the only good, consistant performances of the night. Without Chris there to entertain the masses, it really was a boring show, but Taylor helped it out. Randy picked a Joe Cocker tune for him and he did an awesome job. He sang "Dancing in the Dark" and my little dude climbed out of the chair and danced with a bottle hanging out of his mouth for the duration. For that alone he should win.


Our new table arrived yesterday! It's nice to have all that extra room and it actually flows with the rest of the furniture, unlike Old Table who stuck out like a sore thumb. Derick actually found a spot for it in our toy room (yes, we have a toy room, it's that bad) so OT has a new lease on life. My husband is so anal about the table. We MUST keep a table cloth on it.
I MUST go out this afternoon to buy placemats. The kids MUST not sit in the chairs (we kept two of the old chairs for them). The kids MUST not look at the table. I am sure it is only a matter of time before we are actually eating off the floor so as not to spill something on the precious table. I would have posted a picture of our table, but you can't see it for the table cloths and protective bubble, so here is the catalog pic. Nice, huh?


We have forty bazillion things to do today. One of them is travel the 30 minute drive to the bank to take out 20 bucks because cook book toting mama CALLED me yesterday collecting money to buy gift cards for the teachers. I really, really didn't want to give them money, BUT they are all having the kids sign a card who contribute and basically, Jacob would have been the only one left out and I don't want that, plus I love his teachers, why should they suffer? The conversation was hysterical, though, very reminiscent of Mean Girls, I almost expected a third line to be open. I did get the fake compliment though, "You have such sweet boys" and "why don't we get together sometime" yet when I went to pick up my boy, she walked right past me with nary a shrug. As much as I hate it, I am going to miss it, provides for a good laugh most days.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Treasure Tuesday

It's time, again, for Treasure Tuesday brought to you by Faith. Be sure to let her know if you play today.

As you can tell these are baby booties. BLUE baby booties. They sit on Adam's dresser these days, but they originally belonged to Jacob. A lady I worked with while I was pregnant with him gave them to me. They are the first blue things I ever received for him after finding out he possessed the wrong parts. You see we were having a girl. Her name was Grace Elizabeth and we couldn't wait to meet her. We were so sure we were having a girl we almost declined the gender announcement at our 24 week ultrasound. Imagine our complete surprise when the technician pointed out as soon as she turned the machine on "It's a boy!" I remember how I ceased to hear anything for a few moments and my heart dropped to my feet. She had to be wrong..BUT there "it" was, even a technological fool such as myself could not have mistaken what that was. I am embarrassed now to even admit this, but I was devastated, not at first because I was in awe of seeing a moving, put together person inside of me and thrilled that he was healthy, but after a few days, I started to stress. I had a sister, my cousins were girls, all my friends had girls, WHAT was I going to do??? At that time I was one of eight pregnant ladies at my school. One by one they would come in and announce they were having girls and my heart would sink further. WHY was I having a boy when I so wanted a girl?

I don't think I ever let on at school that I was disappointed not having a girl, but one day, a teacher I did morning hall duty with presented me with these beautiful booties, out of the blue (no pun intended) wrapped in blue tissue paper. See, this teacher had daughters and years before knitted these booties in hopes she would have a boy to put them on. That day never came, so she gave them to me. I think, from her own experience, that she knew I needed a boost about my boy and you know, they did help me. I slowly started loving baby blue (and I still do) and I never had as much fun as having that group baby shower where I was the only one with balls and frogs and overalls. As the weeks went on, which weren't many because Jacob arrived eight weeks after that ultrasound, I warmed up to the idea of having a boy. I felt special that I was the only one in the family with one and excited that I could buy matchbox cars and Thomas engines (little did I know). I carried these booties to the hospital with me, not knowing how our premature birth would turn out. In all honesty, driving there that night I pictured burying my son in them, but he came out kicking and screaming and we kept those booties on him every night in that NICU, at least tried to....we knew he was doing well when he learned to kick them off. Once he came home, the booties were history, no keeping them on him, so they sat propped on his dresser, that has now become Adam's dresser. I love to see them there reminding me that Jacob's size 11 feet really were once too small to fit in them and they remind me of how different my life would have been if I didn't have that little bit of baby blue in them. Sadly, I cannot remember the teacher's name who gave them to me, my mom was right, I needed to write all that stuff down, but I am grateful to her for these booties. They were just what I needed.

Monday, May 15, 2006

What my son thinks of me

** Two posts in one day....and I still haven't told you about Batman yet!**

This came from Jennifer. Her's was cute, so I thought I would give it a shot. I was surprised that my budding artist would stop long enough this morning so I could "interview" him. Here is Jacob's take on Moms:

What is a Mommy? It's a thing that takes care of you. Mom's are good to you and take care of you. (apparently I am a thing, I guess I need to go over nouns with him).

What do Mommies do? They feed you breakfast, lunch, and dinner and they love trains.
(Yeah, I guess I do love trains, who would've thunk)

What do you like best about your Mommy? I like it when you buy stuff for me and we have fun. (I guess I can't complain about that...I introduced him to shopping and shoot, I love when people buy things for me too)

What do you not like about your Mommy? I don't like when you put me in time out (of course, if you wouldn't misbehave you wouldn't be there, but he never will get that)

What are things Mommies can't do? Mommies can't back out of the garage or go to Jamba Juice (I broke the side mirror off our car once and when I was pregnant and craving Jamba Juice I got cut off in traffic, slammed on my brakes and the strawberry fusion smoothies flew all over the car...there is still a faint berry smell and the mats have a slight pink tint to them. Dad has forbidden Jamba Juice.)

Happy Mother's Day

Well, I had planned to write an extremely poignant Mother's Day post about my path to motherhood and how the sight of that four pound baby changed me forever, but Mother's Day, like my birthday, turned out to be a sham of a day so I am down on Hallmark, hiss. Can you tell I have a raging migraine headache in the photo? Could I even raise the brush to comb my hair? I swear I wasn't out on a pre-Mother's Day bender the night before. After wrestling the two boys at church, we came home to a feast of ramen noodles and ham sandwiches because you can't get into a restaurant after church here on a regular Sunday, much less Mother's Day and, really, do I need to wait an hour and a half to sit and wolf down my meal while trying to keep my kids entertained? Our plan was to have lunch and head to the park, our usual Sunday entertainment, but the skies opened up and the rain poured and for the first time since we have lived here the electricity went out....before I had called my mother, and sister, and basically any other mother I needed to call. What about that land line or your cell phone you ask? Well, my super intelligent husband gave the old land line to the Katrina effort back in September, because yeah, they were living in the Astrodome, but that land line phone might come in handy one day and we didn't need one because in the event of a power outage we have cell phones, which is all fine IF THEY ARE CHARGED. Little cosmic joke, gotta charge them with electricity. I bet you are also wondering why I didn't dial up on my laptop to drop them an email....I tried, but turns out husband spent Saturday night making sure the thing worked and drained the battery. SOOOOO, my mom is worrying to tears about me because I call daily and the fact that I haven't called on a holiday is scaring the crap out of her and my headache continues to worsen into the night for all the scented candles we have burning. UGH...honeysuckle, watermelon, and espresso.....oh, it was bad. Our power didn't come back on until 2 am, stereo blasting, washing machine kicking, and security system honking just as my headache was finally starting to subside (after only six vicodin). The icing on the cake: I missed Grey's Anatomy!

BUT, I can't complain about the morning; it wasn't too bad. Jacob drew a map to my cards and gifts, which was actually pretty understandable (is that a word?). I knew all that Dora the Explorer would pay off. The kids got me some itunes gift cards (sweet!) and the dad actually planted a big planter full of beautiful annuals, which for him is a big gesture. He does not buy flowers or plants because they die and why spend money on something that is just going to die?

And for my poignant post about motherhood, maybe next year, but I will leave you with the end of my day, after the electricity woke us all up and my babes had climbed into bed with me, my oldest wanted to snuggle and my baby rubbed my hair and Jacob whispers to me "I love you mom, Happy Mother's Day" THEN, it was a good day.

Saturday, May 13, 2006


I talked the Daddy into taking Jacob to this afternoon's party, so I have some time to figure out this brand spanking new laptop so I am going to make my first post on it this ABC meme from Kelly's blog.

Accent: Southern, with some yankee dialect mixed in...I say ya'll and fixin' to, but I also say soda pop and we warsh the clothes.
Bible Book that I like: The verse James 1:17 comes to mind because we put it on Adam's birth announcement. Every good and perfect gift is from above.
Chore I don't care for: Cleaning out the litter box
Dog or Cat: I have both, but I am partial to the cat, she doesn't stink as bad.
Essential Electronics: my tivo
Favorite cologne: I don't wear cologne.
gold or silver: gold
Handbag I carry most often: my blue diaper bag
Insomnia: at least twice a week
Job Title: Mom
Kids: Two boys, love em dearly
Living Arrangements: In a crappy house, in a crappy neighborhood
Most Admirable Trait: I am a good cook, is that a trait?
Naughtiest Childhood Behavior: I was a really good kid, we had to be living with my parents, they didn't tolerate misbehavior. As a teenager, though, I lied, drank, stole, and treated my parents horribly. I am soooo praying that I don't get a payback of that.
Overnight hospital stays: Just to have the kiddos
Phobias: I fear death and traffic
Quote: I don't know many, but I love "Chicken Pot, chicken pot, chicken pot pie!"
Religion: I guess I am baptist
Sibling: I have a sister, I rarely see her.
Time I wake up: whenever Jacob does, which is usually around 6:30
Unusual Talent or skill: That's a hard one....did I mention I was a good cook?
Vegetable you refuse to eat: broccoli and cauliflower
Worst Habit: I swear like a drunken sailor
X-rays: The typical wrist/ankle ones of childhood, but they weren't as much fun as those ultrasounds.
Yummy stuff I cook: Jacob loves when I make enchiladas
Zoo Animal I like the most: the otters

Just reading back over that makes me realize how boring I am.....Again, I tag anyone who wants to play. I don't have a mouse hooked up to this thing and I am having a hard time highlighting so I can link.

35 Questions

I found this over at Jennifer's site....Pro played too.

1. How did you get the idea for your profile name? It's my first name and I like it.
2.What song are you playing now, or wish you were playing? 1985 by Bowling for Soup
3. Has the death of a celebrity ever made you cry? I have to agree with Jennifer, Dana Reeve's death was so sad. I cried thinking about her poor son.
4. What color underwear are you wearing now? White, they're all white
5. Do you want a baby? Yes, but I think we're done.
6. What does your dad do for a living? He's the manager of a chemical plant in WV. Please no Green Peace trolls. I didn't make him do it.
7. What does your mom do for a living? Be available to hear me complain, cry, and revel in my kid's accomplishments 24/7
8. What are your pet's names? Ezra and mom has my Haley cat, she stole her from me.
9. What color are your bed sheets? white, I like white
10. What are the last three digits of your phone number? 359
11. What was the last concert you went to? Bruce Springsteen
12. Who was with you? My old high school boyfriend, our SOs didn't want to go and spend the major amount of bucks for tickets, so they stayed home with the kids.
13. What was the last film you watched? Mean Girls
14. Who do you dislike most at this moment? my neighbors, all of them
15. What food do you crave right now? a cuban panini from a restaurant down the street.
16. Did you dream last night? yes
17. What was the last tv show you watched? My Name is Earl
18. What is your favorite piece of jewelry? the mother's ring my husband bought for me on my first mother's day. It has Jacob, Ezra, and Phoebe's birthstones in it. I was touched that he would add the pets as well.
19. What is to the left of you? Phoebe the cat
20. What was the last thing you ate? a butter rum muffin from HEB
21. Who is your best friend of the opposite sex? Jeff, the old high school boyfriend
22. Who last MSNd you? I don't MSN
23. Where is your significant other right now? walking the dog with the kids
24. Do you have a crush? Yes
25. What is his name? George on Grey's Anatomy
26. When was the last time you had your hair cut? Sometime before Adam was born
27. Are you on any meds? no
28. Do you have a mental disease? I am boy crazy, I think they may lead me to mental disease eventually.
29. What shirt are you wearing? a blue dress
30. Are you sexy? No, I am more the cute, next door type
31. What's your favorite store? Kohls
32. Are you thirsty? no, but I would love an alcoholic beverage even though it is 10 am
33. Can you ever imagine yourself getting married? I sometimes imagine myself not that bad?
34. Who is someone you haven't seen in a while and miss? I would be here all day with that list...all my buds in WV, my college friends, my parents, Laura.....
35. Where do you work? at home, thank goodness

Everyone is tagged, I am off to a whole day of birthday parties and don't have time to link everyone. Have a good weekend!

Friday, May 12, 2006

Friday Find

Mary Ann has started Friday Finds over at her blog, Follow Your Bliss. She is an artist and does amazing things with her finds. I think it is meant to be more crafty kinds of finds, but since I packed up most of my crafty things last weekend so that my youngest wouldn't snack on them, I came up with something a little different.

This is my cat, Phoebe. It is her birthday today, she is eleven years old. I found her in July 1995 at a pet store in Lynnhaven Mall in Virginia Beach. I had a cat, found her at the pound, but when I moved to Virginia Beach my mom kept her until I found a place that took pets and when I went back to rescue her, she wouldn't come willingly and my mom sobbed in the driveway, so I was minus one cat. I was in the mall and walked by that pet store and they had three cages with three kittens each in them. I can never pass up an animal, so I went over for a quick look and there she was, covered in cat litter, wet from sitting in her own pee I am sure, and meowing at me like "please help me, feed me, rescue me". She was so pitiful and that pet store was a mess, I wanted to take them all home, along with all those sad puppies inside, but Phoebe reached out and smacked me on the arm and I was hooked. We have been tight ever since. Her price tag said 29.99....the best thirty bucks I have ever spent. We spent some time living just the two of us. She would play fetch with me in the evenings after work and curl up at my feet to sleep. If I went out with a guy, I brought them home to meet the cat. If they didn't like her or vice versa, I didn't see them again. Derick walked right in and went straight for her and played fetch for an hour, I always tell him it is because of her I married him. She has tolerated the changes in our lives, although I can tell she would love to have some more quiet time these days. She wasn't happy when Jacob came along although she is beginning to take up with him, maybe because he is calming down some or maybe because she is older and not as quick on her feet, I even caught her in bed with him the other day. She loves Adam and he loves her. The only "word" he ever says is "kee" She sits still while he "pets" her and even lets him pull her stub of a tail.
Phoebe lost her tail during the whole Hurricane Rita evacuation chaos. Someone, I suspect Jacob and Bryce, shut her tail in a tight door. She must have been hiding behind it as I found the tip by the hinge side...I'll wait while you all cringe.....thank goodness someone had the sense to find some liquid bandage and patch her up, but in the course of all that went on in the following two weeks, I forgot to take her to the vet when we returned home and the tail got infected and well, you can figure out the rest. Poor, poor catty. She took it in stride, though, and healed well. She is my first baby, my girl in this house full of boys, like I said, the best thirty bucks I ever spent and a real find. Happy Birthday Phoebe!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Hmmmm...should have brought that knitting

Stop reading now if you don't want to hear me complain about the luncheon.

I got there early thinking I could slink into the fellowship hall and sit inconspicuosly and wait, but no, we had to stand in a line outside the classroom and wait for the teachers to bring the children out one at a time. I said hello to some of the moms as they came in, but at best I got a nod from them, except one mom who stopped to ask me if I wanted to buy a cook book that she is selling for a fundraiser for a....wait for it....stay at home mom group they organized with all the mommies of the preschool. UH HUH....I will just pretend they think I am Jacob's nanny and not secretly wish those cookbooks would catch fire in the Houston heat. Don't ask me to join, but be sure to ask me to support your cause, that's tactful. So, Jacob comes out and he has apparently been shown where his sweet little personalized placement will be and is told to walk me to our place at the table. He goes to what he thinks is his spot and seems utterly confused. Then he gets nervous and starts dragging me around. Seems he put our placemats between a couple of his buddies way up front by the food, but when we got in there, our placemats were way in the very last table....with the teachers. Yep, the Stepford Mommies rearranged all the mats so they could all sit together. You should have seen those poor kids, everything had been rehearsed and everyone could go in and sit down orderly like and it ended up being a three ring circus, kids stumbling over one another to find their spot. It would have been comical if it hadn't been so noticable that they were all trying to get away from us. The buffet line for the food was hysterical. When the director told everyone they could come up and fill the plates, it was like a stampede of cattle running from the cowboys. There was salad, cheese, fruit, and was no Ryans people. I finally did get in line, at the very end of course, and Jacob runs up to the same damn kid who is always so rude to him and that little brat actually rolled his eyes, crossed his arms, and turned around to face the wall rather than speak to my kid. Jacob was embarrassed, poor thing. Now, tell me, if it were your kid who did that, you would AT LEAST explain to him that his behavior wasn't nice and to at least say hi, but this mama (yes, same cookbook toting mama) just grinned a silly grin at me and turned around to gossip about the botox with the other mamas. I just explained to Jacob, as loudly as I could, that some kids are just unfriendly because their parents haven't told them they shouldn't be. They didn't hear me because I am invisible, but it made me feel better. I would rather have taken her to the ground by her fake highlighted hair, but I am above that and I had a dress on. So, we get our food, they served some awesome cake, Jacob and I had fun seeing how many cherry tomatoes we could eat because, geez louise, we can't afford them here at home, and I enjoyed talking with the teachers, who doted over my little dude and let me know how smart and sweet and FRIENDLY he is to everyone at school. SO, it wasn't a lost afternoon after all AND pro-divorce dedicated a blog entry entirely to me....definitely helps a girl's self-esteem!

Early Morning Ramblings...

It's going to be a long day....

I totally missed American Idol last night because I was at a baby shower! You know I totally thought about skipping it because we tivo Lost and my dear husband REFUSED to just go upstairs and catch the last five minutes to let me know who got canned, BUT I figured it was Elliott's turn to go and it would be pretty uneventful. WOW, the internet is buzzing this morning about CHRIS getting the boot! I bet that will be the leading story on the Today show this morning. OH, are soldiers being killed in Iraq? We don't know because American Idol was on last night. I still love the Today has gotten me through many a rough morning. I see Matt Lauer in my dreams and he comforts me. What WILL I do when Katie deserts me? Oh, wait....

It's early, I am getting sidetracked here..that baby shower got me all confused since I MISSED my usual Wednesday night veg/knit in front of the tube. I hate baby showers....all those people letting me know that I should get pregnant too, so I can have a girl, as if the two I have don't count. Why did I go to that thing? friend back home and I "chat" about AI each week and we both agreed yesterday that Chris was going home. They send the favorite home about this time, remember Constantine, LaToya? Chris has a contract deal probably all sewn up and this way AI can market two singers. The bad news here is that they are left with not so great singers. Katherine caves under pressure, Elliott has a nervous vibe going on, and Taylor, well, he's Taylor. Only three more weeks.....

It's the Daddy's birthday today. I tried to talk him into skipping work today and hanging out with us, but he looked at me like I had grown a second head. I always took my birthday off when I worked, I mean it's your day isn't it? Of course, maybe spending all day with two rambunctious, loud children isn't his idea of good birthday fun and they are probably taking him out for lunch anyway, so yeah, I see where we are possibly getting dissed here. Oh well, gives me more time to find a birthday gift, birthday card, and birthday cake. He gave me a laptop computer for Mother's Day so I have to find something of equal goodness, don't think that leaf blower I got really says Happy Birthday now. He ALWAYS gives me my Mother's Day gift a week early and I am beginning to wonder if it's so I will gauge his gift appropriately.

They are having a Mother's Day luncheon at Jacob's school today. I can't wait to sit down and break bread among those other lovely mommies. Would it be rude to bring my knitting so I won't have to sit there being so obviously friendless and alone? Yeah, thought so. I guess I will just have to smother my babe with love and kindness so he never leaves my side. THIS IS GOING TO BE FUN! Wish me luck!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Who's Thomas?

Well, I never thought I would see this day come, but I think Jacob has outgrown Thomas the Tank Engine. I mean, he still likes to play with his trains, THANK GOD because we have every single one they have ever sold as well as enough track to string through our entire house, but he just isn't as fanatical as he has been the past four years.

Thomas has been Jacob's obsession since my husband toted him to the Barnes and Noble when he was 16 months old. My husband thought it would be a good idea to buy him ONE train and a SMALL track that Christmas and the rest, as they say, is history. We could not go into stores without him spotting anything Thomas and begging for it. He would call his Gammy on the phone and ask for the latest video or train and a week later that request would come in the mail. He has Thomas wallpaper, a Thomas bedspread, sheets, posters, and every video ever made. I swore when I was pregnant that my kid would never own a video, I wasn't getting them hooked on that stuff hahahahahaha. Anyway, Thomas has been a daily focus of our life for four years now and I am proud of the fact that I know the names of all the trains and can quote the stories, we are used to him and it is nice. It dawned on us yesterday that Jacob hasn't watched Thomas in at least a week and the Thomas computer games are collecting dust on the desk.
We were able to go to Target without stopping in the Thomas aisle. A new video is coming out next week and I learned about it first from a website, instead of my son. We always joked that Jacob would pack his trains to take to college (WVU, of course) with him and roll our eyes and pray for the day that Thomas was a distant memory. It seems to be coming and I am sad, like I could sit down and cry sad, I cannot imagine Thomas not being front and center in my little dude's world. I could blame it all on those snotty kids at school who have told Jacob that Thomas is for babies and laugh at him when he wears his Thomas shirts (which he hasn't worn in a while), but I suspect it is because he is FIVE and his interests now include this, this, and this, I guess he doesn't have time for good old Thomas. Excuse me while I go sit and feel sorry for myself because my baby continues to grow when I so definitely am not ready for it.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Treasure Tuesday

I found this idea over at Faithful Mommy. It's a chance to post about those things that mean something special to you, yet aren't necessarily big ticket items. It's the perfect forum for a sentimental pack rat like myself.

This is a picture that Laura made for me three summers ago. It was the last time our entire family was together. Laura was well, didn't need her oxygen a whole lot, and was able to be outside and go fishing and swim and be "normal". At some point in that week, I got extremely frustrated with Jacob and my sister. At that time my sister's baby was 4 months old, Jacob was two and a terror. Teresa didn't think I was doing a good job in the discipline area so we had words (Now, her three year old is causing her major fits and she agrees she is worse than Jacob ever was so nanny, nanny, boo, boo, told ya so!) and I ended up in tears and wanting to take my boy home. Laura, who always had pen and paper, sat inside and drew me this picture, came outside and rubbed my back, and asked us not to leave because she loved Jacob and us and was having a good time. How could I say no to that? So we stayed the week, the rest of it went well, and I left my picture on a shelf at the lake and never really noticed it again.

I think I mentioned before that we evacuated up to the lake for Hurricane Rita (and ended up getting it there, but that's another story) at the same time Laura was dying in St. Louis. It was a stressful time for me, I was sure our house would be blown away, our friends were stuck in traffic in Houston for over 24 hours, my husband was working out of state, and we just kept waiting for my sister to call to give us the hourly updates. I paced a lot. As I was pacing, about an hour before Laura passed away, I found this picture tucked up on a shelf. It was like my own personal note that everything would be ok. I keep it taped to my dresser mirror so I can see it every day. It's like she is drawing that picture every day, trying to cheer me out of a bad situation like that day at the lake years ago.

Do you want to play? Be sure to link to Faithful Mommy's blog.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Pillow Fight

Here is my sweet Adam.....still asleep at 9 a.m.! Why, oh why couldn't he have been born first?? His brother gets up at 6:45 EVERY SINGLE DAY and has since he was 8 months old. I would've loved to have slept until 9 for the last five years! Of course, this sleeping baby comes with a price. Adam MUST sleep in bed with us. We spent many nights trying to deposit him in the 500 dollar crib that has never been slept in and finally decided that our sleep trumped his independent sleep skills, so he has been cozily nestled between us ever since. SO, when he was teeny, I barely slept a wink because I had tremendous fears that my unconscious husband would roll over and smother him to death, NOW, I barely sleep because this little monster spends his night trying to kick me out of the bed AND trying to steal my pillow.

I should back up here and explain about the pillow. I was never one of those people who carted a pillow around. In fact, I would scoff at you if you came in my house with your own pillow and think "It's a pillow, will it hurt you to sleep without it for one freaking night?" Then I went up to the lake once when I was pregnant with Adam and climbed into the bed with my mom to watch some tv and I ended up on her pillow. It was pure heaven. I told her how comfortable it was and pulled the pregnant card and she gave it to me....that is how good my mom is. She actually gave me the pillow from under her head to make me happy. I have slept with that pillow ever since. I refuse to use any others and I now cart that thing with me if we are going to sleep away from home, so SORRY to all you pillow-lovers for never having understood the depths you would go to for your pillow.

SO.....a few months ago, Adam decided he also liked my pillow. I would let him have a little corner and he seemed satisfied, but recently he would like me to relinquish the pillow so he has come up with head butting, eye poking, and squirmy moves in hopes that I will just scoot off and leave him to that fine pillow all his own. I tried getting him his own pillow, but he actually threw it on the floor and refused to use it. Derick tried to share his pillow, but nothing doing. He wants MY pillow and, unlike my own mother, I ain't sharing! So, we continue to play a nightly game of push and shove and now, at 9:20 he is still sleeping because he has gained the coveted prize. He does sleep so soundly on that thing and seems so comfortable. I bet if I moved it into his crib, he would sleep there all night.....BUT, that's not gonna happen. That's my pillow!

Friday, May 05, 2006

The Poop Has Hit the Fan

Why do people say "the sh*t is going to hit the fan"? I don't get that. With all the poop in my life, I really should.

***Warning*** if poop stories bother you, read no further. has been fun, FUN here the past two days. Adam is loving the whole milk, sucking it down all day long and as a result his *ahem* bodily functions have gone haywire. I was late picking Jacob up from school yesterday because when I went to put Adam in the car I smelled him, and it was bad. I didn't realize how bad until I laid (lay, lain?) him on the carpet and found his legs covered, his clothes covered, then turned around and saw it all over the floor as well. It seemed the more I cleaned, the worse it got and eventually I just went outside and hosed him off. He was not happy about that. I don't think Jacob's teachers were too happy that I was so late either, but since I was the only mama who remembered Teacher Appreciation Week and brought gifts, (Yea! Me) I think they let me off the hook.

I had a MOPS meeting this morning. I really didn't want to go, we were late getting ready, Adam was crabby, yada, yada, yada but in my exuberance upon finding friendly mamas I took on not one, but TWO responsibilities there, so I have to go EVERY time. That's hard for a lazy person like me. Anywho....We all get to talking and they are having a speaker talking about dark points in motherhood, those things that push you to the limit, like say sleep deprivation and sassy attitudes and maybe repeated viewings of this until you go absolutely batty, when I get Adam out of his stroller perch and poop pours out all over me. It's bad enough when it happens to you in your own home, but in front of 20 other women who are waiting for your reaction, that just sucks. Talk about your dark point. Of course, I didn't have extra clothes for him and I had to bum wipes off a friend because the 12 pack I had wouldn't cut it, so we had to leave early. Collective sigh here. Don't feel badly for me, aside from stinking like poop the whole way home, we were able to leave early, I had an excuse to pawn my jobs off on someone else and we had an extra hour of downtime here at home this morning. I am just hoping he can contain the rest of his surprises for the weekend so his daddy can share in the fun.

I won't even go into the dog poop issues, we would be here all day.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

I' ve Been Tagged......

by Mary Ann so here goes:

5 Things in Your Fridge: a baggie full of dewberries picked by Jacob and his Grandpa, three black cherry vanilla cokes the last of my stash, a gigantic bag of bok choy that my husband bought 2 weeks ago and is apparently keeping for some sort of experiment, tons of yo baby yogurt, 1 can of Fosters beer
5 Things in Your Purse: First of all, I no longer carry a purse. I carry a diaper bag. It is a quilted baby blue bag with ADAM stitched across the front...extremely stylish. In it is: 4 diapers, a baggie full of cheerios and fruit puffs, diaper wipes, a little red car, and a pair of Bob the Builder underpants. OH, and my wallet somewhere.
5 Things in Your Closet: a cat bed usually with a cat in it, a rubbermaid tub filled with maternity clothes, hidden toys I hope I remember at Christmas, the WV and VA plates from my old car, clothes dating back to 1986.
5 Things That Are in Your Car: a stroller, my yoga mat, a grocery seat cover, 2 car seats, and 50 CDs, ranging from The Replacements to Kelly Clarkson.

Now it's your turn. I tag Jennifer , Celeste, Kelly, Shane, and anyone else who wants to play. Have a nice day!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

My name is Andria.....

And I am an addict.

I am addicted to soda and my mom is my pusher.

It all started after Adam was born. I went without soda while I was pregnant, mainly because of the caffeine but the carbonation didn't help with my digestion then so it was best to go cold turkey and, really, it wasn't that bad. BUT, once the baby was out I was really craving an ice cold coke and after that first taste I was hooked. I had to switch to caffeine free for a while because of the whole breast feeding thing, but it was sooooo nice to have a can of soda whenever I wanted it! It wasn't bad at first, I would buy a six pack at the store each week and ration them out, but you know you have a problem when the cashier at the store asks if you are having a party because you have so many 12 packs in your cart. Since that day in January I have been trying to quit the soda habit. I no longer steer down that aisle and I make sure I don't carry change so vending machines won't be so tempting. I finally got to a point where I could do without and my mom came to town. She is the Queen Mother of the soda drinkers. She showed up with four 12 packs, all different, and parked them on my kitchen counter AND she drove off without the leftovers. I have fallen off the wagon, lured by black cherry vanilla coke and berries and cream dr. peppers. I haven't slept in over a week from the caffeine buzz and my blood sugar is too high. Thanks Mom.

About my other addiction:

I didn't find American Idol all that entertaining last night, could've been the raging migraine, but they all kind of seemed bored, especially for the home stretch when they should have been giving it the final push.
Elliott: I missed his first song, but I liked the second one. He definitely has that Michael Buble thing going.
Paris: GEEZ....she sang Kiss by Prince. I listened to that in college for goodness sakes so I hate her because she made me feel so dang old AND that was a Prince song! It didn't sound good. I missed her second song, you know bathing children and what not.
Chris: AGAIN, my cousin gave me Renegade on a 45 when I was in the fourth grade...I don't need to be remined that he just left the womb that year. He did well though, I think he might win it, but would they let him make that kind of rocker CD? I don't think so.
Katherine: Her first song was horrible, the second one was entertaining. I am still on the fence about her. She seems like a nice girl, but I don't think I like her.
Taylor: Now, he was the icing on the cake. He was born the year I started second grade and he has GRAY hair. Please American Idol people, do not do year they were born night next year. I may end up in therapy as a result. I think he did a really good job with both songs and now that he has their support, he just might make it to the final two. Who do you think is going tonight?

Monday, May 01, 2006

Life at the Lake

We're back! We had a lot of fun at the lake this weekend. It rained all day Saturday, but the rest of the time it was beautiful so it wasn't a complete washout. Jacob went fishing with the guys yesterday and caught two fish! He was sooo excited, yet disappointed that he couldn't bring them home as pets. I, of course, have no pictures of it as my husband could not bring a camera onto the boat because that might distract him from the fish biting. I did, however, recreate the moment to take this shot of what I am sure it must have been like out on the water. Why didn't I just go along you ask? Aside from the fact that it was as hot as Hades, I spent most of the weekend took me forever to figure it out and I have blisters on my fingers, but I can now say I know how to knit AND purl. All I have to show for it is this:
but I see booties and blankets in my future....after I grow my fingerprints back.

We woke up to a nice surprise on Saturday morning: pouring rain, tornado warnings, and fifth disease! I can now add illness number six to Jacob's list. They posted a sign at Jacob's school Thursday afternoon stating they were having an outbreak and I knew then we were in for it. NOW the snotty kids decide to share! He looks absolutely horrible, but seems fine. Adam is starting to look red around the eyes so I figure he's not far behind. At least it got me out of a meeting I didn't really want to attend this morning.

Yeah, he looks like a sick kid doesn't he?

At one point this weekend my dad and Jacob worked together to put wood preserver, or whatever that stinky stuff was, on the porch swing. Jacob was thrilled to be helping, especially "painting" and he did a pretty good job with it. My dad told Jacob, a few times even, "Whatever you do, don't put that brush in your mouth". You see, Jacob has a BBBAAADDD habit of putting everything he sees in his mouth. Swinging on a swing. Must put the chains in his mouth. Taking a bath. Must put the bar of soap in his mouth. Eating dinner at CiCis. Must walk around restaurant and drink out of everyone's cup. It's really a wonder he hasn't caught some horrible disease, but I digress. So the rain lets up some and my dad walks out to the end of the yard (far, far away) leaving Jacob with the can of deck stain ALONE. I, of course, was inside knitting. I was oblivious to all goings on with my children..I mean, those people raised me, I lived to tell about it. Surely they can keep my kids from killing themselves. So, Jacob comes running inside yelling, "I think I drank the poison, my mouth is all hot and my body is getting all hot!!" WHAT? So we play twenty questions. Did you chew on the brush? No. Did you drink the can of stain? No. Did you even look at the can? No. He is still sure he has been poisoned and is going to die so I start to call poison control when I spot a bar glass outside, empty. Did you drink out of Grandpa's glass, Jacob? Yes. AAHHH, he took a snort of Grandpa's scotch, it made him all warm and tingly and tasted horrible so, obviously, it must have been poison. I will remind him of this when he is trying to sneak whiskey out of the house when he is in high school.