Thursday, May 31, 2007

Restaurant Meme

I was tagged by Sadie with the eating out meme. These are the rules:
1. Link to the name of the person who tagged you.
2. Include the state and country you’re in.
3. List your top 5 favorite places to eat at your location (locally).
4. Tag 5 other people (preferably from other countries/states) and let them know they’ve been tagged.

I live in Houston, Texas.

1. Gaidos in Galveston We dont' go there very often as it's a little damaging to the old pocketbook, but the food is good, the atmosphere is nice, and we enjoy watching the water from our table. I order the Shrimp Michael with Parmesan Tomatoes everytime. Geez, I would love some of that right this very minute.

2. The Mediterranean Chef We just stumbled upon this place one afternoon. It's in what appears to be a small house and you can just drive right past it and not know it's there. Wonderful hummus and awesome dolmas and the waitresses always give Jacob an order of baklava for free and he allows them to love all over him, even when he was two and hated ladies.

3. Capones Pizza Pub For the best NY style thin crust pizza, this is the place. It's close to home, too, so you can't beat that. They also have great buffalo wings. We don't eat in many places anymore, the kids make that experience less than enjoyable, but we'll take them into Capones with a thought. It has a great atmosphere, they have the table trivia games, and now that I am not pregnant, I can enjoy their pitcher specials one day.

4. La Casita An old work friend brought me here right after Jacob was born. I never would have found it otherwise as it's out in the boonies, in a neighborhood next to the owner's home. There's a picture of the casat of Apollo 13 on the wall who they say ate there frequently while they filmed at NASA. There is even a Tom Hanks special on the menu (three chicken enchiladas). We quit our old favorite mexican for this one.

5. Central Texas BBQ It's a little further away than I am willing to drive most of the time, but the meat is good and the sides are better. I could live on their stuffed jalapenos and potatoes.

I tag everybody because everyone lives somewhere different

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Tuesday Tidbits

Can I just say that I am glad last week is over? Last week brought Tums swallowing, vitamin swallowing, a couch tumble, two severe head bumps, a car accident, a feverish two year old, an intestinally challenged infant, and a bout of mastitis. Yes, glad it's over with. No surprises this week please.

The girl has recently acquired neon green poop. Anybody out there have any clue what could be causing this?

Memorial Day was a bust. It poured and poured and poured. We had planned on grilling out and going to the pool, but instead we stayed in and took turns napping. I think I enjoyed that way more than a cook-out.

The speech people are supposed to be contacting us this week about evaluating Adam. Of course, now that we've got the ball rolling he starts saying more words. Last week he added this, look, bug, tea, boo-boo, and Beth. He does most of his talking to the baby so I guess he figured she didn't understand grunt.

I need a new sling, something less wintery thick as I don't want to fry my baby like an egg in the Texas heat. If you've used one and loved it, please let me know.

Oh Charlie, WHY??? How could you throw your life away like that? How can I watch Lost again without you? Will Penny save the islanders? What was the deal with the bearded Jack....future flashups?

I have a meme in the works. If you want to be tagged let me know.

Looks like our week is already starting off a bit better.....

Nothing better than a smiley poop and all.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Elizabeth at 1 Month

Dear Elizabeth,

What a ride it's been baby girl! Not only did you surprise us since the day we discovered you were joining us, you shocked us by missing some parts as well. Our darling Ethan (or Nate, Samuel, Andrew, or Noah) turned into an Elizabeth in the blink of an eye and we couldn't be more thrilled.

It took us a while to get used to changing girly diapers and the presence of pink blankies and pacifiers, but we are slowly getting the hang of it. I cannot tell you how much I love dressing you in sweet little dresses. My very own baby doll.

At one month old, you weigh about seven and a half pounds and are probably about 21 inches long by now. You wore preemie diapers your first two weeks and are now in newborn diapers, but we will switch you to size ones on our next shopping trip. You have begun to get little fat rolls on your thighs and I could eat up your double chin. You are still wearing newborn clothing and most of the 0-3 are too big for you, but I suspect in the next two weeks you will be wearing them just fine.

You were born with dark black hair and gray eyes. In the past week or so you have taken on a kind of calico cat do, you have stripes of black and stripes of red. It has been suggested that we call you Kitty. Your eyes are becoming more and more blue. You started smiling maybe a week ago and are doing it more and more. I think you might have a dimple like Jacob.

Life as a baby hasn't been easy for you. You cry. Alot. You shriek, in fact. It's a bit unsettling for us, but we'll try anything to calm you. You currently have a mylicon addiction and just seeing the bottle will soothe your cries. You do not like to be left alone in the crib, but you will sleep there about thirty-forty minutes before you wake up wailing. You must sleep in someone's arms and, where I love to hold you, it's hard to do all day with your brother in the house.

Speaking of brother....Adam adores you. He cried like, well, a baby, the first time he saw me holding you and I was sure jealousy would be a huge issue for him, but a few hours later he was kissing your head and calling you sissy and he has loved you ever since. You are the first person he looks for when he wakes in the morning and the last person he says good night to at night. I don't think I am his favorite person anymore.

We looked forward to your arrival for so long and are now absolutely giddy (when we're not bone tired) getting to know you and learn the girly way of things. I anticipate much more pink in the coming months. This first month has been pretty much the basic eat,sleep, poop, and cry of all newborns, I feel the real fun is just beginning. Can't wait to see what month two brings us.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

He'll Eat That, but Refuses to Eat a Meal......

Ah....sorry about the rant yesterday. Lack of sleep does not make me a jolly person. I do appreciate the support and suggestions. It's nice to have an internet shoulder to cry on.

I didn't get any sleep last night either but for an entirely different reason.

We spent the night in the emergency room.

Don't believe it when a bottle says it has a child proof cap.

Sometime after the nightly bathtime ritual, Adam climbed onto a high shelf and retrieved my bottle of prenatal vitamins and apparently thinking they were candy and delicious had a few. He did that all in the amount of time it took my husband to take a leak, two minutes tops. We didn't know how many he had, or if he even actually swallowed any, but his breath had that rank vitamin smell so we called the pediatrician and she sent us downtown to the "best" children's hospital. This was at 8:30. We were cleared to leave at 3:30 after x-rays showing no iron mass, a four hour wait for an iron level blood draw, and being stored in a tiny room with a baby they thought had meningitis. Yes, my newborn infant shared air with a possible meningitis patient. You know I flipped out about that. I looked around and we were the only family sharing a room.....sharing a room with a kid who could be deathly, contagiously ill......why? I would have gladly waited longer to have avoided that scenario. I just hope at this point that baby got an unnecessary spinal tap and has a benign virus, but there's no way for me to know since we were discharged before they received their results. I am going to be a basket case for the next few days...hypochondria galore.

Anyway, Adam's iron level was 278 when it should have been 50-60. He probably got at least four of those tablets before we caught him. If his level had been 350 or higher he would have been admitted and given a charcoal treatment and social services would have been called. Needless to say the husband cleared our home of all medications, some hit the trash and the necessities are in a locked closet in a locked room and he will be pretty much tethered to one of us at all times.

Oh, the joys of living with a two year old!

Tuesday Tidbits.....sort of

Well, Jacob is on his way to his summer vacation. It is extremely quiet around here much of the time. I miss him terribly and Adam does too, although he is really enjoying playing with his brother's toys. The kindergarten graduation went well. They sang songs and recited bible verses and walked up to receive their diplomas like perfect little soldiers....except for Jacob who waved at me and blew kisses and yelled how much he loved me from the stage. Sometimes it's nice to have a kid with no social inhibitions.

With Jacob gone, that means Gammy is gone too. Also gone are morning showers, afternoon naps, lunch, and breakfast. I get about three hours of sleep each night and that's spread out over eight hours. My night is a series of thirty minute feedings, ten minute burpings, fifteen minute rockings, and the fifteen minute transer to crib-back pat-shushing routine and then she's up again an hour later to begin it all again, IF I don't have to go back to her ten minutes later to administer the pacifier shove and back pat routine. To say I am tired is an extreme understatement.

So I am alone all day now with two kids in diapers. I have only had to call poison control once so far and I only had to clean up one lotiony mess. I have gotten bitten, pinched, and slapped and have paced with a screaming baby for hours on end. The meals have stopped coming so we ate cheez-its and muffins for dinner last night. Tonight.....frozen waffles if I can find them. I have no earthly idea when I will ever make it to the grocery store again so I feel like the Lost castaways before they found the hatch with all the food. I am seriously considering selling those pearls so I can pay for a maid or at least some teenager who can come play with my attention starved two year old for a few hours each day. Mother of the Year I'm not.

The incessant crying is getting to me. It has gone from a two hour nightly thing to an all day/all night scream fest. I guess it was good Adam was such a great baby because had he been like this I would have ripped my own uterus out with a rusty fork.

Geez, I miss my big kid, at least he doesn't cry.

But with that being said...I do love these little creatures immensely. I am extremely lucky to have three healthy kids. I know I won't be sleep deprived forever and the crying will end eventually (won't it?) I truly do love the tiny infants and I know I will miss this stage when it's over. They may not be the easiest kids in the world, but they sure are the cutest......

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Is This the Little Boy I Carried?

The cutest picture to ever make a mama bawl like a baby.

Is it just me or do you also see a high school senior standing there?

That wasn't nice to do to a hormonal woman.

Happy Graduation Baby! I hope the remaining school years drag much more slowly than this one did.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Greasy Goodness Part Deux

You think I would learn from past mistakes....

I have not yet mastered the art of chasing a two year old and nursing a baby simultaneously, don't judge me.

We lost Adam again this morning. I thought he was downstairs with my mom, she thought he was upstairs with me and when comparing notes discovered that neither one of us had a clue where he had been for ten minutes and a quick sweep found him in Elizabeth's room with an industrial, Sam's Club size jar of Vaseline....or what was left of the Vaseline anyway.

FYI....Vaseline is MUCH harder to clean than Vaporub and there's no pleasant smell to open your sinuses as you do. we bid farewell to two of Jacob's beloved stuffed animals (he hasn't noticed yet), a couple of pacifiers, the baby's ultracool aquarium play mat, and one very cute fishy green outfit that I was a tad attached to as Jacob wore it continuously his entire second year. The daddy is also going to be less than pleased to see the new shiny spots on the wall and carpet. He's also not going to like the broken, bent-up window screen either, but I am still wondering what it was doing in the house to begin with.

I am afraid to see what might happen tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Tuesday Tidbits

American Idol......Melinda, Blake, or Jordin? I don't really care, I haven't kept up with it this year like I have in the past, but it would be wrong for Melinda to go home without something. She's by far the better vocalist in the whole group, although I probably wouldn't itune any of their songs anyway, so whatever.

My husband's job just switched his schedule to 12 hour days with every other Friday off. I am wishing this could have been done this past year because that extra time with Jacob would have been good for him, but hallelujah!, that's once every two weeks I don't have to drive the kid to school and might possibly be able to sleep in....well, if I didn't have a tiny piranha hanging off of me every two hours, but still, that has to end sometime right?

My baby will be a month old this week. Where did those weeks go? I am already missing the teeny newborn infant stage. She started smiling a bit and interacts more. I miss that lumpy baby! Would you laugh at me if I told you I wanted just one more? Yep, I really do, but I believe it's all hormonal as I felt like this after having Adam and by the time he was nine months old I was giving away some of our baby stash. Of course, my OB told me that it would be dangerous to have a fourth child as my uterus was completely worn out making me high risk for a rupture and I had to in hell is it that my uterus gave out after three but that Duggar woman is still going like the Energizer bunny expecting her 17th next month? Oy.

I watched the series finale of King of Queens last night. It was a good wrap up, but the whole Chinese adoption thing irked me. Not that they adopted from China but because three weeks after deciding to adopt from China they got a call and a picture of their four day old baby. Uh, that does not happen. Now I am no expert in Chinese adoption, but my friend is. It took her tons of paperwork and interviews and money plus thirteen months of waiting to bring her daughter home and that was two years ago. They are in the process again and she tells me that the laws have changed and they have many more hoops to jump through this time so it will be at least two years before they are even matched with a child. CBS dropped the ball on that one.

Sadie, I thought of you while my baby was being born. A Daughtry song was playing on the radio.

They cancelled Crossing Jordan. Was I the only one who watched that show?

My quest for the perfect Mother's Day photo didn't go well.....

Sunday, May 13, 2007

I couldn't find Adam for a bit this afternoon. I checked his usual hide-outs with no luck.

Here is where I found him.

I don't care if his legs are dragging the ground, he's still my baby.
I have officially boycotted Mother's Day.

I think I will do this every year.

It has nothing to do with gifts and gratitude. My husband presented me with a set of pearls...pearls for a woman who wears shorts and sandals daily, but pearls...ok. There were stale donuts and glasses of milk and that was ok too.

What I would really have loved more than anything was for my son to keep his mouth shut for ten freaking minutes so I could have enjoyed it.

I am at my wit's end with Jacob. The medication isn't helping him. If anything, it has made him twice as aggressive as before. He speaks to me with such rudeness and disrespect that I have to stifle my first instinct to slap him. No punishment works with him so the behavior continues. I have charts and stickers and chores and rewards but he still acts like a sullen teenager and I have had enough. This morning I gave him the card he chose for his Gammy and told him to sign it, nothing else. He proceeded to throw a fit worthy of a two year old girl about how that wasn't his card and he wasn't signing it and it escalated from there. I put him in his room but that doesn't phase him. He went to church with his dad and apparently got all kinds of luxuries there so he came home and continued his fit when I wouldn't let him play on the computer as punishment for his tirade. Now Dad took the boys out away from me to "give me some peace" so I am spending Mother's Day pretty much alone. I still have the bottomless pit who loves me only because I am her human milk machine, but I am alone. No PF Changs, no fun activity, nothing.

Jacob is supposed to go to WV with his Gammy next weekend. He will be there until mid-July. This has been the plan for months, although he was supposed to come home late June but, naturally, my dad planned some sort of something and they can't bring him home until after the fourth. I am sad that I won't be spending the summer with my kid. I would love more than anything to take him to the pool, sign him up for sports, have lunch together, but I know even if he stays here things won't work out like that. I know he will fight me tooth and nail all summer long and it makes me sad knowing that where I will miss him, part of me will be relieved not to have to deal with that crap for eight solid weeks. This was our last weekend together. Instead of filling it with fun and love, it's turned into torment and disaster. No more Mother's Days for me please.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

We finally figured out someplace to put the children in this shoe box of a house.

Two weeks ago, give or take, the husband took a cruise through the furniture store, just to look, and four days later the truck came with $1400 worth of bunk beds, dressers, and desks. Yes, the same husband that will not commit to even looking for a new couch when we so desperately need one, threw down the cash to make these boys a nice, new room.

We spent the weekend moving all of Adam's things into Jacob's room and pinkifying Elizabeth's room with the Good Will hand-me-downs that the neighbors, the one's who don't speak to us, dumped off on our porch the day we brought her home. Hey, free used pink crap, we aren't too proud to take it. I even got so bold as to hang all of her pink clothing and place a pink, flowery sheet on the crib. The Blues Clues banner is still hanging in there, but other than that, it's a nice place for a little girl. I might be able to show off my "nursery" yet.

I, personally, hate bunk beds with a fierce passion. The biggest reason being that right after they buried my grandpa in 1973, they buried a four year old girl right behind him, her name was Alicia, and she died falling from the top bunk of beds belonging to her brothers. I have been fearful of them ever since. Jacob is sleeping on the top bunk and I don't worry too much about him because he has always liked to hug the wall, but Adam believes he is Superman so we have to store the ladder in the closet all day long and then just pray that if he does wake up at night, he comes in for us rather than trying to get up with his brother. Did I tell you that my intelligent husband took Adam out "to play" and then drug a ladder to the roof so he could inspect the satellite dish and he turned around and found Adam on the roof with him? Yeah, we put the bed ladder up, but playing on top of the two story house is ok, but I digress.....

Another reason I hate the bunk beds is that the top one is impossible to make. Have I mentioned before that I just cannot function unless all the beds are made each morning? Jacob takes care of it pretty well, but he doesn't have time to do it before school, it's a tad more difficult so he does it when he gets home. I try not to go in there until school's out, drives me nuts. The husband swears he will do all sheet changing in that room, we'll see about that but I just know that I won't be doing it. Can you just see me crawling to the ceiling and scrambling about to put sheets on that thing? I think not. But as much as I despise them, they have freed up a ton of floor space in the room which means kids can play in the room again, toys can stay upstairs, my downstairs can cease to be a toy store somewhat. For that, I am really happy and you know what they say....If Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Tuesday Tidbits

It's hard for me to get to the computer these days. I can effectively ignore my older two kids when I want to blog, turn on the other computer or a video, but the baby isn't into those things yet and she likes to be held and entertained all day long so my blogging time is limited. Sorry about that.

Did I tell you about our meeting with the psychologist? No? Well, basically, Jacob has ADHD and she recommended that we try medication rather than putting him in the transitional kindergarten next year. He has been on medicote, or something like that, for about two weeks now. I can tell a difference in the way he waits in line and can now carry on a phone conversation, but other than that I can't see that it's helping all that much. We were really relieved to find out that he 1. was not autistic, 2. had a great self-concept, and 3. it is no way our fault (take that family!). Hopefully we will get this medication issue figured out before first grade starts in August. How is it that he is old enough to be in first grade? Wasn't he just a baby?

I cannot get over the amount of pink things coming into my house these days. People we haven't heard from in years have sent gifts and cards. I am grateful for it all, but poor Adam only raked in two things when he was born and we may have gotten three cards. This is what I was talking about.....if Elizabeth had been a boy, I doubt others would be that interested in her. The biggest thing that peeved me was that my FIL sent five really cute outfits and a card, but he never did that for the boys, and could he have just dropped a note into the box for at least Jacob? Heck no. Oh well, at least my little one will be well dressed in six to nine months.

Since I was cleared to drive yesterday, I am hoping to pick up with my regular life again. I want to buy my own groceries and pick up my kid from school. The husband's birthday is this weekend so I need to go find a gift and, of course, I cannot forget my mother after all she's done for us the past few weeks. I have no idea where to begin. I do know that I won't have to cook any meals because between the few friends we have here, my MOPS group, and some of Jacob's classmate's parents we have had meals catered to us ever since we returned home from the hospital. We didn't have this luxury the last times and we are enjoying every second of it.

And because I am at a loss for words, sleep deprived and medicated you

Friday, May 04, 2007

I Really Miss the Adjustable Bed....

I love going to the hospital. I hate the whole possible dying thing that goes along with it, but I find the hospital to be the closest thing to a child free hotel stay that I am going to get for a while. I mean, the bed can be adjusted...head AND feet, I get three square meals a day that I don't have to prepare and can be eaten right in that adjustable bed, even the clear liquid diet is good on those terms. When my child cries in the middle of the night, I can buzz for someone to come whisk her away so I can finish my slumber AND someone will come right to my bedside to administer good sleep inducing drugs....what's not to love about that?

Well, here are a few things I didn't really love about the last stay:

1. You know how each baby is fitted with an ankle monitor ala Martha Stewart after it's birth that is supposed to buzz bloody murder if some crazy person tries to run off with your kid? Well, one evening two nurses come barreling into my room after we sent the baby back to the pokey nursery for her daily weigh-in and they want to know if we have the monitor. Uh, no. Then they got all mad at us, like we took it off for a souvenir or something. Uh, no. Basically, the nurses lost my kids monitor, goodness knows how long she had been without it, then tried to pin it on us to keep from getting the axe or at the very least a strict talking to. It doesn't matter that eventually we found it under my fat, numb ass, but still, weren't they supposed to be monitoring her? Then, of course, my sedated mind went wild when I buzzed down for a nurse to come get my baby at 2 am and I heard her send the floor nurse in for her because she didn't have her badge and wasn't allowed to enter the room without it. My floor nurse was nice and sweet and took the baby and I went to sleep only to wake up two hours later in a sweat sure I had just let my sweet nurse hand my baby over to a deranged kidnapper. How would I explain that to Nancy Grace? Needless to say, she stayed with me after that one.

2. Just so you know....I have A+ blood. I have had A+ blood, oh, all my life, or at least known that fact since I started birthing babies six years ago. My doctor types everyone's blood at the beginning of pregnancy and the day before the birth (if you're scheduled) every single time. That means my blood has been typed, per his orders, at three different labs including the hospital, six different times. Five of those times I was A+.....the last time I was A-. How you ask? I have no freaking clue. I just know that the afternoon of Elizabeth's birth one of the nursery nurses came in and informed me that they were taking my baby to have some sort of test and shot because our blood type RHs didn't match. What? She then said I was a negative, she was a positive. Of course, I very politely disputed that and she got all pissy saying they had the results and they were shooting my baby up in ten minutes. I freaked out on her. I called my PA back at the office who called to straighten it out and they argued with her also, so OB ordered a retest....that came back negative. Then another, that came back negative. All day Friday they kept coming in typing my blood, all negative. My doctor finally came in dumbfounded and said the new lab manager told him that my blood had both negative and positive antibodies. WTF???? I flipped completely out. The lab was suggesting I change my blood type on everything....this made no freaking sense to me. I flipped out some more. OB ordered another type for Saturday morning and said we would discuss options after that. Saturday's type came back positive. Funny, but new lab manager didn't work weekends. Interesting, no? What scares me the most about this is who else's blood did he screw up who didn't know to argue about the findings? I hope there are no others, but if so, I hope they never need blood products based on that information. Really now, two blood types. Call Discovery Health Channel quick.

3. OMG.....the newborn picture girl! Why did they hire that girl? Where did they find her? She completely screwed up my only girl's first pictures....the ones I was going to hang on the wall next to identical spotted background ones of her brothers. First of all, she refused to use the spotted background and when I explained to her why I wanted it used she started that teenage eye rolling thing (because she couldnt' have been more than 15) and informed me that she didn't like it so she didn't use it. I kindly let her know that she would be using it. Then she took the baby over to a chair and started posing her on her belly all crazy like and I told the girl, hey, I just want the basic lying-on-her-back spotted background newborn scrunched up picture. Oh, no, she could do better that that so she proceeded to pluck all the flowers out of the only bouquet I received and try to surround her with them while she screamed on the spotted paper, then you know what she did? She dug in her pocket and found a pacifier and stuck it in my one day old baby's mouth! Oh no she did not! Did she not see the big fat sign on her crib that said NO BOTTLES OR PACIFIERS? I was pissed! When I explained I didn't want her having that she explained that she was such a baby expert that they all love it and take good pictures after getting one.....yep, that's the most important thing. Anyway, I keep asking for the picture I want and she posed her with the husband, complete with laptop in the background, took a picture of her wrinkly, purple feet, then laid her in that crib and tried to make her hold a pink rose like a dead person in a coffin and that's when I flipped out on her.....just take my damn picture already! Which she did finally, but I got the evil eye every time she trotted down the hall after that. OH, and that picture I coveted.....came from the company a few days later with a big ass C2 written right across it......forty bucks for a picture of my baby overshadowed by a huge C2.....asses. I called to have it replaced but haven't seen a thing yet. Good thing Derick took those hideous spotted papers off that crazy girl's hands so I can take my own now.

But even so, I still love the hospital. Every time I have ever been there on my brief vacations, I come home with the most wonderful little souvenirs.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

What Day Is This?

I think in fragments these days. The sleep deprivation is getting to me. I get three straight hours a night between 1 and 4 and that's about it. Elizabeth is a night owl. Her witching hour begins at 9:30 and lasts until after midnight. She must be held, jiggled, fed, burped, and entertained with old Lost episodes during this period OR ELSE. She is also an early riser who wants to chit-chat at 5 am. If I didn't have two other kids who need attention this really wouldn't be a problem, but the whole sleep when the baby sleep thing is null and void unless you only have one child. I am not complaining, though. I knew this was my fate when I saw that tadpolish blob on the ultrasound screen in September. I kind of even like spending all that alone time with her, although it would be nice to condense into just one hour maybe.

The husband took all of last week off and "helped out". He was good keeping the boys entertained and trimming trees and mowing the lawn and running errands and moving furniture around so I shouldn't gripe........bbbbuuutttt......

Before I had kids of my own my WV friend started her own family and told me her husband was so in awe and grateful to her for giving birth to their son that he was like a new man, lavishing gifts, taking care of the baby, cleaning the house. She was kicking herself for waiting ten years to have kids. That lasted seven days and then her husband settled back into his old life and she wasn't that cool anymore. Apparently this is a phenomenon that most men go through. Mine does everytime, this time though, I was cool for only five days. By last Tuesday I was on my own during the night, pretty much, which was ironic given that the one person who wasn't supposed to be doing much (major surgery remember?) was doing it all while the rest of the house enjoyed uninterrupted slumber. Of course, he can use the old b***stfeeding argument, but, rocking a crying baby doesn't take bodily skill. I did get a pair of diamond earrings during the awe inspired phase out of it though.

The boys are doing really well with Elizabeth. Jacob kind of goes about his business as usual, but he was excited to share the news with his classmates and enjoyed passing out pink chocolate cigars to them his first day back at class. Adam is an absolute riot. Who knew a two year old could help out so much? He fetches diapers and wipes and always deposits the dirty ones in the diaper gen*e. He helps burp and pat and coo and sing and I crack up when he sniffs the baby vapor from the top of her head. He loves her immensely, probably more than me at this point. I have tried to sit in the chair with just him and he refuses. Sissy has to come too.

As for Elizabeth, I can tell she's gaining weight. When we brought her home she weighed five pounds, 15 ounces and we had to go out and get preemie diapers for her. The newborn ones fell right off her skinny rump. We only had one preemie outfit that belonged to Jacob that she wore the first couple of days until we had to twist my mom's arm to go out and buy some girl ones. She is already starting to grow out of those and into the three newborn things I have. We have gotten lots of clothes as gifts, but most of them are of the 6-9 month variety so they aren't doing us much good at the moment. I am eager to hit the Carters store once I am cleared to drive. How weird it will be to shop from the left side of the store!

I still have tons more to blog about, hopefully I will get into some sort of routine with the children soon so I can finish my birth thoughts....lots happened in that hospital....they almost lost my baby, they tried to pump me with the wrong blood type, it was loads of fun. So stay tuned, maybe I will get it churned out before summer.