Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Nursery......Sort Of

I love when I run across a pregnancy blog and the writer has posted pictures of their beautiful nursery. The colors, the clothes, the anticipation of all that will go on there. So sweet. It's like eye candy for moms, really.

Then you have MY nursery......

Well, the crib is standing, but that's only because we were too lazy to take it down last year. It has served as more of a catch all than a sleeping apparatus. Six years old and never been slept in. I do intend to change the sheets that have been on there for the past 18 months when we quit trying to get Adam to sleep there. I think I saw some puffs of dust blow up when the cat jumped in the other day.

Then you have my lovely attempt at decorating, the birthday banner from Jacob's first birthday. I meant to remove this when we moved Jacob into his new room, three years ago, but it was so high and then we moved the crib in the way....
Sure hope Baby likes Blues Clues.

Don't you just love seeing tiny little newborn clothing hanging in the closet just ready to be worn? I do too. Too bad I don't have any. I did make some space in the closet, but it was hard. Two year old has an extensive wardrobe. He also likes to vacuum.

One day these might make their way into a box onto a shelf all neat and organized the way they should be, but that probably won't be until all my children are in college. I give up.

Then you have the letters I bought when Adam was four weeks old with all intentions of painting them a beautiful blue and hanging them on his door shouting to the world that this was Adam's room. Yeah, I never really got around to that, but they did leave a nice dust cut out on the dresser. I have no idea what I am going to do with these now. Two rooms, three kids.....who is going to go where?

So there you have it. This is our "nursery". Not at all what I had in mind when I anticipated having children, but it works.....for now.

Makes you feel a lot better about your own nurseries now doesn't it?


OneHungMan said...

That was really an entertaining post. YoungHung's nursery doesn't look exactly like a nursery since he came out of the womb looking like a small child, but it's his and he loves it.

OneHung sympathizes with all the delusions of grandeur parents have about the perfect nursery, because those people have no idea how truly tiring it can be to have children.

Loved the letters A, D, A and M that are still unpainted...classic.

Tracey said...

That was very uplifting, thanks. However much I love my children's nurseries is how much I hate the decor of the rest of my house. Make you feel any better?

Dana said...

Don't feel bad. I don't have a magazine worthy nursery....never have. My lil one shares a room with his Daddy and me as the others all have. None of my kids even has their own room, nor will they ever with the real estate prices here in Cali! I actually don't know anyone who's ever had one of those oh so lovely nurseries. Oh well, they grow up so quickly anyway, who needs a nursery? I don't think it'll cause any permanent damage to the kids.....

Lynsey said...

Well you totally took the pressure off of us getting the nursery in order! :-) We're trying to be practical anyway, considering he will sleep with us the first few months. I definitely won't be one of those moms that paints circus animals all over the room, that's just a total waste of time and money! He won't want to look at those when he's a teenager, I'm pretty sure!

Miss Hope said...

Pu-leeze. I did the nursery thing with the first one. It was the mecca of hand me downs. Second child got a new crib since the one we had was mine and it was a death trap. She never slept in it. Finally used it with #3 and it was beside my bed.

I've had more fun decorating the older kid's bedrooms. They get to make the decorating decisions (within reason- I drew the line at a disco ball) and everyone is happy.

If it works for you, then it's perfect.