Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Can't We Just Be Nice?

Our neighborhood has a "security" gate.    Now.   We do not in any way live in a prestigious area, but for whatever reason the developers felt we needed this gate and our neighbors are all in hot love with it.  

I hate it.

This morning returning from my morning football drop-off, there were three vehicles stopped because they can't get in (interlopers! trespassers!)  The stupid gate is not that far off the highway so three cars do not have a lot of room.   Anyway, I try to get out of the road before I am hit by a texter not paying attention when a shiny black Audi tears it quickly into reverse and,  if I hadn't had the foresight to remember my horn,  she would have totalled my car.    I needed to catch my breath for a second and then proceeded to open the gate where this ugly woman tore past me, rolled down the window, then yelled at me how rude I was to honk at her she just needed to find her son who has been lying to her all morning so I just need to get over it.


I swear to God I see why my grandmother constantly told me how much she hated people and how she could not wait to die.

I honked at this "lady" to keep her from hitting my car.   I was seriously scared for my life for a bit because she was not going slowly at all.    I thought she was going to apologize but she made it my fault?

Our whole world is this way anymore.   Everyone, EVERYONE is so freaking self-absorbed and incapable of caring about others in any way.

Case in point:

I can laugh about this now, and I frequently do, but I mean, no regard at all that there might be someone else who would like not to look at her butt all afternoon.  

I would like to be an asshole as well but my mother taught me better.   I would have looked for the spot completely out of line of sight and if it couldn't have been helped I would have asked for permission to set up and apologized profusely.    I wish I had told that woman today that I could not have cared less about her bad parenting but all I could mutter was, "You almost hit me" and then she gave me the F-You I should have given her.   

Why is everyone so rude?   Where were there mothers?

Our gate is topic of conversation daily on our community website.   People are awful about it.   Like I said, they have hot love for it and cannot stand the mere THOUGHT of a non-resident getting through.   It's insane.   

These are the "sticks" the board put out to keep others from turning in from the forced turn-around exit.   Apparently people go through the exit when they can't get in and this pisses my neighbors off.   They are pretty huh?   

Now, not only am I pretty polite person, I also believe in following rules so I see where you shouldn't drive through the exit but really?   Is this the worst thing?   Whatever.   Now people who have been her previously don't even go through the entrance, they just go straight through the exit and wait for someone leaving.   Some of my neighbors have actually forgotten they were on their way somewhere and blocked the way and had words and generally put themselves in harm's way because apparently it is VERY important to keep people out.   They post pictures of it all on the website.     One lady got our Amazon delivery woman fired for doing it.    They are passionate.  

I don't want the gate anymore.   It's made my neighborhood an ugly place, more so recently (new neighbors) but this has been going on for years.    What's the point of it?    I got an ugly hair after I was ALMOST KILLED and attempted to block BITCH from coming in and, you know what?  She came in anyway.   If someone wants in, they get in.    There aren't many people living here but there haven't been many times I have approached and there hasn't been somewhere there.   All you have to do is wait and not that long either.    

So I really wanted to post the opposing view on the website but I just don't like confrontation and, truly, I fear retaliation.   People know where I live.   I wanted them all to see what the perils of the gate are.   If she had actually hit me, I probably would have.   Because a few people like to feel exclusive and important, we will have to continue this constant pile up and confusion and frustration and dangerous maneuvers just to get over the border, because they are going to keep coming and a little old gate isn't going to keep them away.

Kind of like our country.   

Why can't we all just be nice like our mothers taught us to be?   

Two weeks later edited to add:   Today on the website someone actually proposed building a WALL around our neighborhood.   REALLY!   We actually sort of have one on one side dividing us from the highway but they want MORE!   You can not make this shit up.