Friday, February 03, 2012

If I'd Just Take a Parenting Class This Would All Go Away

We're going to talk about Jacob again today.

Maybe I should just rename this blog the Jacob blog?


I am sitting here watching the Today show and listening to Matt Lauer report on how, basically, it's probably my fault my child has ADHD because I might have put him in the bath too soon or picked him up when he wasn't ready as a baby.


Some old dude is saying something about how most kids shouldn't be medicated and maybe it's a parenting issue?

Of course, this is just my interpretation from what I saw through my red eyes.

My kid? He's currently on my front porch throwing rocks at our glass door because he is not able to be medicated on non-school days since we have to hoard his pills due to the adhd drug shortages. He has four pills left and I have fumes left in my gas tank after driving everywhere looking for some. His psychiatrist will see me March 20 though we can "discuss our options".

Yes, some kids may be unnecessarily medicated for ADHD. I saw a few instances myself back when I was an adult and had a real job, but ADHD isn't always the inability to sit in criss-cross applesauce during circle time.

Let me introduce you to our ADHD:

*screaming for no apparent reason
*running circles around everyone in the house
*punching siblings in the gut and then laughing maniacally
*stealing brother's food, spitting it out on the floor and then laughing manically.
*kicking frail dog then laughing maniacally
*beating Wii wheels into entertainment center for the pure hell of it
*calling everyone foul names when asked to complete a chore
*constant refrains of I HATE YOU, I HATE YOU, I HATE YOU

And that was just the first ten minutes after I was awakened with his opening my bedroom door and yelling, GET UP over and over.

I was finally able to catch him and restrain him and get him outside but not before gaining some new scratches on my face and another kick in the same ribs he broke last year.

No...he doesn't need to be medicated. I just need to teach him to sit still.

He is still outside. I am afraid to let him back in. I wonder, though, when he'll find a big enough rock and break the door.

Today is a school holiday. I think the note they sent home said something about "enjoy this extra time with your children". We had plans today.....Chuck E. Cheese pizza for breakfast, a trip through Toys R Us to burn those Christmas gift cards, expensive dessert at the cupcake boutique down the street. I was really looking forward to it.

Oh well.

The sad thing is, my little kids are so used to NOT doing that was promised due to the ADHD they just shrugged and found something else to do, no tears, no complaint. I think they would have been shocked if we'd actually made it to one of those places today.

Enjoy this extra time with your children.

I wish.