Monday, January 05, 2015


Where's my hoverboard?

My flying car?

2015 looked so much better in 1985.


So did you have a good Christmas?   New Year?

My children got much less than usual and they were just as happy.    Good to know.

I was a huge meanie and got Jacob only four small gifts and a gift card.   

I was sure we would have complete chaos on Christmas morning hence the guilt gift card removed from another person's gift at the last minute, but he was fine with it.   He was, though, completely out of control since they all came barreling downstairs at 5:30 and that two hour wait for the meds to kick in was blazingly obvious crammed together into the living room under a plastic tree in the dark.

My favorite mall Santa retired and it made me very sad.  

Imagine twelve more of him around my mantle and hearth.    Awww.    I mean, I cried when I found out he wasn't in the mall.   At work.   In front of three year olds.  

But then I found him!   In a private studio.   I DID NOT HAVE TO GO TO THE MALL AT ALL DURING THE CHRISTMAS SEASON!   He is real!   And that was the best gift of all.   Oh my, I hate the mall on a slow day.   


This thirty minute session renewed my children's belief and I relished it knowing this is probably it for us.   Someone (the husband) needs to sit Jacob down and explain to him how this portion of Christmas works.   Part of his "disorder" is he can completely immerse himself in a fantasy world and this is just another one for him.    I know, I know, we (the husband) should've sat him down years ago but this is Jacob.  I knew the minute he knew the truth he'd use it against us with the other kids.   I just needed this one.  last.  year.   We enjoyed it.    It will be sad for me next year.   Moving on.  

My favorite gift was the splurge King Sleep Number bed.   Our old mattress was twenty years old.  It was time to go and we bought exactly what we wanted since we'd saved so much not buying one every eight years.   

It adjusts.   And it's big.   And my sleep number is 30 just in case you wanted to know that.   I am not ashamed to admit I spent an entire day in that bed.   

I thought about making New Year's Resolutions but, eh, I never keep up with those and I have 355ish more days to do any of the things I need to do like declutter the closets, organize the attic, blog more, eat better, yell less.  

I do want our mornings to get better.   I have no idea how to make that happen.  I am seriously considering just letting things go with Jacob.   I have tried and tried and tried and tried some more to do things the way a "good mom" would do.   I make him comb his hair, brush his teeth, match his clothes, do his homework, but I think I am going to attempt to let it go.  

Let it go, let it go, can't hold it back anymoreeeeee

Hoping the peer pressure and possible grade retention is enough to snap him into action.   I doubt it, but I am just so freaking sick of the morning fight.   I have two other children.   My energy, at least for now, is going into them in the morning.   

2015 seemed so far away as I sat in a theater watching Back to the Future 2.   Here it is.   If only my car could fly.