Friday, September 29, 2006

I Love TV

Can I just say that I love the new Thursday night television line-up? Oh, I was sweating, I liked my Grey's Anatomy right after Desperate Housewives on Sunday night to start my week. I thought I would hate, hate, hate waiting until Thursday for my George and McDreamy fix but I couldn't have been more wrong. I love watching Grey's Anatomy and then instantly switching over to, so awesome!

I am still a huge ER fan, I have followed it since episode one, back in my twenties people....early twenties at that. Some may say it should have been cancelled years ago, and maybe they are right, but I cannot give it up.

I would have given it all up, though, if they had let Abby and Luka's baby die. I was starting to sweat last week when that baby was born so early and she had to have that hysterectomy, but this week when that poor baby, the only one she can ever give birth to, almost died because his dang daddy thought he should be on some new drug trial that ended up perferating his intestines, nuh, uh, you can't do that to me! The NICU is a scary, scary place to me. I have a hard time watching shows in which it is a central part, even for an episode. Jacob spent three weeks there, a blip on his radar screen, but the longest three weeks of my life. He never had issues, he was always a feeder and a grower, but the whole premature birth and leaving my kid behind traumatized me. I was extremely lucky, I know. My friend's son was born prematurely with a heart defect and damn if he didn't nearly die there more times than I can count. The pictures she would send me were like a knife through the heart. She was having the horrible NICU experience and there was nothing I could do for her. It sucked. I am glad to say he's doing well now, but it was a long road and I know she carries those NICU scars with her just like everyone else who has ever been there. Let's just say, thank goodness Abby was there holding that healthy baby at home in the end. PHEW, I would have hated to give up my show.'s been said before that I love, love, love television. I was just remembering last night when I was single and living alone how I could come home, flip on the tube, and watch uninterrupted for hours. It. Was. Awesome. Now, I am lucky to have a few favorites and even luckier if I actually get to watch them on the night they are actually shown. Thank you makers of TIVO, you should win the Nobel prize. Sadie made a nice detailed list of her fall line-up and I thought I would add an extremely modified version of mine. Not that anyone is that interested, but here it is:

Sunday: Cold Case, Desperate Housewives, and Brothers And Sisters

CC and DH are on at the same time this season, it kind of presents a problem, but I think I have finally decided to tivo DH and watch CC....still haven't seen last week's premiere, don't spoil it for me. Brothers and Sisters was really good and I didn't expect it to be. I am not a big Sally Field fan, but if I can handle her on ER I can handle her here.

Monday: The Class, How I Met Your Mother

They cancelled King of Queens! First Raymond, now Doug, it's a travesty. I was ready to give up on CBS altogether for that one, but I like The Class and LOVE How I Met Your Mother. I remember Marshall from Freaks and Geeks, loved him there, love him here and loving that he and Lily broke up, puts a new spin on things because um, if Ted is already hooked up with Robin, the love of his life, where is how I met your mother coming in?

Tuesday: Nothing looks good to me until January when American Idol starts again.

Wednesday: Lost, Jericho

At least I think Jericho will be coming on Wednesday nights. I have caught it on Saturday, Wednesday, and I think a Monday. I liked it, but if it comes on at the same time as Lost I will have to ditch it. Lost is the only show my husband and I watch together so tivo isn't an option there, we have a Wednesday night date.

Thursday: My Name is Earl, The Office, Grey's Anatomy, ER

The BEST night on television as far as I'm concerned. Earl is comic genius and The Office is a riot as well. I am wondering if they are strong enough shows, though, to fend off ABC. I did tivo Ugly Betty last night, but haven't watched it yet, but I doubt I can like it enough to quit Earl. Grey's Anatomy and ER need no explanation...they are my favorites, pure and simple. My husband needs to come to terms with the fact that I will not be available on Thursday nights, he's on his own.

Friday: Men in Trees

I found this one channel surfing and was pleasantly surprised. I don't care for Anne Heche much, the whole breaking into someone's house thing kind of turned me off on her, but it was a nice show. Not as good as Northern Exposure, though, which I think they are trying to rip off of just a little bit.

Saturday: SNL

I can never desert SNL, even if I have no idea now who the musical guests are, and Will Ferrell is no longer there.

So there you have's hoping my kids will go to bed early and without a fight so I can actually enjoy them and they don't end up still on my tivo in May. Does anyone have any favorites you think I should catch?

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about My Mom Has Done For Me This Week

1. Bathed my children nightly

2. Read stories to Jacob every night and made sure his teeth are brushed before bed.

3. Swept and mopped my nasty floors

4. Discovered moths and moth larvae (gross) in pantry and spent an entire day cleaning it out and wiping it down with chemicals so I wouldn't have to do it "in my condition"

5. Did all the laundry PLUS she ironed

6. Drove thirty minutes each way to my favorite BBQ joint just because I said it sounded kind of good

7. Spent way too much money on said BBQ and all my favorite sides just to make me happy

8. Changed all the poopy diapers since they now make me gag

9. Located coveted Curious George video and purchased it for first son making for at least an hour of uninterrupted clean/nap time

10. Wrestled Adam to sleep at both nap and bed times which is a major undertaking

11. Trained dog to stay off couch and away from upstairs

12. Changed cat litter box and cleaned it out daily

13. Showed up on my door step when she needed to be home because she knew I would have a rough time with these kids while battling the dry heaves and insomnia. I have the best mom ever!

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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Take 3

Well, there he is......Take 3. So far, so good. You can see his enormous head to the left and his itty bitty tadpole legs to the right. Looks just like his brothers at that age. This puts me at 9 and a half weeks with a due date of April 28.

This pregnancy is different than the others because I just don't spend that much time thinking about it. Maybe that's because I do not need to take my twice daily supplements to keep my hormone levels up or because we didn't spend months trying to get pregnant this time. Maybe I am just busier this time around and don't have time to dwell on every little thing. I have yet to crack open my pregnancy books, I didn't even know my due date until last week. I try to remember the vitamin, but truthfully, I forget that sometimes as well. The days just continue to fly by and before we know it there will be another little person keeping us up at night. It is all so strange to me. We had settled on being a family of four, I haven't yet been able to wrap my brain around five yet. I guess I better start getting used to it, he's real, I have pictures to prove it.

At this point with my boys I knew already they were boys. I had dreams of meeting them at various points in their lives, and with Adam he even told me his name. That came in real handy when we were struggling to find a name for him....did I ever tell you his name was Paul for a wee bit yet he just wasn't a Paul? Anyway, I haven't had one solid dream about even a baby this time, no new kids, no gender revelations. I keep waiting, but nothing. My gut instinct is to think it's a boy, I mean I already have two, odds are I will have another one, but I have absolutely no feeling like I did with the other two. I personally have no preference. When you are 38 years old having a surprise baby, you just hope for the best. We won't be finding out what it is until it's birth and we are okay with that. I figure since it has surprised me from the beginning, it might as well continue to surprise me until the bitter end.

So, tell me.....anybody have any telling revelations about their children prebirth? Did you find out it's sex before it was born or after?

Monday, September 25, 2006


My best WV friend sent me an email, on my birthday, letting me know that their twenty year old cat had a stroke and had to be put down last week.

Ah, I loved Kitters. I will always have good memories of her trotting across the street in the mornings to sit out in front of my glass door and await her daily treaties. Somedays she would sit out there all day, like she belonged there, and I know some people thought she was my cat. After we moved, I heard she still trotted over there to my porch, waiting by the closed door for some time. That broke my heart.

I last saw Kitters this summer out at my friend's house. She could barely see, couldn't hear much, and had trouble getting around. She was old. But, when I came in and sat down she eventually made her way over to me to snag a few petties and probably hope from some snacks. I kept meaning to bring some to her, but I never did. I am sorry Kitty Witty, sorry I didn't bring those snacks, sorry you had to wait out on the porch when I wasn't there, sorry I didn't get to give you one last pettie. You were a good cat, hope you are having a big time in heaven chasing birds and eating well and I hope there's a soft snuggly spot on a couch just for you.

Friday, September 22, 2006


It's been a year.

One long, yet short, year since Laura passed away.

So. Very. Sad.

I still cannot fathom how God could take a child, especially one so faithful and devoted to Him. One whose only goal in her short life was to live, to become an adult, to drive a car, to get married, to have a baby. She will never see those things, the things I take for granted each and every day. She will forever be fourteen, her sisters will, God willing, surpass her in age. It doesn't seem right.

My sister is, understandably, having a bad day. She is still the odd man out standing on the sidelines. People do not feel that her grief should be so real and lingering because she wasn't her biological child, but my sister raised that child every other weekend and every other day since she was four years old. They formed a bond quickly and in a sense, she was her first child. My sister was a good mama to her and loved her like her own. We loved her as well, it was hard not too, she always had a kind word and a hug and a scratch for your back. She knew she was dealt a bad hand, but she took it all in stride. She hated the doctors and treatments, but that was a part of her life and she handled it. The prize at the end for all those years of pain and inconvenience should have been a brand new set of healthy lungs and a life where she could run, ride a bike, ice skate, or just sit outside without worrying about oxygen levels. Instead she lies in a fancy box at the base of a huge oak tree surrounded by other dead children. It is not right. I sat down the other day to write out a check to my sister so she could take some nice purple flowers to the cemetary on this day, but I stopped myself. I cannot celebrate this day, it's too hard still, too horrible and I am still filled with so much anger and sadness about it. I cannot imagine how her dad and my sister and even her real mom are doing today. I did decide that Laura deserved those flowers, even if she couldn't see them or smell them, but I will wait until next month on her 16th birthday, a day she looked forward to, what would have been a happy, happy day for her and maybe on that day I can smile a little picturing her taking that drivers test, barely reaching the pedals probably, big smile on her face. Do you think they have cars in heaven?

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Another Year Down.....

I had a good birthday. Derick, Jacob, and I spent two days in Galveston and the weather couldn't have been better. Mid-week at the end of September is definitely the time to go. No crowds, no noise, no craziness. Adam was supposed to come as well, but he came down with a fever and a stomach bug of sorts the night before and stayed home. The dog was a great babysitter..... No, my mom came over on Monday, kind of on a whim, to help me out while Derick is gone for the next THREE weeks, and thank goodness for it. It was the first time I had been away from him overnight, but he did great, didn't even miss us, until he got back and realized he'd been left and, oh, the hell that ensued then.

We stayed at an awesome and cheap motel, tooled around the beach for hours, ate the most awesome Mexican food I have ever encountered (and I was able to keep it down, small miracle), and swam in the pool. It was all very entertaining and relaxing. We missed Adam, but it was soooo nice to have an only child again, even if it was for just one night. Jacob had the best time. I just spent a lot of time watching him laugh and enjoy himself and that was the best birthday present ever, of course, that cool sewing machine is nothing to sneeze at either. Jacob was so proud of it, he still had no clue he had tipped me off about it. Now, if I could just muster the energy to take it out of the box and figure it out.....

All in all it was a good birthday, even if we did have to celebrate a day early again. Last year on my birthday I loaded up my kids, my pets, my mom, and my car and headed north to the lake to evacuate for Hurricane Rita. It was also on that day that we found out that Laura had been declared brain dead and would not survive. We spent the entire day waiting for word of her condition, wondering if she were already dead yet. It was horrible, absolutely horrible. In fact, it's like I didn't even have a birthday last year, it was all so weird and surreal. Do you think that means I can erase a year off my age? Anyway, I am extremely thankful for a less stressful birthday. I am happy to have spent it with those closest to me and for the little break in my life to enjoy the sun. Happy Birthday to me!

Monday, September 18, 2006

I Hate Monday


Someone hit my car!

I am livid!

This morning I had a doctor's appointment and Derick was going to meet me there so he could juggle Adam since the last time I attempted an appointment he screamed all bloody hell and they still didn't see me since the doctor got called out for an emergency after we waited two hours and, dang, I wasn't listening to that caterwauling again so, grudgingly, he was there waiting in the parking lot. I am glad to see he actually showed but then I notice him flailing his arms and looking all mad and getting that weird tic that he does so I stop. Does he not want me to pull into that space? Has he been taken over by aliens? He finally motions me on and practically accosts me as I get out of the car: "You've been in an accident! What happened?" He shows me where some total jack ass slammed their shitty car into the back half of the driver's side of my car! WHAT THE HELL? I am freaking out and trying to scour my brain for any info that can give me some answers because A. I didn't notice it taking the kid to school this morning, yet I would have remembered being blindsided. and B. I want to kill the asshole who did that to my car and didn't have the damn decency to leave a note. So, I think and think and my husband is griping and complaining and wondering how in the world I didn't notice that at the crack of dawn if I didn't do it, when I suddenly remember. Hey, buddy, I didn't take the car out at all this weekend....YOU DID. Then he is all like, oh well, that kinda stuff happens. Yeah, right! It's all a catastrophe when it's my fault, but when it's his fault, we can live with it for a few months until we save the money to fix it! GGGGGRRRRRRR! I mean, it isn't the worst thing to happen, the car still runs, just looks like we pulled it out of a demolition lot, but why couldn't someone have left a damn note, even an anonymous one to at least say they were effing sorry? Things like this make me like people less and less. Where is common courtesy anymore? AAAGGGHHH, I am so mad!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Birthday Surprise

My birthday is next week. I wish I could say I was looking forward to it, but as it brings me another year closer to old age and death, not so much. My husband is leaving on a business trip overseas the exact day so being left with two fiesty kids while trying to keep my lunch down for a week doesn't appeal to me much either, so kinda dreading next week.

Derick took the kids out this afternoon "to hang out" which is code for buying my birthday gift. I had hopes of getting a long nap but my friendly neighbors felt like it was a good day to have tile installed AND play rousing games of loud as thunder basketball so that didn't happen. So, or course, what was left to do after watching all my tivoed episodes of Desperate Housewive (oh, please tell me Mike isn't going to die!)? Clean. Yep, spent my free time cleaning. I have no life.

Anyway, Jacob came in quite excited, trying so, so hard not to spill the beans and to his credit, he didn't. Then. We went out to eat at one of my favorite places with my free birthday meal postcard (yeah, free food) and he kept mum there as well, the Longhorn game keeping him busy I guess. When we returned home his dad went out to mow and I curled up in the bed and watched some tv with the boys and Jacob and I had this conversation:

Jacob: Mom, do you want to know where we went today?
Me: No, that's okay.
Jacob: We didn't buy you anything for your birthday.
Me: Okay.
Jacob: (waits a few minutes) Do you remember all the trouble you've been having?
Me: Which trouble, you will need to be more specific, I have many troubles.
Jacob: Remember when you were sewing my pillow and your sewing machine fell apart and now it sits in the garage? We didn't buy you a brand new, much more better and more expensive sewing machine that will work and not fall apart like a piece of crap.

Hmmmm......wonder what I'm getting for my birthday this year?

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about Jacob

1. He was born on March 4, 2001, but he wasn't due until April 26.

2. He has the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen.

3. He could identify every single Thomas train before he was two years old, all 100 or so of them.

4. His favorite color is blue.

5. He loves to draw and write his own picture books. He goes through a ream of paper about every two weeks.

6. His favorite food is tomato soup.

7. He is an excellent big brother and I melt every time I hear him whisper to Adam when he thinks I am not listening that he is his best friend.

8. He learned to ride his bicycle without training wheels when he had just turned four, but he took a tumble at some point and now refuses to ride without them. His dad will not put them back on, so he doesn't ride his bike.

9. He was kicked out of Mother's Day Out at the age of two because the teachers deemed him to wild to handle. It was at this same MDO that he learned the Spanish word for shithead. He really surprised the teachers with his language acquisition skills.

10. He is so friendly. He will talk to anyone, anywhere and try to be their friend. He has picked up buddies in the grocery store, rest areas, and doctor's offices.

11. He loves to play board games and he is pretty good at them. He likes to win and it took him a while to learn to be a good loser. His current favorite is Monopoly, just tried that this weekend.

12. He has never liked bubbles.

13. He is afraid of bubble gum. He loves to watch people blow bubbles, but won't go near a stick if you offer it to him. I think I scared him as a small tyke when I would slap gum out of his hands in the trick or treat bucket. I didn't want him to choke, ya know.

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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

It's Always Something.....

Man, I was on a roll today! I woke up before the alarm clock without grumpiness, I fixed top notch breakfasts for my kiddos, and even finished the laundry (including wet sheets) before I had to pick up Jacob from school! My kids were happy, I was happy; Bring on Number Three, I was thinking, piece of cake!

Then this happened:

I mistakenly thought I would practice handwriting and the fifty states with Jacob this afternoon for thirty minutes while Adam played quietly at the train table, or so I thought. I kept glancing at that little angel, with his back to me, and smiling thinking what an awesome little kid he is all while Jacob is reading and writing and pointing out states on a map and I am like, man, I need tissues, my kids are so cute. Then the lesson ended and I called for Adam and he came running, black marker in tow, teeth as black as night, even his scalp was colored.

Now, any other day I might have flipped out, but since I have already spoken with poison control about this very issue, I decided to find the humor in it and let him spend some time in one of his favorite places, the bath. Jacob, of course, not to miss out on a good time, proceeded to mark himself up as well, but he cleaned most of it off before I could get a good picture of him. See, there are the faded remnants of Thomas the Tank Engine on his skinny torso, a good likeness I think.

It was all fun and good and we got a good laugh about it all. I did not realize until after I helped Adam walk upstairs that he had completely covered the soles of his feet with that marker. Until two weeks ago we had dark, green, ugly carpet so it wouldn't have made much of a difference. We now have light, almost white (yes I picked it, I'm a moron) carpet....and now that has little black foot prints on every step. OOPS. I am wondering if Kiwi can come out before my husband comes home.

Row, Row, Row Your Boat

Why do I not live at the lake? It's beautiful and quiet and low key. The house is easier to keep clean and the yard is twenty times bigger than the one we have now. Oh, yeah, because there is only a Dairy Queen and a bait store there and I think they have all the employees they need.

Dude, what is going on? What is this contraption you have strapped me into? Am I on the way to the looney bin or what? I promise I'll more wire hangers!!!!

We took Adam on his first boat ride this weekend. I really thought he would dig it since he is all into cars and trucks and things that go and those boats in the bathtub really make him happy, but I believe his reaction was more of stunning disbelief. Even after we had stopped so that Jacob could fish, he sat still as a stone staring out at the water for ten minutes. I could lie and say he is just so gifted that he was soaking in that moment of nature's pure beauty to remember for a lifetime, but really, I think he was scared shitless, which is ssooooo unlike him. It was actually quite nice, no chasing him off the edge or bribing him with snacks to make him sit still like his brother. I was actually able to sit with my feet up for about ten minutes. But as the shock wore off and he came back to reality, he realized he was surrounded by water (fun!) and there was a steering wheel (double fun!) and my relaxing ground to a halt. No, no baby, mustn't jump into the lake. Big motors are not for little fingers. Worms taste yucky! A good time was had by all, although we did miss our old friend Budweiser who couldn't join us.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

We Will Never Forget......

Alan J. Lederman was 43 years old on September 11, 2001. He just recently began a new job as a senior client specialist with Aon Corporation on the 92nd floor of the World Trade Center, Tower 2 and was living in Manhattan with his wife. When the first plane hit Tower 1, Mr. Lederman called his family to let them know he was okay and people were trying to leave the building, but he never did leave, as far as they know, because he stayed behind to help two women who were too afraid to go.

Just a couple of months before September 11, Mr. Lederman and a friend took a vacation to California in hopes of climbing Mount Whitney , the highest mountain in the continental United States. While his friend didn't quite make it, Mr. Lederman did. When he reached the summit, he signed the guestbook with "Where's the Snack Bar?" For a short time he was on top of the world.

I never met Alan J. Lederman. He was a name given to me to honor on this day, the fifth anniversary of 9/11. While I watched in horror at the events of that day, I could not fully understand what those families went through or the panic those people in the buildings and planes must have felt. I did not know anyone personally who perished in the attacks, but I look at this man's face and I wonder what he was thinking, what it was he said to comfort the women with whom he stayed behind, and did he ever try to get out of the building? I think these things and realize his family must struggle with those thoughts every day, their lives changed forever in one horrible morning.

My hat is off to Alan J. Lederman. He lived too short a life and will forever be missed by his family and friends and by one complete stranger who wishes she had the answer to all the questions.

To view other tributes click here.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things I Like About Having Boys

1. Thomas the Tank Engine

2. Overalls

3. Their ability to pee on the side of the road or in the backyard with little effort.

4. Trucks

5. Legos, lots and lots of Legos

6. Baby Blue

7. Football, soccer, and Little League games

8. The rough and tumbleness

9. The inate ability to say vroom upon seeing a car before they can even speak.

10. No hairdressing skills required

11. Match Box Cars

12. The lack of prissy attitude

13. They always love their Mama.

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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

And So It Begins......

I have been pregnant for a week...or at least known about it for a week. I can honestly say that aside from the awkward moment when I told my mom and sister about it, it completely slipped my mind the entire weekend. I had no symptoms whatsoever, nada, nothing.

Until now.

Tooling through the Kroger, I was blindsided by the wretched smell of seared chicken flesh. Spontaneous gagging ensued. That was just the beginning....

I can no longer even look at my toothbrush without developing dry heaves. But brush, I must, so I toil through. Brush, brush, gag, brush, brush, gag. Rinse, spit, puke.

I can only eat french fries and cold ones at that. Anything else falls to the pit of my stomach and stays there...all day.

I cry at anything. Yesterday it was Crocodile Hunter and Katie Couric. Today it was Sesame Street because how cute were those girls playing in that doll house and then those mean kitties came and crashed it all down but I love the kitties because they are just like my kitty and my kitty is getting old and could die in, say, eight years, and oh that would be so horrible and, Oh, Lord, my kids keep getting old and one day they won't want to watch Sesame Street but grow up, marry some skanky girl and spend their holidays with her family, then I will die all alone, with just my cat.

I want to sleep all day, but can't sleep at night because of the insomnia. Wretched hell.

And this is only the beginning.....just shoot me now.

How the Saga Ends....

Last Friday, Derick called new company and accepted their offer.

Today, he called new company and told them he changed his mind.


Gee, thanks for dragging me on this dizzying ride for the past six weeks. Wait until I tell everyone we are moving and then change your mind.


I was really looking forward to leaving Texas. I wanted to be able to drive to my mother's on a whim. I wanted White Castle and Skyline Chili. I wanted winter. Yet, here I stay another year, or five, fighting the humidity, mosquitoes, and traffic. We are not Texans. We don't fit in here and I am tired of trying. We have lived here seven years and still don't know the neighbors. We are alone here with no support, no back up, no help in a crisis. We shouldn't have to live like this. Life is more than work and jobs and who has the most money at the end. I thought my husband understood that, but apparently not enough. I am mad.

You mean we aren't going to see snow this year????

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Book Meme

I was tagged by Michelle over at Big Blueberry Eyes.....

So here are the directions:

Grab the book closest to you.
Open to page 123
Scroll down to the 5th sentence.
Post the text of the next 3 sentences on your blog - name of the book and the author.
Then tag 3 people.

Here goes....
I studied one picture of Rachel, Annalise, and me after a football game. I was in my cheerleading uniform, and they were both wearing Naperville High sweatshirts.

That was from Something Blue by Emily Giffin. I just finished all of her novels and recommend them all, but if you choose to read them, you must start with Something Borrowed as it came first and you need the whole story to get you through.

Now I tag.....
Shane, Sadie, and OneHung, but anyone else who sees this is welcome to play as well.

Labor Day

Way to Go, Mountaineers!

WVU beat Marshall 45-10. It was a great game even if I didn't get to hear a bit because the goofballs at the bar restaurant couldn't figure out how to turn up the volume on their big screen.

We had a good weekend. My sister, mom, and neice came over from Florida to surprise Jacob and, boy, was he surprised! I think he ran on autopilot the entire time. It's a shame he can't see Abigail more often. They had such fun.

We went to a picnic at an awesome wave pool....

We went bowling....

and we ate lots of ice cream.....

Isn't that what Labor Day is all about?

Friday, September 01, 2006

Let's Go Mountaineers!


This is Mountaineer Field, my most favorite place in all the world. My blood runs blue and gold as I am huge West Virginia fan. I spent seven years, seven awesome years, attending West Virginia University and consider them to be among the best times of my life. I would like to say that I chose a college because it would give me a quality education, but that would be a lie. I went to WVU for the social activities and I was not disappointed. It doesn't rank up there as one of the top five party schools in the country each year for nothing. Home football Saturdays were legendary. My dorm mates and I would wake up before daylight and cruise down for our obligatory keg and onto the best, free tailgating spot in the place. We tailgated for hours before the game, during the game if it started to suck, and well after the game so as to avoid all the traffic. I even went on to graduate school so as not to miss a moment of the football fun. After graduation I would occasionally meet up with a friend or two and hit a game and after I hooked up with Derick I convinced him that he also was a Mountaineer fan so we purchased season tickets and sat through every home game. We had horrible seats, but I was happy. One of the worst things, for me, about leaving West Virginia seven years ago was giving up my football fix. For some damn reason, we get a lot of Longhorns on the tube and no Mountaineers, go figure.

So, tomorrow afternoon as I am sitting downtown in a crowded bar watching the season opener (against Marshall, should be spectacular), drinking my O'Douls (so sucks), and tearing up as they play the fight song, I will be just a little bit happier because very soon I will be just a stone's throw away from that beautiful field and maybe, just maybe, I can make it there in time to catch a game this year.