Monday, September 18, 2006

I Hate Monday


Someone hit my car!

I am livid!

This morning I had a doctor's appointment and Derick was going to meet me there so he could juggle Adam since the last time I attempted an appointment he screamed all bloody hell and they still didn't see me since the doctor got called out for an emergency after we waited two hours and, dang, I wasn't listening to that caterwauling again so, grudgingly, he was there waiting in the parking lot. I am glad to see he actually showed but then I notice him flailing his arms and looking all mad and getting that weird tic that he does so I stop. Does he not want me to pull into that space? Has he been taken over by aliens? He finally motions me on and practically accosts me as I get out of the car: "You've been in an accident! What happened?" He shows me where some total jack ass slammed their shitty car into the back half of the driver's side of my car! WHAT THE HELL? I am freaking out and trying to scour my brain for any info that can give me some answers because A. I didn't notice it taking the kid to school this morning, yet I would have remembered being blindsided. and B. I want to kill the asshole who did that to my car and didn't have the damn decency to leave a note. So, I think and think and my husband is griping and complaining and wondering how in the world I didn't notice that at the crack of dawn if I didn't do it, when I suddenly remember. Hey, buddy, I didn't take the car out at all this weekend....YOU DID. Then he is all like, oh well, that kinda stuff happens. Yeah, right! It's all a catastrophe when it's my fault, but when it's his fault, we can live with it for a few months until we save the money to fix it! GGGGGRRRRRRR! I mean, it isn't the worst thing to happen, the car still runs, just looks like we pulled it out of a demolition lot, but why couldn't someone have left a damn note, even an anonymous one to at least say they were effing sorry? Things like this make me like people less and less. Where is common courtesy anymore? AAAGGGHHH, I am so mad!


Sadie said...

Man, that sucks, Andria.

I get the same thing from my husband... at least it happened on his watch, though.

Lori said...

OOohhhh! I'm pissed for you!!! I hate to say this, but sometimes people just flat out suck!

Your husband sounds just like mine! I'm glad he was the one driving it when it happened too. My DH would NEVER have let me live it down if it happened when when I was. Gotta love our men right?? :)


Michelle said...

oh man! I'm so sorry someone did that to your car and then just drove off w/no note! Will your insurance cover the repair since it wasn't your fault?

Lynsey said...

That really sucks when that happens. A few years back I had a brand new car, black. I spent the night at a friends house in a not-so-great neighborhood I will admit, and when I came out the next morning, someone had taken a rock and made one GIGANTIC scratch from bumper to bumper just to be a complete ASSHOLE. I don't think I have ever been that mad, so I feel your pain. said...

Man, that sucks! And phhbbbttt on poopy head hubby for being all "mannish" about it.

OneHungMan said...

Someone hit Mrs. Hung the other day also. OneHung feels the pain for both of you.