Saturday, September 16, 2006

Birthday Surprise

My birthday is next week. I wish I could say I was looking forward to it, but as it brings me another year closer to old age and death, not so much. My husband is leaving on a business trip overseas the exact day so being left with two fiesty kids while trying to keep my lunch down for a week doesn't appeal to me much either, so kinda dreading next week.

Derick took the kids out this afternoon "to hang out" which is code for buying my birthday gift. I had hopes of getting a long nap but my friendly neighbors felt like it was a good day to have tile installed AND play rousing games of loud as thunder basketball so that didn't happen. So, or course, what was left to do after watching all my tivoed episodes of Desperate Housewive (oh, please tell me Mike isn't going to die!)? Clean. Yep, spent my free time cleaning. I have no life.

Anyway, Jacob came in quite excited, trying so, so hard not to spill the beans and to his credit, he didn't. Then. We went out to eat at one of my favorite places with my free birthday meal postcard (yeah, free food) and he kept mum there as well, the Longhorn game keeping him busy I guess. When we returned home his dad went out to mow and I curled up in the bed and watched some tv with the boys and Jacob and I had this conversation:

Jacob: Mom, do you want to know where we went today?
Me: No, that's okay.
Jacob: We didn't buy you anything for your birthday.
Me: Okay.
Jacob: (waits a few minutes) Do you remember all the trouble you've been having?
Me: Which trouble, you will need to be more specific, I have many troubles.
Jacob: Remember when you were sewing my pillow and your sewing machine fell apart and now it sits in the garage? We didn't buy you a brand new, much more better and more expensive sewing machine that will work and not fall apart like a piece of crap.

Hmmmm......wonder what I'm getting for my birthday this year?


Shane H. said...

Gee, at least it didn't come right out and tell you! Is that so sweet or what? Hate you'll be hubby-less on your b-day. I hope it's a good one anyway. And, by the way, happy early b-day. Payton's is next week too...the 19th. He'll be 6. My baby will be 6. Boo hoo.

Amie said...

OMG!!! I'm so excited for you :D I can't think of a better gift!

kelly jeanie said...

That's so cute. What a sweetie. And, a new sewing machine!

Oh, and I had to laugh at your joy about your birthday; "...another year closer to old age and death..." Are you going to dress up as the grim reaper for your birthday? LOL It reminds me of Eeyore. Ok, maybe Eeyore's more cheerful. So, I guess I'll just say:

(A Very Happy Birthday With Love From Pooh)

Michelle said...

Oh how funny! He tried so hard not to say anything all day and then to tell you specifically what they "didn't" buy! Too cute :)

Teena in Toronto said...

Ha! Good thing he isn't a secret agent :)

firstborn said...

how funny!!!! kids are a riot aren't they?!!!! jacob is too cute!

& happy early b-day andria!!!!! if it's any consolation, i'm closer to the grim reaper than you!
'member, i've got a couple of years on you, lol!

Lori said...

AWWWWwww...he was trying SO HARD not to tell you!!! Poor little guy!! He sounds like me...I can't keep a surprise/secret to save my life! :) Happy Birthday girl! I'm sorry your Hubby has to be away, but hopefully you can make the most of it.

Thanks for your kind words at my blog by the way. We had to have Holly put down on Saturday and I miss her so much. What a way to start a family vacation right? Right when you lose a valued member of that family. I guess that's just the way it goes though....

Sadie said...

That's hilarious! He's awful cute.

My birthday's coming up too (Sat 9/23), are we secretly twins separated at birth?

OneHungMan said...

Oohhh, and he did so well up til the end.

OneHung is sending props to him for trying.

Lynsey said...

So cute!!!