Friday, September 29, 2006

I Love TV

Can I just say that I love the new Thursday night television line-up? Oh, I was sweating, I liked my Grey's Anatomy right after Desperate Housewives on Sunday night to start my week. I thought I would hate, hate, hate waiting until Thursday for my George and McDreamy fix but I couldn't have been more wrong. I love watching Grey's Anatomy and then instantly switching over to, so awesome!

I am still a huge ER fan, I have followed it since episode one, back in my twenties people....early twenties at that. Some may say it should have been cancelled years ago, and maybe they are right, but I cannot give it up.

I would have given it all up, though, if they had let Abby and Luka's baby die. I was starting to sweat last week when that baby was born so early and she had to have that hysterectomy, but this week when that poor baby, the only one she can ever give birth to, almost died because his dang daddy thought he should be on some new drug trial that ended up perferating his intestines, nuh, uh, you can't do that to me! The NICU is a scary, scary place to me. I have a hard time watching shows in which it is a central part, even for an episode. Jacob spent three weeks there, a blip on his radar screen, but the longest three weeks of my life. He never had issues, he was always a feeder and a grower, but the whole premature birth and leaving my kid behind traumatized me. I was extremely lucky, I know. My friend's son was born prematurely with a heart defect and damn if he didn't nearly die there more times than I can count. The pictures she would send me were like a knife through the heart. She was having the horrible NICU experience and there was nothing I could do for her. It sucked. I am glad to say he's doing well now, but it was a long road and I know she carries those NICU scars with her just like everyone else who has ever been there. Let's just say, thank goodness Abby was there holding that healthy baby at home in the end. PHEW, I would have hated to give up my show.'s been said before that I love, love, love television. I was just remembering last night when I was single and living alone how I could come home, flip on the tube, and watch uninterrupted for hours. It. Was. Awesome. Now, I am lucky to have a few favorites and even luckier if I actually get to watch them on the night they are actually shown. Thank you makers of TIVO, you should win the Nobel prize. Sadie made a nice detailed list of her fall line-up and I thought I would add an extremely modified version of mine. Not that anyone is that interested, but here it is:

Sunday: Cold Case, Desperate Housewives, and Brothers And Sisters

CC and DH are on at the same time this season, it kind of presents a problem, but I think I have finally decided to tivo DH and watch CC....still haven't seen last week's premiere, don't spoil it for me. Brothers and Sisters was really good and I didn't expect it to be. I am not a big Sally Field fan, but if I can handle her on ER I can handle her here.

Monday: The Class, How I Met Your Mother

They cancelled King of Queens! First Raymond, now Doug, it's a travesty. I was ready to give up on CBS altogether for that one, but I like The Class and LOVE How I Met Your Mother. I remember Marshall from Freaks and Geeks, loved him there, love him here and loving that he and Lily broke up, puts a new spin on things because um, if Ted is already hooked up with Robin, the love of his life, where is how I met your mother coming in?

Tuesday: Nothing looks good to me until January when American Idol starts again.

Wednesday: Lost, Jericho

At least I think Jericho will be coming on Wednesday nights. I have caught it on Saturday, Wednesday, and I think a Monday. I liked it, but if it comes on at the same time as Lost I will have to ditch it. Lost is the only show my husband and I watch together so tivo isn't an option there, we have a Wednesday night date.

Thursday: My Name is Earl, The Office, Grey's Anatomy, ER

The BEST night on television as far as I'm concerned. Earl is comic genius and The Office is a riot as well. I am wondering if they are strong enough shows, though, to fend off ABC. I did tivo Ugly Betty last night, but haven't watched it yet, but I doubt I can like it enough to quit Earl. Grey's Anatomy and ER need no explanation...they are my favorites, pure and simple. My husband needs to come to terms with the fact that I will not be available on Thursday nights, he's on his own.

Friday: Men in Trees

I found this one channel surfing and was pleasantly surprised. I don't care for Anne Heche much, the whole breaking into someone's house thing kind of turned me off on her, but it was a nice show. Not as good as Northern Exposure, though, which I think they are trying to rip off of just a little bit.

Saturday: SNL

I can never desert SNL, even if I have no idea now who the musical guests are, and Will Ferrell is no longer there.

So there you have's hoping my kids will go to bed early and without a fight so I can actually enjoy them and they don't end up still on my tivo in May. Does anyone have any favorites you think I should catch?


Michelle said...

Oh yes I'm loving Thursday nights too! I was also leery of GA moving to Thur and not watching it on Sun after DH, but I too am enjoying the switch then watching ER. I kept saying they can't make Abby's baby die - especially now that she can't have any more babies! I was so glad they didn't do that! We also really like The Unit which comes on Tues.

Sadie said...

Me too! Me too! I love Thursdays! GA is just my favorite, hands down. We watch a LOT of the same stuff!

Since you like football, you might want to put Friday Night Lights on your Tuesday night. I don't know if it'll be any good, it starts this Tuesday. Comes on NBC at 7pm Central time.

Lori said...

I'm right there with ya!!! I'm LOVING Grey's, and now that it's on Thursday night, I actually get to watch it...whooHOO! Can you belive what Addison did? I was feeling really sorry for her up until RIGHT at the very end. said...

I am thinking That Grey's anatomy is a show I should start watching but I just can't commit to another dvr at this time!! :)

I too was praying to the tv Gods that they didn't kill the baby cuz I would have just had to stop watching the show. I mean, real life isn't ALL bad stuff, you know? The show can be a bit of a downer at times.

Medium on Monday nights is AWESOME. I love it! Patricia Arquette rocks and the cast clicks really well. Plus, inventive storylines with endless possibilities, gotta love that.

Lynsey said...

Hey don't forget about Gilmore Girls on Tuesday nights!

andria said...

I watch my Gilmore Girls on DVD. I got behind a couple seasons back because of AI so I am still around season 4. Don't want to watch ahead.

av無碼性愛 said...