Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Row, Row, Row Your Boat

Why do I not live at the lake? It's beautiful and quiet and low key. The house is easier to keep clean and the yard is twenty times bigger than the one we have now. Oh, yeah, because there is only a Dairy Queen and a bait store there and I think they have all the employees they need.

Dude, what is going on? What is this contraption you have strapped me into? Am I on the way to the looney bin or what? I promise I'll behave....no more wire hangers!!!!

We took Adam on his first boat ride this weekend. I really thought he would dig it since he is all into cars and trucks and things that go and those boats in the bathtub really make him happy, but I believe his reaction was more of stunning disbelief. Even after we had stopped so that Jacob could fish, he sat still as a stone staring out at the water for ten minutes. I could lie and say he is just so gifted that he was soaking in that moment of nature's pure beauty to remember for a lifetime, but really, I think he was scared shitless, which is ssooooo unlike him. It was actually quite nice, no chasing him off the edge or bribing him with snacks to make him sit still like his brother. I was actually able to sit with my feet up for about ten minutes. But as the shock wore off and he came back to reality, he realized he was surrounded by water (fun!) and there was a steering wheel (double fun!) and my relaxing ground to a halt. No, no baby, mustn't jump into the lake. Big motors are not for little fingers. Worms taste yucky! A good time was had by all, although we did miss our old friend Budweiser who couldn't join us.


Beck said...

Look at the little terrified face in the second picture! But he seems to be relaxing jussst fine by the end.

Michelle said...

He looks so cute in the life vest and trying to steer the boat! Looks like you had a somewhat relaxing time! :)

firstborn said...

aww, so cute & i'm glad you guys had fun!

wish we lived by water too!