Thursday, August 31, 2006

You've Never Heard of Boudin?

For those unlucky few who have never tasted it, or even heard of it:

THIS is boudin.

It is a mixture of pork, pork liver, rice, peppers, and spices all pushed together in a sausage casing. Healthy? Nope. Tasty? Oh, heck yeah! It is a Cajun delicacy that I am lucky enough to be able to buy in any supermarket I walk into here in Texas, a perk to being that close to Louisiana, I guess. You northerners don't know what you're missing!

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things I Would Miss About Texas

1. Sonic Drive-In

2. Crystal Beach

3. Spring time in February

4. Barbecue, specifically Central Texas BBQ, but it's all good.

5. Central Time Zone.....I can see my shows AND still be in bed by ten. Sweet.

6. Boudin.....I LOVE boudin and they don't even know what it is in Ohio.

7. Jacob's school or more specifically, I would miss him going to that school, the teacher is working wonders with him.

8. My library and my library ladies who love my boys like their own.

9. The lake....that's a big one. I love the lake and would have a hard time not being able to go there every couple of months.

10. My other Mamas....this I need to explain. I grew up east of here and spent time with my mom's friend's kids and spent nights with them etc. You know, basic kid stuff, well, I loved those women like my own mom or at least very close aunts, and those same women have been with me now as an adult since we moved here through the births of my kids and each one of their birthdays just like good aunties should do. It will be hard, HARD, to have another kid without them coming over to lavish love on him.

11. Erin...we may never be this close, distance wise, again.

12. My OB, God love him. He has the worst bedside manner in the free world, but he knows how to cut on my dotted lines and I don't want to have to fill someone else in on all my bodily malfunctions and birthing quirks.

13. Mexican Food! Real Mexican Food, not that Chi-Chis crap. Mi Casita, Dos Mas, Casa Ole, that dive in La Porte that I can't remember the name

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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise

Well another factor to take into consideration in the big move saga.

I'm pregnant.

How can this be? It took me months and years of jumping through hoops and standing on my head to end up with these two. I am flabbergasted and just a little bit sick. That's not to say we won't be happy to welcome number three to the brood, it's just, well, a bit.......surprising.

BTW....if you know me in real life and especially if you know my mother in real life, please do not mention this new little turn of events. The family won't be notified until we determine this is a keeper or until I work up the nerve. Am I the only one who feels awkward informing the parents of these things? It's like now they know, for sure, that I have sex. It's embarrassing. But, it would be so much worse if they found it out from someone else, so please remember the old saying: Loose lips sink ships and, well, consider my mom the ship and picture her sinking to the bottom of the ocean hearing this news.

When it rains, it pours.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Early Morning Observations

1. Why does the same damn lady in the seafoam green buick pull into the right turn lane to turn left EVERY DAY? Does she not see that she is backing up traffic into the next intersection because the light is TTTTTHHHHHIIIIIISSSSSS long and the left lane is EMPTY? Lady, for your own safety, you better quit that shit because judging by the honking and swearing I saw today (not all of it from me) somebody's going to snap. I'm just saying.

2. Most elementary school children should be walked to the bus stop and maybe even watched there by a parent or other trusted individual. I almost hit three, count em, three kids on my morning drive today. I am nothing if not cautious and I know those kids are there but I cannot stop that 2 ton SUV in a millisecond when your kid runs out TWO FEET IN FRONT OF ME even if I am only going 15 mph. Safety 101 people.

3. Middle and Junior High girls WILL apply make up at the bus stop and it ain't pretty. I am nearly blinded by the glitter and orange faces as I drive past. They also pin up their skirts with safety pins. They're sly ones.

4. Now, I have been known to give the finger in my day, but with impressionable youngsters in the back seat I hold back unless there is a truly heinous offense, BUT, I have never gotten the finger directed at me so much in my life as I have these past two weeks by folks going to the very same Christian school as me. If my going 55 in a 35 is too slow for you, then you need to leave the house earlier. Passing in the turning lane is illegal as is riding the turning lane a half mile at 45 to get past all the rest of us who need to go the same place as you. I got a good laugh at you, gold altima, when you raced like a maniac to get around me and my kid got out of the car before yours.

5. Panera Bread is empty at 8:15 in the morning but they charge two bucks for a small carton of chocolate milk.

6. Nothing is cuter than brothers in matching shirts.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Which Do You Like Best? Check one....Texas or Ohio?

Well, we still haven't come to a decision about the big move. There are many pros and cons to consider. Of course, the fact that we would be so much closer to family and Mountaineer football outweighs some of the cons by just a hair, we cannot overlook the fact that we may end up as poor as church mice as a result. I think we were all set to go until they fed exed the benefit package Friday afternoon.....Holy Crap!....why don't you ask us to cut off our big toe as well, because we would probably miss that less than what they would be hacking out of the monthly paycheck. Geeze, we never knew we had it so good and honestly, I worked for the government and ours wasn't even that bad. Add that to the monthly mortgage increase, the state income taxes we would have to start paying (Texas has no state income tax, one good thing about it) and all that extra salary would be no more. We may even end up earning less each month. Ouch.

BUT, it is soooo close to the family we just hate to turn it down. My kids have NEVER lived closer than 22 hours away from their grandparents and they aren't going to live forever ya know? AAGGHH.....ultimately, the decision is Derick's at this point. He is the one who will be working that job every day and bringing home the bacon, but my stomach is in knots contemplating either outcome. On the one hand, we would be back in the land of 4 seasons, have a bigger home and a nicer neighborhood, and be within a three hour drive of all family members BUT it will cost us. A lot. On the other hand we could stay here, take our chances during hurricane season, live comfortably and not in debt, put my kid in private school, and have affordable health care. Why aren't these things ever easy?

Oh, and about my sister....I did find out that Houston is just ONE option for her, although if we stay it would be her first option because, obviously, she wants needs free child care (although it's a long shot, I do a little happy dance in my head when I think I could watch my neice every day). She could also go to St. Louis, which she hates because that is where Laura passed away and brings back too many bad memories, or somewhere in Alabama, which wouldn't be good for me, but good for her because it would be closest to her step-daughter who will stay with her mom.

I will keep ya'll posted as I know you're waiting on pins and needles for the conclusion to this saga. I would have more interesting things to post about if Blogger would just allow me to post some pictures now and then.

Friday, August 25, 2006

This is my kind of luck

So I think we are, like, 85 percent sure we are going to move to Ohio. There are many things to consider, like Derick will only get three weeks vacation EVER which sucks and milk might be considered a luxury item there, but it is so much closer to family and we really hate the year round summer here so it just seems like a good opportunity. Let's go Buckeyes!

But today, I get this little bit of information.....

My sister, in order to advance in her company, is being forced to take a transfer.

Guess where.

Come on, give it a shot.



Thursday, August 24, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Top Thirteen Songs on My IPod

1. Forever Young by: Alphaville
Classic 80s tune, high school dance material at it's best.

2. Take Me Home, Country Roads by: John Denver
No West Virginia native can hear this without a getting a tear in their eye.

3. Ohio (Come Back to Texas) by: Bowling for Soup
The whole leaving Texas to go to Ohio seems sort of familiar.

4. Over the Rainbow by: Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
If you haven't heard this song you are truly missing out.

5. 100 Years by: Five for Fighting
Yeah, that Citibank credit card commercial song.

6. December, 1963 by: Frankie Valli
This one really dates me doesn't it?

7. Change of Heart by: Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
I remember Erin and I bopping around to her bright red 45 (remember those?) on Friday nights when we would stay up late to catch the Twillight Zone and by late I mean midnight....we were so cool.

8. Mr. Heat Miser
I'm Mr. Heat Miser, I'm Mr. Sun. I'm Mr. Green Christmas, I'm Mr. 101. Need I say more?

9. More Than a Feeling by: Boston
A little head shaking and air guitar, you know you've done it.

10. 1985 by: Bowling for Soup
When did Ozzy become an actor? She is still preoccupied with 1985. Yeah, my theme song except for the yellow SUV, high school kids, and sucky life.

11. Bad Day by: Daniel Powter
Because I can't go a whole year without something to remind me of American Idol.

12. Jack and Diane by: John, not John Cougar Mellencamp, he was John Cougar then. Am I the only one who remembers that? I love the 80s.

13. Just Like Heaven by: The Cure
My absolute favorite song of all time.

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Tuesday, August 22, 2006


I. Am. So. Tired.

Is it May yet?

Who knew that starting the day so early would be so.....tiring

See, I am so tired I can't even come up with colorful words to convey that.

I had a dream last night that Brad Paisley was confessing his undying love for me and I was asking him what about his wife, you know that chicky from According to Jim, and he opened his mouth to say..........beep, beep, beep, beep. What the heck? Has he been taken over by aliens? No, my alarm clock went off jolting me out of bed waaaayyyy before I was ready. Dang, it was still half dark outside, that's just unnatural.

Jacob has to be at school at 8:05. Technically, it's 8:15, but he can go in at 8:05 and I avoid all the traffic if I leave earlier. This means I must leave my house by 7:50. This also means I must wake up by 6:50 to get the kids fed, dressed, and washed and hope to do the same to myself. This morning I said screw the shower. It's the first time I have left my house without cleaning up since those early morning classes in college. I have hit a new low.

Now, I have routinely awakened at 6:30 most of my mommy days. Shoot, when there were infants in the house I might even have been up for hours by then but the difference there was that I didn't have to leave the house. Laying in bed a little longer could always be negotiated with pop tarts and Max and Ruby. We could leisurely begin our day at, say, 9 or shoot, 10. Sometimes I didn't shower until after The View because my son loved Star Jones, yes he really did and Dr. Phil too, come on, I just turned it on for him.


Our View days are over and it's not just because they canned our gal Star to replace her with crazy Rosie, it's because I have to drive him to school EVERYDAY. It's only been five days, how will I make it the other 175?

Must. Have. More. Sleep.

Oh, my friendly mower dudes showed up last week after 8:00 for the first time EVER! Yeah, figured it would be the first day I had to wake up at 6:30. Gee thanks, couldn't have done that LAST YEAR?

Monday, August 21, 2006

What to do, what to do.....

Another week....

Why does the time go so quickly now that I am so old? I don't remember weeks passing like this as a child. Remember when someone would tell you it was three weeks until Christmas and it was like a small lifetime to you? Now you hear three weeks until Christmas and you are scrambling to get everything done. If it just keeps getting faster I shudder to think about what it will be like when I am, say, 60.

Anyway, it's a big day here. Today should be the day we find out if we are moving to Columbus. We have finally figured out the logistics and although it might be a bit of a stretch, I think we can do it. We might have to live on rice and beans and the kids might have to give up their love of fresh produce, but I think we can manage (i.e. hanging on by the edge of our splitting fingernails). The cost of living is a lot higher up there (you wouldn't think so, but it is) and our mortgage payment, well, la, la, la, la, la, la (picture me covering my ears) it won't be that cough, cough bad. Will I have to go back to work?....maybe, but for now I think we have things figured out in that dreamy "life will be grand" way but then you get there and realize, what the hell did we just do? I have to say the thought of being within three hours of my old friends and family does make me a little bit giddy and that, maybe, just maybe, my parents can watch my kids on the weekends when we might want to GASP, go to a movie makes my head spin. We have never even met a babysitter here, we do nothing if it's not with the kids. How nice it would be to eat out without having to corral and conquer.

But seriously, aside from the money thing, I am worried about Jacob. Like, a lot. His is doing well in school and making a lot of progress, but I fear moving him away from everything he has ever known might scar him for life. There is no way in hell we would be able to afford private school there so he would have to go to the full day kindergarten at the public school. He is not ready for that. He barely makes it through his three and a half hours as it is. Plus, starting a new school even at the beginning of the year is bad enough, but mid-year, it's like social suicide. I know, I know, we don't even know if Derick will get the job yet, but you gotta know my angle by now, I MUST plan everything! I have to know every possible scenario before I make a commitment. I am just weird that way.

But the good news is that they have Skyline Chili there. It's worth it just for that isn't it?

Well, keep your fingers crossed.......

Friday, August 18, 2006

Fun at the Lake......and Farm

The lake was wonderful! Remember, I went to the lake last weekend? Geez, seems like forever ago. Anyway, it was the first time I ever took the kids up there alone and I really didn't have to take up smoking to get through it. The cable was out when we arrived (anyone know anything about Rapid Cable because I am thinking they are running a scam) and I seriously considered turning around and going home as you know I love my television, but it turned out to be pretty nice without the old boob tube. We played in the wading pool and the sprinklers and the boys played an entire evening on the swing set slide in their underwear/diaper (don't ask). Jacob asked if I would sit out with him one night and look at stars, so I did. We don't see many stars here in the city and it was absolutely heavenly. One morning my mom's friend called to invite us to their farm, so we took them up on it. We had an awesome time, if only it had been thirty degrees cooler though.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Let Them Eat Cake

Ta da!

It is Thomas the Tank Engine in edible cake form for your viewing pleasure. Can you believe this cake cost half as much as my wedding cake which fed over 100 people? It definitely was a splurge, but you only have a first day of school EVER once.

Jacob's first day went allright. They are learning letters and what sounds they make but Jacob already knows that. I think he is a little ahead of most of the kids, the stuff he brings home is like the stuff he did last year and, of course, he can read. I don't know if any of the other kids can but I felt my chest puff out when he went around the tables and read all the kid's names off their tags. Yep, that's my kid! He might not be the best behaved but he's smart!

As you can see the cake was a big hit. It came in a huge box shaped like a train shed and I think Jacob liked that better than the cake itself. Adam was just thrilled to be eating cake. We had blue lips and blue teeth afterwards and my fingernails are still a blue tint today. It took two baths to wash it off, makes me wonder if it's safe to ingest. When I went downstairs this morning I found blue frosting on the pantry door and all over the table. I clean it up and
it mysteriously reappears! I won't even go into the technicolor diapers I have changed today. The best part is that I can reuse these Thomas pieces and make this cake on my own. I won't have to bake that dreaded cake pan Thomas with the three hours of frosting stars EVER again! It was almost worth the price just for that!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Another First.....

As if I didn't have enough milestone occasions here, we took Adam to have his first haircut last night.




Well, almost after. He didn't actually get the haircut completed as he decided he had enough, threw a fit and flung himself into my arms. The back looks good, but it's still long in the front, kind of your reverse mullet going on where we have to do the comb over to keep it out of eyes. He enjoyed it at first, the cool car to sit in, Go Diego Go on the tube, but DANG did it take forever for that girl to cut his hair. If she had been a little speedier I think she could have finished, but who can blame a one year old for not wanting to sit still for fifteen minutes? Now he looks like such a little boy, so sweet, but I miss my baby. No more milestones for a while, I hope. Erin informs me that her son, who is only 1 month older than Jacob, lost a tooth yesterday and may lose another soon. I cannot even go there right now. Please, please, please no loose teeth for a while!

First Day......

Well, Jacob is a full fledged school boy now! I made it through, amazingly, and didn't even shed a tear until after I left the classroom. It is almost like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders because I have been dreading that moment so long and now that it's passed I can breathe a little easier. That doesn't mean I am not sad still about the passage of time making him grow up so quickly, but at least the big, bad first day is over and we can get into a routine and learn to enjoy this new stage of life for us.

We were among the first ones there and he went right in, put his back pack on his peg, found his seat, and grinned from ear to ear. He was really excited when Tabitha came in and they talked like they have known each other forever. I don't see them sitting together very long. I am so glad he has found a friend already. It does make it easier for me to leave him there every day.

Derick and I didn't stay long, he seemed comfortable and ready to start his day and, honestly, I might have cried had we spent more time there and that wouldn't be good. After all his protest this weekend about never, ever going to school, I figured he would balk at us going, especially with parents still there, but he waved and said bye and kept on talking, just like I always figured he would.

Tonight we are going to celebrate. Jacob wants to go to Olive Garden, his favorite, and I ordered a 3D Thomas cake from the grocery store that I may have to take a job to pay for. I figured you only get ONE first day of school, so you might as well do it right! But before that I intend to have a good cry, get it out of my system, then go to Target because I always feel better after a stroll through Target, poorer but better.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

T minus 16 Hours......

Geez...I cannot believe that Jacob will be in school tomorrow! How did that sneak up on me so quickly? I swear it was just last week he was starting preschool. Better yet, it was just a month ago I was sobbing because I had to leave my little dude at the NICU and one of those nice nurses said to me, "Oh honey, he will be home before you can bat an eye, and he will be starting kindergarten before you can turn around." I thought she was looney. She was right.

We went up to the school for an open house this afternoon. A little shindig where Jacob could meet his teacher and see where he was going to sit and, of course, take a visit through the playground. Poor little dude told me all weekend that he wasn't going to school, that he was going to home-school, that he would never leave Adam and me and we could all stay home and watch Noggin and go to the park and eat Kid Cuisines for the rest of our lives. I thought it was sweet, but then I fast forwarded twenty years and saw my guys all gangly and lazy sitting right beside me on the couch afraid to do anything while I waited on them hand and foot. WRONG, off to school you go! He was still full of protest when we pulled into the parking lot, but since I strategically arrived early we took a swing through the cool playground and that was all it took. He said, "Mom, I love kindergarten now!" It's the little things, you know. He led us to his classroom and found his name on the table (he's the only Jacob, I am stunned but thrilled) and instantly formed a bond with a little girl named Tabitha who sits beside him. I don't think he and Tabitha will be sitting together past this week because they talked and talked and talked some more. He gave his teacher a hug good bye and said he would be back tomorrow. I think he is ready. I feel better about it because the class was relatively small (bigger than they had told me though) and most of the mothers seemed nice enough. I only noticed one Chanel Mama and more sweatpants wearing mamas than the last school. I also found out that school will be letting out at 11:45 rather than 12:00 and although that is only fifteen minutes, it's fifteen minutes more I get with my kid during the day. I am keeping my fingers crossed that this goes well for him. I am praying I don't bawl my head off when I take him in the morning. I just want to get through the first day, if I can get through that I think I can get through the rest of the year. Wish me luck.

Treasure Tuesday

Create your own video for free at

In honor of my big kid's first day of school tomorrow, I made this little video. I cannot believe my former four pound preemie will be a strapping kindergartener when we wake up in the morning. Oh, I am dreading this more than you know, but I think we can make it. I am blessed to have been made a mother by this sweet little treasure.

**You may need to scroll down and pause The Family Guy to hear the music. Sorry about that.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Six Days and Counting......

I couldn't resist posting these pictures of Jacob taken almost five years apart in the exact same spot in the exact same pool. I vividly remember the day we first took him to the neighborhood pool oh, so long ago. I remember seeing all those big kids and it never dawned on me that my little baby would be one of them so soon.

You will have to click on the pictures to see them better.

I think we have everything ready for the big day. Acceptable clothes? check. Cars back pack? check. School supplies? Nope, don't have any of those but they inform me that I don't have to purchase a thing that it was all covered in a fee I paid back in May. Please, oh please don't be screwing with me. How horrible it would be to show up on the first day without supplies! At this point, it's hopeless in getting supplies. I tried to get down that aisle yesterday and, seriously, they needed a bouncer there. Grown women fighting over pink, feathery pencils and glittery file folders. It was a mob scene. I snickered as I passed it all up but then today I am having a little mini panic attack. I am sending my kid off to school with nothing but an empty back pack and a smile. That doesn't seem right. I remember having to buy at least four of my students school supplies every year. When you are making less than 900 bucks a paycheck and have rent, utilities, and oh, food, to pay it really packs a wollop into the old bank account. I didn't mind doing it for the kids who really needed it, but it burned me up to buy it for kids whose parents were driving beamers. I swore I would just sit back and let my kid's teachers buy their supplies too because if those people could get away with it, so could I, dang it! But, I will never be able to do that because I really want to buy school supplies for my kid! I remember how much fun it was to buy new things each year and look at that list and wonder what you were going to do with each and every thing. I love the smell of a new box of crayons and freshly sharpened pencils. I remember the year we had to buy a protractor and a compass; oh we were practically high schoolers we were so grown up then! How much fun it was to empty it all into your brand new desk in anticipation of a brand new year. I know my kid doesn't know the difference right now, he doesn't even know what the school supply aisle is for, but I kind of feel like he is missing out on a secret little ritual for all big kids. I know, I am weird like that. Of course, next year we have to buy school supplies and when I am bitching about the lines and rude people and lack of fancy notebooks, push me back to this post, so I can see what I fool I was this year.

So, we are heading to the lake tomorrow. It will be hotter than Hades there, but quiet and peaceful and I need that right now. I don't know if I will be able to log on there, it is out in the boonies, so I will catch you when we return next Monday. Have a good weekend!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Why Wednesday is Good

Aside from driving off without the library books to be returned (hello fines), it turned out to be a good day. Can I just say I love our library ladies! Can you believe that the stories for today revolved around characters named Jake? I don't think that was a coincidence. These ladies have loved Jacob since he started going two years ago. In that time they have gotten to know him, they know what he likes, what his favorite color is (they always save the blue paper for him), and where to find the Thomas and Charlie Brown books for him. The library was our saving grace. When we first started going there Jacob was afraid of other women and had trouble focusing. He had been kicked out asked to leave a mother's day out program because, in their words, he was too wild. I took him to the library on a whim one morning, totally expecting it to go bad. Instead, he took to it like a fish to water. He was surrounded by books, which was thrilling in itself, but then someone read them to him and he got to do a craft! It was like a light shining down from heaven on him. I give those ladies (and the man who was the first story reader) a lot of credit for helping Jacob improve his behavior and learn proper manners and how to treat other people. He got lots of hugs and good wishes today and I actually almost got out of there without shedding a tear until a man, who was playing with Adam, asked if we would be back next week and I told him no, school was starting, and he said "They all leave, one by one, until you are left with an empty home". I know he meant well, but geez, I did not need to hear that today. Anyway....we had lunch at IHOP (Adam does not care for it, how can that be?) then made a swing through the big blue store where we found, TA DA, Cars! Oh, the joy. I thought Jacob would burst from excitement, we haven't been able to find them anywhere and I even checked out online stores that are selling them for 24.95 each (highway robbery) and Ebay (even worse). Sooooo.....fifty dollars later we have tons of new Cars to get us through the next weeks. No, he doesn't get them all now and, dang, I wish he hadn't been with me so I could've put them up for Christmas but, oh well, such is life. So, it's been a good afternoon. One day down (almost) and six more to go!

Why Wednesday is Bad

I hate Wednesday....

Well, I should clarify; I hate Wednesday MORNING!

Every single Wednesday morning the kids and I are snoozing away when, BOOM, ear shattering noise in the form of lawnmowers and weed whackers and leaf blowers, oh my.

We are the only family in this cul-de-sac (cul-de-sacs bad, very, very bad) who mows their own lawn. The rest of them use the same mowing company and they come Wednesday mornings.

It started out innocently enough, they rolled on in around 7:30, which is early to me, but Jacob was usually awake by then and I was in that half awake kind of stupor trying to convince him it was still night and to go back to bed so I just dealt with it. As the years have rolled on (yes, this has been going on for about four years), the kind lawnmower dudes have started coming earlier and earlier and this morning pulled in at 6:38 and cranked it up a few extra decibels for us. As if it weren't bad enough to hear those roaring machines jolt you out of dreamland at the crack of dawn, they decided, hey, let's have an important conversation over the mowers runnings, soooo screaming mowers and screaming idiots out in the hazy sunrise started my day by awakening BOTH my kids WAY before they were ready and now I have a weeping one year old heap on the floor who cannot be consoled in any way and a grumpy five year old who is watching me with hands on hips ordering me to trace some Thomas picture RIGHT NOW. Uh huh, it's gonna be FUN here today!

As I said before, it is Wednesday (to clarify for the calendar challenged). This is the last Wednesday Jacob will be home all day as school starts next Wednesday. We will be going to story time at the library for the last time. I am so sad. Will I be able to hold it together? It's questionable. Do I feel like taking my children and finding the nearest state that doesn't require kindergarten attendance? Why, yes, yes I do. So we are at one week and counting. My chest hurts. The only thing that could make it better today would be an IHOP breakfast and a cruise through Target and maybe, dare I think, Goodwill. Let the day begin.....

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Treasure Tuesday

Behold, my dog.

What a treasure he is!

His name is Ezra and he is eight years old. He is technically my husband's dog, but he is my baby. Poor thing, two kids later he has dropped considerably in the pecking order but he doesn't seem to mind. He loves these boys and I know if he had to he would throw himself in front of a bus to save them. I get aggravated when he tracks mud in the house or wipes his face on the furniture, but I still love him. He is about sixty in dog years and still lets the kids crawl on him and attempt to ride him and is happy to do so. He is very protective of us. He barks at anyone who attempts to enter our yard and I remember when Jacob was a wee baby we would walk him in the stroller with Ez by our side and he would strut out front and get between the stroller and anyone passing by. He didn't like strangers to stop and look at the baby. That was the only time I have ever really seen him appear menacing and even then if the gawker would stop and pet him his tail would wag. When both kids were starting to climb the stairs and not quite steady at it, he would always tell on them if they snuck over there by barking until I came. He just really is a good dog.

See what a sweet dog he is? These boys are so lucky to have him!

Monday, August 07, 2006

We were at the beach......

As seen on

The kids and I have been laughing over this for the past four or five days after viewing it on maybetomorrow's site. Nothing is better than watching Jacob bop around singing the tune. We have even had to download the original from itunes, but it isn't quite as funny.

Happy Monday! Yeah, you're gonna be ok.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

A Day Late......

and always a dollar short, you know me.

Happy Birthday, Erin

My friend's birthday was yesterday. I did remember, all day in fact, yet damn blogger wouldn't allow me to post more pictures yesterday and I just knew Erin would be heartbroken if I didn't spread her seventh grade picture all over the internet! Can you say "I Love the 80s"? I have known Erin for, oh, 25 years now and she still remains my friend. Where others have come and gone, she has stuck by me through good times and bad times and I know there are purple hats for us in our future because, dang it, we'll start our own darn club and sit our old asses by the beach with a beer in our wrinkled old hands.

Seriously, I couldn't ask for a better friend. How cool is it that our kids are all boys and the same ages and good friends too? I would move to Baton Rouge if I could, but I think you should come to Columbus with me (if we go there). Of course, we would spend too much money and drink too much sauce, so maybe after the kids are grown?

Hope it was a wonderful birthday! See ya in September, better start exercising that elbow!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Weekend Ramblings

So swimming lessons are over. I can't believe two weeks flew by so quickly. Two weeks ago my son walked out into water over his head and couldn't pull himself up. Last night he got pushed into the pool by one of his classmates and was able to get himself to the steps and out of the pool. I was amazed. I really didn't think they were learning that much, but apparently he learned enough to get himself out of a jam and that was my goal, so I am pleased. He is now cleared to move on to level 2 and, crazy as I am, I am considering it. He wouldn't have the same teacher, though, as she starts school next week and he kind of fell in love with her so I don't know how well he would do with someone else. Let's just hope it's a girl. He likes to flirt with the girls.

Just the fact that he is sitting there with half his face in the water is a major accomplishment, but he can also jump into the pool, hold his breath and go under and semi doggie paddle....Way to go, Jacob! I am so proud!

Adam is doing a little better, but he continues to run high fevers in the evenings. He got up to 104 last night, which was scary, but not unusual for him. Neither one of my kids know the meaning of a low temperature. If they get a fever, they get a high fever always. The pediatrician's best guess was that he has roseola and hasn't contracted the rash yet, time will tell I guess. The kids and I were going to go up to the lake today, kind of an end of summer retreat before Jacob heads to school (can you hear my tears hitting the keyboard?) but with Adam being under the weather I thought it was best to wait a few days. The daddy is going out of town tomorrow, just overnight, but he will be gone over 24 hours and that leaves me alone for over 24 hours with a sick kid and a bored kid, loads and loads of fun and joy for me. He has a...ssssshhhhhh..... job interview in Columbus, Ohio. My golden ticket may be arriving soon! I have mixed emotions about that at the moment, only because I have lived here almost seven years and in just the past year have made friends whom I feel I can call up on a moments notice or hang out with on a whim. I am wondering why this couldn't have come up, say, four years ago when I was home alone all day with a screaming toddler with no one to turn too, but hey, you can't always get what you want, am I right? It would be nice to be back up north, but at the same time I dread doing the friend hunt all over again.

Sooooo....anybody been to Columbus?

Friday, August 04, 2006

Friday Find

Does anyone remember this show? I loved this show! As is typical with most shows I enjoy, they cancelled it after the first season. It had so much potential and now the characters are forever in DVD limbo never to have the opportunity to jump the shark. I found the entire show on DVD at our local library. Of course, having two kids and a house to clean, I cannot sit on my can in my chair and watch all episodes straight through as I would like too. I was able to watch two, TWO, episodes last week and now I am hooked only to be put at the end of the wait in line list. They have one copy for the entire county. I am hoping my husband reads this and remembers I have a birthday coming up, because I don't think I can wait that long to see the others.

I also found this show too. Why do they cancel all the good ones? I am keeping my fingers crossed for The Book of Daniel.

If you have a Friday Find be sure to let Mary Ann know.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things I Have Done Today

1. Spent night watching one year old toss and turn with 103 degree fever

2. Pressed redial for 15 minutes to get doctor's office

3. Was phone jockeyed to everyone in doctor's office trying to get an appointment

4. Was given doctor's appointment 15 minutes from time of phone call

5. Fed kids sugary cereal in car while making 20 minute trip to doctor's office

6. Turned around at the end of the block to go home and change nasty diaper

7. Showed up late for doctor's appointment

8. Waited with two restless children for next appointment

9. Had important doctor's appointment and find out child has a virus, nothing can be done for him, could have saved my co pay

10. Walked past full dishwasher and left it full

11. Wiped up loads of cat puke and dog eaten dirty diapers

12. Walked past three days worth of clean laundry, contemplated rewashing them

13. Snuggled sick kid while trying to entertain stir crazy five year old

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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Blind Leading the Blind

I need some help...

no real help, not mental help....

I want lasik surgery. I have tossed this thought into the air about twice a year for the past ten, or however long it's been that lasik surgery has been fashionable, but now that I can no longer read any numbers on my hugongozoid night stand clock and have to stop to take my glasses off when I want to show my kid how to duck his head under water in the pool, I have crossed over into SERIOUSLY considering it. The problem is, I am scared to DEATH of doing it. I mean, what if I went BLIND or something. I am a hypochondriac of the highest degree and be sure if it could happen, it could happen to me, dontcha know. So what I am asking is this:

Has anyone been through this procedure? If you have, did you survive it with eyesight in tact? Is there pain involved? If so, how would you rate it in comparison to say, a complicated c-section? Will they give me a scrip for vicodin with it because, seriously, I am low. Fill my head with knowledge people because I have decisions to make! Details..details....