Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Early Morning Observations

1. Why does the same damn lady in the seafoam green buick pull into the right turn lane to turn left EVERY DAY? Does she not see that she is backing up traffic into the next intersection because the light is TTTTTHHHHHIIIIIISSSSSS long and the left lane is EMPTY? Lady, for your own safety, you better quit that shit because judging by the honking and swearing I saw today (not all of it from me) somebody's going to snap. I'm just saying.

2. Most elementary school children should be walked to the bus stop and maybe even watched there by a parent or other trusted individual. I almost hit three, count em, three kids on my morning drive today. I am nothing if not cautious and I know those kids are there but I cannot stop that 2 ton SUV in a millisecond when your kid runs out TWO FEET IN FRONT OF ME even if I am only going 15 mph. Safety 101 people.

3. Middle and Junior High girls WILL apply make up at the bus stop and it ain't pretty. I am nearly blinded by the glitter and orange faces as I drive past. They also pin up their skirts with safety pins. They're sly ones.

4. Now, I have been known to give the finger in my day, but with impressionable youngsters in the back seat I hold back unless there is a truly heinous offense, BUT, I have never gotten the finger directed at me so much in my life as I have these past two weeks by folks going to the very same Christian school as me. If my going 55 in a 35 is too slow for you, then you need to leave the house earlier. Passing in the turning lane is illegal as is riding the turning lane a half mile at 45 to get past all the rest of us who need to go the same place as you. I got a good laugh at you, gold altima, when you raced like a maniac to get around me and my kid got out of the car before yours.

5. Panera Bread is empty at 8:15 in the morning but they charge two bucks for a small carton of chocolate milk.

6. Nothing is cuter than brothers in matching shirts.


Shane said...

Geez...I sure hope your morning start going better. Sound like a rough one today. Yep, love the matching shirts too. Enjoy it now...they will protest in the near future!

kelly jeanie said...

Your boys are adorable in their matchiness. I can't believe the traffic crud you have to put up with!

It's nice that we won't have to worry about our boys pinning up their skirts at the bus stop. At least not unless fashion changes seriously in the next 10 years or so...which I guess it could. I mean, glitter? Not something we used when we were in school! Well, I didn't wear any make-up but for people who did. :)

Michelle said...

I had to laugh at your observations! I can't imagine letting an elementary student walk to school or the bus stop by themselves, that just seems too young!

What a darling picture of your 2 boys!

Lynsey said...

Hysterical observations! Especially the chicks with their short skirts and orange faces...so true! I see it out here and it's really disturbing. Orange faces and white ears....don't they see how wrong and retarded that looks???

sweet memories said...

why does driving have to be so stressful all of the time, we follow the rules and piss everyone off, it is just ridiculous....cute boys!

firstborn said...

you crack me up!

sweet precious babes!