Monday, August 28, 2006

Which Do You Like Best? Check one....Texas or Ohio?

Well, we still haven't come to a decision about the big move. There are many pros and cons to consider. Of course, the fact that we would be so much closer to family and Mountaineer football outweighs some of the cons by just a hair, we cannot overlook the fact that we may end up as poor as church mice as a result. I think we were all set to go until they fed exed the benefit package Friday afternoon.....Holy Crap!....why don't you ask us to cut off our big toe as well, because we would probably miss that less than what they would be hacking out of the monthly paycheck. Geeze, we never knew we had it so good and honestly, I worked for the government and ours wasn't even that bad. Add that to the monthly mortgage increase, the state income taxes we would have to start paying (Texas has no state income tax, one good thing about it) and all that extra salary would be no more. We may even end up earning less each month. Ouch.

BUT, it is soooo close to the family we just hate to turn it down. My kids have NEVER lived closer than 22 hours away from their grandparents and they aren't going to live forever ya know? AAGGHH.....ultimately, the decision is Derick's at this point. He is the one who will be working that job every day and bringing home the bacon, but my stomach is in knots contemplating either outcome. On the one hand, we would be back in the land of 4 seasons, have a bigger home and a nicer neighborhood, and be within a three hour drive of all family members BUT it will cost us. A lot. On the other hand we could stay here, take our chances during hurricane season, live comfortably and not in debt, put my kid in private school, and have affordable health care. Why aren't these things ever easy?

Oh, and about my sister....I did find out that Houston is just ONE option for her, although if we stay it would be her first option because, obviously, she wants needs free child care (although it's a long shot, I do a little happy dance in my head when I think I could watch my neice every day). She could also go to St. Louis, which she hates because that is where Laura passed away and brings back too many bad memories, or somewhere in Alabama, which wouldn't be good for me, but good for her because it would be closest to her step-daughter who will stay with her mom.

I will keep ya'll posted as I know you're waiting on pins and needles for the conclusion to this saga. I would have more interesting things to post about if Blogger would just allow me to post some pictures now and then.


Amie said...

Good luck with your choice!

firstborn said...


i know the dilemma you speak of...joe & i were in a similar sitch when we were deciding to leave maine or not...without rehashing my saga, just know that whatever your hubby & you decide, it will because you've picked the best case scenario for your's hard when you've got aging (grand)parents in the mix...that's what ultimately did it for us>>>both joe's dad & my folks are not getting any younger (& joe's dad is not well these days), so i think for us, in a weird twist of fate, we were meant to be where we are now (even though we both long to be back in maine!)...sending you waves of positive thoughts as you arrive at a amie said above, good luck my dear!

hugs, mary ann xo

Sadie said...

Good luck! You will make the right decision.

Michelle said...

Oh wow that is a tough one. Is the benefits package negotiable? That might help if he can rework it so it'll be more beneficial for you to move. It would be so nice to live closer to family; I know how that goes - we don't live close to any family either. And I also like a change of seasons (TX is just too darn hot LOL - and so is NM!)

Good luck w/making this decision!

Lynsey said...

Good luck trying to decide what to do! It sounds like both places have their pros!

sweet memories said...

you have so much on your plate with jacob starting school, I think it is nice that you can give your husband the decision...I do that a lot too,...let my hubby decide on things, because it is just too hard emotionally...I wish you luck deciding and i know you will make the best of either decision!