Thursday, August 24, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Top Thirteen Songs on My IPod

1. Forever Young by: Alphaville
Classic 80s tune, high school dance material at it's best.

2. Take Me Home, Country Roads by: John Denver
No West Virginia native can hear this without a getting a tear in their eye.

3. Ohio (Come Back to Texas) by: Bowling for Soup
The whole leaving Texas to go to Ohio seems sort of familiar.

4. Over the Rainbow by: Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
If you haven't heard this song you are truly missing out.

5. 100 Years by: Five for Fighting
Yeah, that Citibank credit card commercial song.

6. December, 1963 by: Frankie Valli
This one really dates me doesn't it?

7. Change of Heart by: Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
I remember Erin and I bopping around to her bright red 45 (remember those?) on Friday nights when we would stay up late to catch the Twillight Zone and by late I mean midnight....we were so cool.

8. Mr. Heat Miser
I'm Mr. Heat Miser, I'm Mr. Sun. I'm Mr. Green Christmas, I'm Mr. 101. Need I say more?

9. More Than a Feeling by: Boston
A little head shaking and air guitar, you know you've done it.

10. 1985 by: Bowling for Soup
When did Ozzy become an actor? She is still preoccupied with 1985. Yeah, my theme song except for the yellow SUV, high school kids, and sucky life.

11. Bad Day by: Daniel Powter
Because I can't go a whole year without something to remind me of American Idol.

12. Jack and Diane by: John, not John Cougar Mellencamp, he was John Cougar then. Am I the only one who remembers that? I love the 80s.

13. Just Like Heaven by: The Cure
My absolute favorite song of all time.

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kelly jeanie said...

Wait...are you moving for sure? Did I miss something?!?

andria said...

We don't know yet, got the final offer yesterday, have until day after Labor Day to decide. Some of the offer was good, some not as good as he would have liked, he will probably drag it out until the last minute. Stay tuned after Labor Day.

OneHungMan said...

Kiddo, OneHung is with you on #12. No problems with #13 as your favorite. #10, no way OneHung can argue with a tune like that.

But #4...does OneHung even need to comment???

Lynsey said...

Love that song "Forever Young." Absolutely LOVE IT.

Amie said...

I love that version of "Over the Rainbow", and I love 100 years too. Great choices!

Shane said...

Take Me Home Country Roads.....I'm with you on that one for sure!!

firstborn said...

i love the 80s too! & yeh, i knew that about john cougar too!

Michelle said...

Great song list - I love the 80s music too!

Sorry your speakers weren't working the other day, but I hope you can hear the videos I posted of Kayla signing/singing - she's such a riot!