Thursday, August 10, 2006

Six Days and Counting......

I couldn't resist posting these pictures of Jacob taken almost five years apart in the exact same spot in the exact same pool. I vividly remember the day we first took him to the neighborhood pool oh, so long ago. I remember seeing all those big kids and it never dawned on me that my little baby would be one of them so soon.

You will have to click on the pictures to see them better.

I think we have everything ready for the big day. Acceptable clothes? check. Cars back pack? check. School supplies? Nope, don't have any of those but they inform me that I don't have to purchase a thing that it was all covered in a fee I paid back in May. Please, oh please don't be screwing with me. How horrible it would be to show up on the first day without supplies! At this point, it's hopeless in getting supplies. I tried to get down that aisle yesterday and, seriously, they needed a bouncer there. Grown women fighting over pink, feathery pencils and glittery file folders. It was a mob scene. I snickered as I passed it all up but then today I am having a little mini panic attack. I am sending my kid off to school with nothing but an empty back pack and a smile. That doesn't seem right. I remember having to buy at least four of my students school supplies every year. When you are making less than 900 bucks a paycheck and have rent, utilities, and oh, food, to pay it really packs a wollop into the old bank account. I didn't mind doing it for the kids who really needed it, but it burned me up to buy it for kids whose parents were driving beamers. I swore I would just sit back and let my kid's teachers buy their supplies too because if those people could get away with it, so could I, dang it! But, I will never be able to do that because I really want to buy school supplies for my kid! I remember how much fun it was to buy new things each year and look at that list and wonder what you were going to do with each and every thing. I love the smell of a new box of crayons and freshly sharpened pencils. I remember the year we had to buy a protractor and a compass; oh we were practically high schoolers we were so grown up then! How much fun it was to empty it all into your brand new desk in anticipation of a brand new year. I know my kid doesn't know the difference right now, he doesn't even know what the school supply aisle is for, but I kind of feel like he is missing out on a secret little ritual for all big kids. I know, I am weird like that. Of course, next year we have to buy school supplies and when I am bitching about the lines and rude people and lack of fancy notebooks, push me back to this post, so I can see what I fool I was this year.

So, we are heading to the lake tomorrow. It will be hotter than Hades there, but quiet and peaceful and I need that right now. I don't know if I will be able to log on there, it is out in the boonies, so I will catch you when we return next Monday. Have a good weekend!


Michelle said...

what neat pictures to have from 5 yrs apart!

I need to go buy Kayla's school supplies...I didn't realize we actually have to buy the classroom supplies - not just basic stuff for our child - and this is only preschool!

kelly jeanie said...

I am totally with you on new school supplies. There's something magical about a brand new spiral-bound notebook and a fresh pen (I'm partial to Paper Mate).

Love the pictures! Have fun at the lake!

sweet memories said...

oh man, to build up all that excitement and then find out that you dont have to buy anything! I would be disappointed too! SOrry you experienced the retail rush yesterday, K is starting her second year of preschool so I should get out and do a little shopping too...I remember growing up and my mom taking me back to school was the best part of going back to school...I need to come up with some simple traditions with K and may start this year, to help her get excited (She goes to the summer program at the school all summer long)...well, off to drop her off..she used to cry her eyes out and now I say, I will race you to the door, and she gets so excited (I even tried this with going to bed, taking a bath, brushing teeth), and it works! Good luck mama and have a great time at the lake! Cant WAIT to hear the stories! You crack me up!

Lynsey said...

What??!! You didn't have to get his supplies for him? They are totally messing with that "first day" experience that everyone must have! I remember the night before the first day, arranging all my supplies in my backpack, getting them all ready and organized. What's next? Picking out the "first day" outfits for us! The nerve! Let us know what these supplies consist of. They better be acceptable or Jacob got robbed!

OneHungMan said...

Great pictures, OneHung can't wait to embarrass YoungHung with the same type one of these days.

OneHung also enjoyed shopping for school supplies and can't wait to do the same with YoungHung.

Hope you enjoy the lake.

Tracey said...

Our school has an awesome program. You can buy the supplies through a company and send it to you a week before school. I kid you not, it's the best thing ever! And it's not any more expensive than driving to 3 or 4 stores and fighting the mommy wars over pencils and crayons.

Have fun at the lake!