Thursday, August 31, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things I Would Miss About Texas

1. Sonic Drive-In

2. Crystal Beach

3. Spring time in February

4. Barbecue, specifically Central Texas BBQ, but it's all good.

5. Central Time Zone.....I can see my shows AND still be in bed by ten. Sweet.

6. Boudin.....I LOVE boudin and they don't even know what it is in Ohio.

7. Jacob's school or more specifically, I would miss him going to that school, the teacher is working wonders with him.

8. My library and my library ladies who love my boys like their own.

9. The lake....that's a big one. I love the lake and would have a hard time not being able to go there every couple of months.

10. My other Mamas....this I need to explain. I grew up east of here and spent time with my mom's friend's kids and spent nights with them etc. You know, basic kid stuff, well, I loved those women like my own mom or at least very close aunts, and those same women have been with me now as an adult since we moved here through the births of my kids and each one of their birthdays just like good aunties should do. It will be hard, HARD, to have another kid without them coming over to lavish love on him.

11. Erin...we may never be this close, distance wise, again.

12. My OB, God love him. He has the worst bedside manner in the free world, but he knows how to cut on my dotted lines and I don't want to have to fill someone else in on all my bodily malfunctions and birthing quirks.

13. Mexican Food! Real Mexican Food, not that Chi-Chis crap. Mi Casita, Dos Mas, Casa Ole, that dive in La Porte that I can't remember the name

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Sadie said...

Sorry, should have posted here... You can get a link box at! Thanks for visiting my TT... I really like your title photo, too!

kelly jeanie said...

Mmm, real mexican food. Got any good recipes? Oh, and we don't know what boudin is in Michigan, either. At least, this midwesterner doesn't. Now I gotta Google it.

We must have Sonic around here too, at least I always seen the commercials for's good, hey? Never been. Looks yummy. Funny commercials. Two-word. Sentences silly.

Beck said...

Boudin? No clue! None! Fun list! I have never, ever been to Texas, though.

Michelle said...

One of the things I liked about leaving the East coast was now I was watching TV on Central time...this really helped for Monday Night Football - no more going to bed after midnight LOL

Ghost said...

I'm so glad we're in Central after being in Eastern time for 6 years. Grew up in Mountain. ;) Sonic is part of our grocery shopping day routine. For fast food, it's not bad.

Have a happy.

Wolfbernz said...

#1 I love sonic!
I used to live in Texas.
I live in Delaware now and we just got a sonic here last month. Yippie!

Shane said...

Okay, we don't know what Boudin is in South Carolina either. Please explain.....

Sadie said...

I love Sonic! Do they not have Sonic in Ohio? Didn't realize it was a Southern thang. I guess I never noticed the absence of Sonic when I visited above the Mason-Dixon...

Lynsey said...

What the heck is Boudin????

Jersey Girl said...

I'm going to have to look up Boudin! I went to Texas for a bit and missed my Philly Cheesesteaks, soft pretzels, tastykakes and WaWa's..(your toot and totem places)

though I loved the Lonestar (not the chain) on Claude Highway in Amarillo!

firstborn said...

when i lived in memphis, i used to go to sonics all the time! it reminded me of "white castles" in chicago...they are pretty similar, except that wc's burgers are little squares & sonics are little round ones, right, if i remember correctly!

andria said...

Mary Ann,

I think you are thinking of Krystal. Sonic has big burgers, shakes, etc. The best fast food burgers I have ever tasted.

But, I forgot all about White Castle until you mentioned it. Chalk up another good thing about Ohio.