Saturday, August 05, 2006

Weekend Ramblings

So swimming lessons are over. I can't believe two weeks flew by so quickly. Two weeks ago my son walked out into water over his head and couldn't pull himself up. Last night he got pushed into the pool by one of his classmates and was able to get himself to the steps and out of the pool. I was amazed. I really didn't think they were learning that much, but apparently he learned enough to get himself out of a jam and that was my goal, so I am pleased. He is now cleared to move on to level 2 and, crazy as I am, I am considering it. He wouldn't have the same teacher, though, as she starts school next week and he kind of fell in love with her so I don't know how well he would do with someone else. Let's just hope it's a girl. He likes to flirt with the girls.

Just the fact that he is sitting there with half his face in the water is a major accomplishment, but he can also jump into the pool, hold his breath and go under and semi doggie paddle....Way to go, Jacob! I am so proud!

Adam is doing a little better, but he continues to run high fevers in the evenings. He got up to 104 last night, which was scary, but not unusual for him. Neither one of my kids know the meaning of a low temperature. If they get a fever, they get a high fever always. The pediatrician's best guess was that he has roseola and hasn't contracted the rash yet, time will tell I guess. The kids and I were going to go up to the lake today, kind of an end of summer retreat before Jacob heads to school (can you hear my tears hitting the keyboard?) but with Adam being under the weather I thought it was best to wait a few days. The daddy is going out of town tomorrow, just overnight, but he will be gone over 24 hours and that leaves me alone for over 24 hours with a sick kid and a bored kid, loads and loads of fun and joy for me. He has a...ssssshhhhhh..... job interview in Columbus, Ohio. My golden ticket may be arriving soon! I have mixed emotions about that at the moment, only because I have lived here almost seven years and in just the past year have made friends whom I feel I can call up on a moments notice or hang out with on a whim. I am wondering why this couldn't have come up, say, four years ago when I was home alone all day with a screaming toddler with no one to turn too, but hey, you can't always get what you want, am I right? It would be nice to be back up north, but at the same time I dread doing the friend hunt all over again.

Sooooo....anybody been to Columbus?


maybetomorrow said...

Hooray to Jacob for doing so well with the swimming!

Hope Adam is feeling better boy used to have febrile seizures whenever he had temp so I know how sucky it is when your kid is sick - hang in there

Never been to Columbus but wishing hubbie luck on the (job interview) if that's what you want...

firstborn said...

hi andria!

hooray for jacob!

sorry to hear adam is under the weather...hope he gets better soon!

good luck to your dh!

i have driven through columbus countless times to/from maine... it's only 5 hours from chicago (which is 2 hours from me in cheeseland)= a day trip to visit you someday!!

here's to a good interview!

:) mary ann xo
p.s., so happy to hear i made jacob's day {smiles}...glad you got the goodies!

OneHungMan said...

YoungHung hasn't gotten in the water since he fell in a month ago. However, he went to his cousins birthday party (they had a party at a pool) and told MommyHung that he wanted to get in. Sadly, he wanted to get in but didn't want to get in his swimming drawers to do so.

OneHung is still waiting to hear how it ended.

Congrats on the little one actually picking up something during the swimming classes.

Lynsey said...

So sorry to hear about Adam, but woohooo for Jacob! What a tackle! Water can be very scary for a child so I'm so psyched from afar. Good for him!