Thursday, August 03, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things I Have Done Today

1. Spent night watching one year old toss and turn with 103 degree fever

2. Pressed redial for 15 minutes to get doctor's office

3. Was phone jockeyed to everyone in doctor's office trying to get an appointment

4. Was given doctor's appointment 15 minutes from time of phone call

5. Fed kids sugary cereal in car while making 20 minute trip to doctor's office

6. Turned around at the end of the block to go home and change nasty diaper

7. Showed up late for doctor's appointment

8. Waited with two restless children for next appointment

9. Had important doctor's appointment and find out child has a virus, nothing can be done for him, could have saved my co pay

10. Walked past full dishwasher and left it full

11. Wiped up loads of cat puke and dog eaten dirty diapers

12. Walked past three days worth of clean laundry, contemplated rewashing them

13. Snuggled sick kid while trying to entertain stir crazy five year old

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Beck said...

Now that's a great day! The best part must have been cleaning up the diapers that the dog ate....
I'm sorry it was such a crappy day. Those virus things don't last very long in little kids - I'm sure he'll be much perkier tomorrow and you can get some rest.
My tt is up.

Tracey said...

Ohhh... How is he doing now? Sorry for such a crummy day.

Shane said...

Sure hope the little guy feels better real soon!