Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Tuesday Tidbits

It's spring break this week. You don't know how happy it makes me NOT to have to trek down to that school twice a day. Of course, the kids are sleeping until eight and I am up at five, but we can keep our pajamas on all day and that counts for something.

I had big plans this week. We were going to the beach, the rodeo, the park, and the zoo. Now it is raining and they say it will rain all week. I need to find a plan B. We went to the library yesterday and it was not a peaceful place. Rainy day + unsupervised school kids = complete chaos. I knew it was bad when my library lover asked to leave. Any suggestions?

My sister is coming to town in two weeks, some sort of business conference. She was bringing Abigail and I was to keep her for three days while she worked, but now my mom says it overlaps with the time she was going to be in Florida so she will just keep Abigail there with here while Teresa is gone because my asshat brother-in-law refuses to "babysit" his kid. No joke. If my sister has to be away on business, my mom either makes the 14 hour trip to watch her or my sister pays the baby sitter extra to keep her overnight. Baffles my mind. Anyway, so my sister will be in Houston for two nights at an ultraswanky hotel and guess who is going to go stay with her? Please baby, don't decide to come early because Mama needs some rest and room service.

Did you see where Brad Paisley and his wife had a baby last month? My mom knew before everyone else because her cardiac rehab nurse is related to him somehow. She has even seen pictures that weren't supposed to be shared with anyone. How cool is that? She also knew his name before they announced it, and yeah I can see where that poor girl in her post partum haze was hesitant to divulge that info.....William Huckleberry Paisley. WTF? I lurve Brad Paisley, but what was he thinking?

BUT, I have come up with an excellent boy name if number three is a son. It has taken some time and much thought and gnashing of teeth, but after going over that list we just couldn't find anything that fit our kid so we took the advice of the blogger world and just went with the one we loved to begin with, you know the one other people we know used. It rolls fantastically off the tongue and looks great on paper, so much so that I am leaning toward wanting a boy because it would be such a shame not to use it. I wish I could share it, but in the case that it's a girl, then said friends would never have to know we were planning to snag their name.

Here's something cool.....my cousin and his family just moved into their brand new home built specially for them by Extreme Home Makeover, you know that show on Sunday nights? Neat, huh? Their show should air April 22.

Woo Hoo....Spring Break!

Must. Find. Fun.


ChupieandJ'smama said...

Hope you have fun at the swanky hotel! My son wants to know why your son is wearing his Thomas shirt (lol) :)

Lori said...

Huckleberry?? Oh wow....that wasn't very nice of them!

I love how some parents don't "babysit"...hello??? It's YOUR kid, that would be called parenting!

I hope you get some time with your sister...it sounds like a great mini-vacation! :)

Sadie said...

I saw that about Brad Paisley and thought of you... I know he's your rock star boyfriend and everything.

Your sister's husband is an asshat. But I'm glad you get to go hang out with her in the hotel, that'll be a nice break. I guess your hubby WILL "babysit?"

Lynsey said...

Geez, wish I had some suggestions for indoor fun since it's raining on Jacobs vacation...

That's awesome about the Extreme Home Makeover thing, they did that for a friend of mine back home last year. I just love that show! As my stepdad says,"That show can make a grown man cry."