Thursday, March 01, 2007

Victory is Mine!

Here is Jacob with his birthday present from Gammy and Grandpa. He has been wanting that for a long time and was so excited to receive it in the mail.

Adam is thinking in Stewie mode...."Haha, brother, I am counting the minutes until you leave our domicile for school as I will tear that thing to pieces and enjoy every second of it.

And he did. That fun toy lasted less than 24 hours.

Sometimes it just sucks to be the oldest.


Tracey said...

Ah, poor Jacob. Next time: toys go up high!

andria said...

Oh, the toy was up WAY high, he's just such an expert climber that he was up on the highest shelf in the time it took me to use the bathroom and threw it crashing to the ground. It was so sad.

Michelle said...

oh no! Is the whole toy broken? or can it be reassembled?

andria said...

We tried to repair it but some of the pieces are just broken beyond repair. It used to work automatically like a cool race track, but we have rigged it to where it can at least be played with by hand. Not as cool as it once was, but they still like it.