Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Bad Boys, Bad Boys...whatcha gonna do?

Every morning when I take Jacob to school, I encounter a Houston policeman in his cruiser who is dropping off kids there as well. For the past few weeks, this is what I have noticed from him daily:

1. He rides the turning lane a quarter mile to the entrance.
2. He double parks and walks his kids into the classroom, although we were told to quit doing that after the third day of school.
3. He pulls out in front of everyone and bypasses the line to get out of the driveway.
4. He rides the shoulder around others waiting at red light so he can turn right, although most everyone has their right turn signal on. He has almost caused an accident twice.
5. He weaves in and out of traffic, changing lanes without a blinker.
6. He tailgates everyone he gets behind.
7. When he does get around everyone he speeds up to at least fifteen miles over the limit.
8. He runs red lights.
9. He doesn't use the turn signal.
10. He drove through a corner gas station to avoid waiting at a red light.
11. Did I mention the tailgating?

Yep, Houston's finest really tearing it up on our roadways. Really makes me want to donate to their cause.


Tracey said...

Ooooohhh that just irks me. I hate that police are above the law. Not that all policemen are bad, but the bad ones make a really awful name for the rest of the forces. And WHO exactly could you call to tell?

Shane said...

They must get a certificate or something when they graduate the police academy that entitles them to disregard and and all traffic laws while they are in their cruiser. I've witnessed the same crap by our local cops too! Arrggghhh!!

Lila said...

I had to spend a summer at the University of Houston for some professional development. One day I decided to go for a walk on campus to get some exercise. A cop pulled over and wanted to know what I was doing walking and why. He then informed me that there was a nearby bus stop if I needed to get somewhere.

Yeah, thanks weirdo.

sherrypg said...

Get the number off of his car (it should be on the rear fender area or on the trunk) and turn him in to the police chief. If you know his name and/or badge number, even better.