Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Tuesday Tidbits

OK....so I have decided to nix the boy name that Derick likes. It really wouldn't bother me one way or the other, but when I asked him if we should use his old girlfriend's name if it's a girl he thought that was downright stupid, so tit for tat. Just so you know, our child will NOT be named Brittney or Patrick.

About the fabric softener.....some prankster thought it would be way hysterical to unscrew all the lids on the Downy that was on sale and I fell victim to it. I grabbed my blue bottle, threw it in the cart, and heard what I thought was Jacob vomiting on the floor. I would have welcomed vomit. Blue, perfumey liquid was pouring all over ever single I had placed in my cart to that point. It soooo sucked. Of course, the teenage Target employees did not want to clean that mess up and would not even look in my direction as I tried to direct them to the mess. So, I dumped everything out of my cart right there on the floor, opened up packages of paper towels to clean my kids off (and left them there when I was done, I didn't need paper towels), and retrieved another cart and restocked it. I attempted to tell the employees about the mess many times, but it stayed there as long as I was in the store. Just so you know....if you get that on your skin you will smell like it for days, doesn't matter how many showers you take. I no longer desire that April fresh scent for my clean clothes. Never, never again.

We totally skipped school this morning. I could not drag my ass out of bed. I am SO sick of driving him to school and back every day! How many more months of this? Yeah, bad parent, he's actually really sick and feverish....yeah, that's it.

Apparently the local police do not want my money because I can call their number all day long and all I get is recording letting me know how busy they are. I leave messages for them to call back, but even if they did they couldn't get through because we no longer get incoming calls to our land line. The fine folks at the phone company have been contacted and have actually come out to tell us that they have fixed everything, by staring at the receiver because that's all I saw them do, but it isn't fixed. So for over 90 bucks a month I get staticy phone calls, limited computer time, dropped calls, and no phone calls whatsoever into my home. They say there is a short in the line, but they don't want to try to find it because it would take too long......yep, they really said that. Way to work for your customers AT&T.

I took Jacob to a birthday party on Saturday. It was a girl party. He was one of two boys. I didn't foresee that all the other boys would decline, must file that in the back of my brain for later use. He had a good time, it wasn't too girly, but just being around that many squealy girls make me itch. It was a genie theme and all those kindergarten bellies showing made my head hurt. Why is dressing like a tramp at that age acceptable? After three hours I had to leave. It is pretty apparent that I don't do girl, which is pretty interesting since I am one. I was eager to come home and throw footballs and play matchbox cars....who would've thunk?


Shane said...

I just love your weekly venting in "Tuesday Tidbits."

Sadie said...

I'm a girl too and I don't like all that stuff. Though I did when I was that age, apparently.

Does your cable company do phone? Ours does, maybe you can switch your internet and phone to the cable company.

I skipped school today, too. Must be something going around. ;)

BethGo said...

That was hilarious. Those trampy genie girls sound like trouble.
Hope you have an April Fresh day. ;)

Tracey said...

It's strange that they invited boys to a genie party, though! Justin was told by a girl that he wants to invite to his party that she won't come if she's the only girl. Hence, the list of 4 other girls... he's so whipped.

maybetomorrow said...

Good call on the names..hee hee

Two words...dryer sheets

Sounds like we deal with the same phone company - nothing is ever "wrong" when "they fix it"
Maybe the police department is having the same issues with their phone since you can't get through to them - ha

My(The) boy is all about parties - he has been the only boy invited to 2 girl parties this year already - apparently the "girly" isn't lost on him yet....