Monday, February 19, 2007

Happy Birthday Sweet Baby!

Today is my baby's birthday. My big, black, furry baby. Ezra is nine years old today, ancient by Labrador Retriever standards. His vet said we could expect him to live to be ten, so I'm a little stressed out today. I don't know what I would do without that stinky old dog.
It's true what they say about labs. They are wonderful with children. Our poor baby was the king of the world before our two legged critters joined us, and although I know he misses his undivided attention, he has taken it all in stride and he loves those boys fiercely. Did you hear about those climbers who were saved because their dog kept them warm? Yeah, I have no doubt in my mind that Ez would do that for us.
So here he old dog already. He has that old dog stink going on and I don't think he sees as well as he used to. He is starting to have trouble climbing onto the furniture, but he's not supposed to be doing that anyway. His skin is itchy and his back legs are stiff, but it doesn't stop him from mowing you down to greet you when you return home. He's always happy to see us.
So, it's his birthday. He will have steak and peanut butter crackers and bananas.....all his favorite things. He will run in the park and sniff pee and be chased by little boys. For one day of the year he will be king of the house again and I know he will enjoy it. Please, please, please doggy, live many more years because I would be so lonely without you.


OneHungMan said...

He's a handsome man. If well taken care of, OneHung thinks you should be able to get several more years out of Ezra. When Mrs. Hung became Mrs. Hung, she brought a black lab to the family. Doobie (her ex-husband was a stoner) stayed around until she was fifteen years old.

So, you might get lucky and have Ez around longer than you think.

Amie said...

Sounds like a wonderful dog :D I hope he is around for a few more years.

Shane said...

If it's any consolation, our first born (Bam Bam) lived to be 14! He died Dec. 2005. The worst day ever! Enjoy him while ya got him. Happy Birthday, Ez!!!

Lori said...

Awwww...he looks SO sweet! It makes me miss my Holly girl.

I bet he'll be around longer than you think too...all that love and bananas (huh?? never heard of that, although, my cat does like spaghetti, which is kind of weird) should keep him young at heart! :)

Sadie said...

Happy Birthday sweet Ezra!

Don't think of ten years as an absolute date... good care and lots of love and you could have lots of time.

Lynsey said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Ol' Dog! I sure hope our mutt is as good with kids as yours seems to be...we'll soon find out I suppose!

Sadie said...

Oh and I love this picture. Ezra's just smiling and so happy!