Friday, February 23, 2007

New Weekend, Different Party

Is it Friday already?

Well, the husband returned from his trip on Monday. A couple of weeks ago as we were discussing this moment in time where I would be solo parenting for much of it, I half jokingly told him that a thankful person would buy his wife a gift upon return from oblivion and it turned into Almost Divorce 2007. You would have thought I was requesting half his liver instead of a token of appreciation for all my hard and exhausting work. His defense was that he always thinks of me and gets me something, I am just too shallow to appreciate his efforts. Oh, and all that, it's what the mother is supposed to do shit. It got ugly. I dropped it and figured I would just go out and let Discover buy me something nifty and left it at that. So he returns home from the land of dry desert with two scorpions encased in glass for the kids (scared the shit out of Adam) and some gold flakes floating in liquid for me. Yee haw. If that doesn't scream I-am-so-thankful-you-worked-your-ass-off-all-weekend-so-I-can-further-my-career I don't know what does.

Of course, you know I played excited about that gold. It was kind of neat in that souveniry kind of way, but I was a little sad realizing my husband has no earthly clue what I like or desire. Thank goodness my friend Visa does, makes a girl feel so much better.

So for the entire weekend I let the toy room go. I mean, I picked up nothing....NOTHING, the entire time. By the time Daddy returned there were more things on the floor than on the shelves and having mentioned this to him on one of his nightly calls he so sweetly announced that no, way should I bend down and hurt myself to clean that up, don't worry about it at all, he would clean that room top to bottom when he returned home. It was the least he could do. Now, for that, I could sweep the entire gift thing under the rug. I hate, HATE cleaning that toy room and that was the worst it had ever been. Guess who cleaned it yesterday afternoon? Yeah, it wasn't Daddy. Did he even notice it had been cleaned or even realize that HE didn't do it? Of course not. So today, I can barely move, but the toy room is spotless. The children will never, ever be allowed in there again because I will NOT do that again, but it's clean.

Oh, and we also talked with Jacob's teacher about the musical and she said he didn't have to go, so I decided that, hey, the kids and I will go to best friend's wedding after all. Well, Daddy wasn't too thrilled about that. First, he couldn't find any place to board the animals, then, well, he needed to leave earlier than we wanted, then well, I don't know if they would be able to feed you it's so late, and then, well, would you want to stay there ALL DAY SATURDAY alone with the kids? So, yeah, I figured pretty quickly that, no way did he want us to go too. All this "wishing" we could go for the past two months was just a show, wife and kids will cramp the best man's style so another weekend alone with the kids. Happy, happy, joy, joy. Thank goodness for Discover and Visa, I know they will help me make it through.

So he is gone again. More fun for Daddy. It looks like I will be trapped inside all rainy weekend with two snotty children. Do I dare wonder if the man will finally get it and come back with something nice this time? Will he clean the toy room when he returns? Will I be able to move when he returns? It's all doubtful, but Visa and Discover have promised to be good company these next few days. At least someone supports my efforts.


Shane said...

How do you do it? I would still be going off on him! You're more than welcome to come to SC for weekend.

Tracey said...

Oh Andria... I won't rag on him, cuz I know you know what a shit he's being. And he IS. I'm sorry you're having to deal with this... There's nothing I can say to make it better, but I hope knowing that I'm sad with you helps a bit...


Sadie said...

I know there's not anything I can say that would be of any help at all... but I'll be thinking about you and sending out vibes to the Universe that your Husband will come to his senses and realize what you have been going through.

BethGo said...

I'm just stunned by this.

I'll be thinking of you this weekend.

And don't you dare pick up another toy.