Thursday, March 29, 2007

Tuesday Tidbits.....Two Days late

All good things must come to an end.....

It was nice while it lasted but my sister went home and I had to come back and be a mom again to my kids. I did miss them, but boy, it was so nice to do nothing for a change.

I took Jacob in for his ADD/Aspergers evaluation this morning. She initially handed me some papers to fill out regarding both, but then as we were leaving she gave me only the ADD paper for the teachers to fill out. In my mind, this means she is ruling out Aspergers and leaning towards ADD. This is a load off my mind, the Aspergers thing was really worrying me. Of course, we don't have the results of anything yet, but I feel better about it.

I think my unborn baby hates me. It's killing me over here. Used to be the best thing about pregnancy (to me) was feeling the baby move, now I can't wait for it to get out and do it on the outside. It continues to pummel my bladder, kidneys and diaphragm. I even got some wrenching pain on my spine last night. It never stops. Even people not looking for it can see it's quite creepy.

OK, Sanjaya and his whacked out do slid by another week. If it weren't for Melinda I wouldn't watch that show anymore. I was also really disappointed in the media when every dern show had that unstable little girl who was crying over him last week. People starving, people dying and that's big news.

I know I got memed last week ya'll.....I'm working on it, I swear.

My mom is coming next Friday. Yeah! I have been living in fear that I would go into labor in the middle of the night (like I did with the other two) and have to drag the boys with us to the hospital. I have a couple families I might call if it happened during the day, but no one I would feel comfortable enough waking to help us out. I will feel ready to go once Mom gets here and I know she can handle the overnight shift.

I am seriously craving grits and sweet, sweet tea. I have lived in the south way too long.

OK, PlainJaneMom got me hooked on Maya's Mom. I may not have friends in my neighborhood, but I have lots of friends on the web, yo. I may need to use Jacob's tv timer to limit my computer time now. The whole point of being a SAHM is to actually spend time with your children, must remember that.


JNas said...

I'm sure the boys are glad to have you back home!
I like Melinda on AI but she has no neck...I'm just saying...she can sing though so I guess that doesn't matter!
I'm glad your Mom is coming, So hurry up and have that baby when she gets there because the suspense is killing me!!

Miss Hope said...

Having been born and raised in the South, I'd say grits and sweet tea are wonderful things to crave! When my almost 3 year old skips his nap and is very foul by supper? I fix a pot of grits and he fills up. Ahhhhhh.....those grits hit the tummy and expand and that boy sleeps spread out on his back, unable to move from the grit goodness in his system.

Glad you got some time for yourself. Nothing better to charge the batteries.

Sadie said...

I'm excited that you're almost ready! I'm also glad your mom is coming, that will have to be a load off your mind.

Can't wait to meet Lucy Petunia!