Wednesday, September 06, 2006

And So It Begins......

I have been pregnant for a week...or at least known about it for a week. I can honestly say that aside from the awkward moment when I told my mom and sister about it, it completely slipped my mind the entire weekend. I had no symptoms whatsoever, nada, nothing.

Until now.

Tooling through the Kroger, I was blindsided by the wretched smell of seared chicken flesh. Spontaneous gagging ensued. That was just the beginning....

I can no longer even look at my toothbrush without developing dry heaves. But brush, I must, so I toil through. Brush, brush, gag, brush, brush, gag. Rinse, spit, puke.

I can only eat french fries and cold ones at that. Anything else falls to the pit of my stomach and stays there...all day.

I cry at anything. Yesterday it was Crocodile Hunter and Katie Couric. Today it was Sesame Street because how cute were those girls playing in that doll house and then those mean kitties came and crashed it all down but I love the kitties because they are just like my kitty and my kitty is getting old and could die in, say, eight years, and oh that would be so horrible and, Oh, Lord, my kids keep getting old and one day they won't want to watch Sesame Street but grow up, marry some skanky girl and spend their holidays with her family, then I will die all alone, with just my cat.

I want to sleep all day, but can't sleep at night because of the insomnia. Wretched hell.

And this is only the beginning.....just shoot me now.


Amie said...

Well, at least a lot of symptoms is a sign of a healthy pregnancy!

Lori said...

Ewww...sounds a LOT like my pg symptoms! I lived on cheese toast for weeks. I'll never forget a co-worker hugged me when she found out that I was pregnant (with Colin). She was wearing some God AWFUL perfume and it made me want to wretch the entire 30 minute commute to my home. I ran to the shower as soon as I made it to the house, but I could SWEAR I still smelled it for days after that! I hope these symptoms ease up for you soon, but I agree..hopefully it means all is well with that little peanut! :) Oh....can you take benedryl to help you sleep, or is that only in the second trimester?? ((hugs!))

OneHungMan said...

Hmmmm...leads one to believe that God is probably a male, huh?

OneHung is convinced you've raised the boys well enough so far, and will continue to do so, that they might marry skanky women, but no way do they spend the holidays with "them."

YoungHung is usally pissed off at OneHung, but he would still rather be with Daddy because Daddy spends more time with him than anyone outside his school. Sounds like you do the same, so have no worries.

Michelle said...

Sorry to hear it's starting to hit you so bad! :( I remember having the gag reflex when brushing my teeth too...oh it was awful! Here's hoping it doesn't last too long!

firstborn said...

HIT andria!!!!!!!!!!!

xo, mary ann

Lynsey said...

Totally just made me rethink this whole baby-making process we are in. :-) Just kidding. I guess it's all worth it in the end?? I hope?? Until the skanky girl comes along anyway...

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