Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I'm Wearing Black Today To Mourn the Loss of Summer

Who the hell thought it was a good idea to start school before Labor Day?

I don't get that. I don't like that. I'm entitled to three more weeks of summer.

It's 100 degrees out. I should be sleeping late. Not fair.

And my kid's not happy about it either.

It was really nice to have the break from the bullies this summer. Jacob was mostly pleasant these past two months. No doubt because he wasn't being scared on a daily basis. The past few days, though, have been a little stressful. There were a few tears. The uncertainty of all that would be third grade took it's toll.

We spent the last day of summer at the arcade and the cinema and, of course, Waffle House. We were rebels and skipping the open house. NO WAY were we spending the LAST DAY at SCHOOL! But then the lightning came as we were crossing the street to the pool and we didn't have anything better to do right then so we went. Begrudgingly we went. Dang. We weren't rebels after all.

I am glad we went.

Finding out he was in class with last year's best bud, first grade's best bud, and many of his kindergarten buds really eased his mind. That and seeing that two of his bullies are in different classes and the other doesn't even go to school there any longer made his day.

And the teacher seems really nice.

She looks nice. Right?

I feel a little better about it, too. A little.

I didn't want to take him to school today. I feel worse about it this year than I ever have. I know how bad it was. I know how bad it can still get. Also, I just like having my kid home with me all day. I liked knowing him during the day. In my heart I'm starting to feel like a homeschooling parent. I'm just a homeschooling parent who isn't allowed to home school her kids. This makes me sad.

I want those three weeks.

So my baby started third grade today.

I taught third grade. Those kids were big. I have a baby. How can this be?

When I started blogging he was in preschool. Adam starts preschool after Labor Day as it should be. My kids. They are growing up too fast.


Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

Hope his year is 1000% times better than you project. Justin's 3rd grade year was his BEST EVER. In fact, his ONLY good year. Of course, 4th sucked, but you knew that already...

Heidi said...

AMEN! We had orientation for my baby boy's preschool yesterday and I cried. Like a goober, I cried. My 2nd grader started a week ago! Geeze, why oh why are they torturing us?

Miss Hope said...

Time just flies by crazy fast. Next year I'll 3 kids in three different schools (elementary, middle, and high). I am blown away by the fact that it really would be smart to start Christmas shopping NOW. Time. She's crazy for sure.

gingermagnolia said...

I hope he has a much better year this year. Maybe in a class with nicer kids/teacher, he'll gain more confidence.

Your new layout is super cute!

Aunt Murry said...

He's so cute! I hope he has a better year than last year.

Aimee said...

He's so handsome! I can't believe you have a 3rd grader! I have a 1st grader! Whoa!

Shane said...

Payton is really struggling in third grade. His teach is the "devil's princess" he says. She much more strict than his other teachers have been. I know it's a BIG learning year, but come on, he's a baby too. :(