Friday, October 09, 2009

Kroger, We're Breaking Up.

I hate Kroger.

Why do I keep going there? Oh sure, they have double and triple coupons and sometimes I can come home with some free food, but is it really worth the hassle that I get every. single. time I go there?

I'm starting to think that's a no.

I am on a grocery budget and I follow it carefully. I buy what is on sale and we go from there. It makes life interesting because the kids never know what kind of snacks they're going to receive and Jacob rarely takes the same lunch twice.

Although I am not allowed to grocery shop until October 15th, I went today anyway because Kroger had some produce on sale and I needed two cans of beans to make some chili. I figured I could use my birthday cash and get out of there under thirty bucks. It was more like fifty bucks and I stuck to my list. It wasn't until I returned home that I realized all that produce I thought I was getting at the sale price, was priced wrong. All of it. My 87 cent red leaf lettuce was $2.49. My 99 cent green beans were $2.49 a pound, 4 buck for those beans. My 88 cent apples were $1.49. And my $1.77 strawberries were $2.99. That. Is just unexceptable.

I know you're wondering how I missed all that. Well, Kroger has some weird wonky computer check out system where the item rings up at full price but then it subtracts the amount you should save. It is extremely frustrating trying to do all that double and triple digit math in my head while the checker is scanning fast enough to beat Mach 1. And? I had two cart diving kids with me. And I had to bag my own groceries. So, yeah, I missed that intentional error blunder.

I swear, I've gone to Kroger since we moved here, although rarely more than once a month just for this reason. I even go to a different Kroger now that we've moved and it's the same damn thing. I admit I've gotten sucked in to their coupon/sale deals, but I don't think I can do it anymore. I mean, it's now pouring down the rain outside and I need to drive all the way back to that place, take my kids out of the car, drop them into another swine flu laden cart, and attempt to get my bill fixed. I've done this before. They usually fight with me. Or give me a load of shit for not catching it while I was in the store to which I say....UM...isn't it Kroger's job to get the prices right?

My guess? They misprice the things on purpose. Most people don't go through their receipt with a fine tooth comb like I do. I've even been in the check out and pointed out to people in front of me that their items are ringing wrong and they just don't care. Must be nice for those people, but I don't have hundreds of bucks available to just throw away once a week. I think the stupid computer is part of their plan and the fast checkers are taught to go that quickly so you can't catch the mistakes.

I love HEB. The checkers aren't running a race. Their computer shows only the price they are going to charge you. I have never, NEVER, had anything ring up wrong there.

Sorry, Kroger. I know some people think you're the best grocery store ever, but I've given you a butt load of chances and you're just not doing it for me. Maybe you're meant to be with someone else. I just can't continue feeling this way every time we get together. I tried, really I did. But it's time for me to move on and commit to HEB. Yes, I'll miss those 49 cent Vitamin Water weeks and it will be hard to live without my Big K Vanilla Cola, but I can do it. I HAVE to do it. Not only for me, but for my budget. And my sanity.


Jana said...

I gave up Kroger about a year ago for similar reasons even though it's less than a mile from my house. I'm now a diehard HEB fan. It's one of the big, fancy ones, so the prices may be a bit higher, but it's clean, the staff is ALWAYS nice and there's no stupid "discount card", either!!

Fran said...

I would KILL for an HEB up here. All I have is Walmart and Brookshire's which is so overpriced it is ridiculous and I only go there if it is something I really need and it's on sale, or if they are the only ones who carry it. *sigh*

Mommy Daisy said...

No Kroger in our town, but I know what an inconvenience things like that can be. We have Meijer, Aldi's, Walmart, and a local grocery chain- Ray's here. I shop at Meijer and Ray's because of their sales and coupon policies. Working with a budget can be tough sometimes, but like you said it's probably better to have a store you can deal with too.

Erin said...

There is a Kroger in Michigan where my dad and stepmom live and it drives me crazy. The checkers scrutinize every coupon as though you are taking the money from THEIR paycheck.

I much prefer to go to Aldi and Wegmans here in New York. Aldi has great prices and Wegmans has a kick-ass gluten-free section.

Dana said...

I'd be pissed. It's SO freakin expensive to feed your family nowadays and I just can't afford to have the grocery stores making mistakes all the time like that. And seriously, do I have the time to check their work? NO! I do wish we had ANY grocery stores that offered double or triple coupons but we don't....that sucks!

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

I'm an Aldi/Walmart gal myself. You can't beat Aldi's prices.