Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thirty Days

We were able to get in yesterday with the child psychiatrist due to a cancellation. Thank you canceller.

I liked her much better than the last guy. We met with her an entire fifty minutes as opposed to the maximum six with the other guy. She also actually spoke to Jacob and asked him how he felt which, wow, yeah, maybe the kid going through it all can give some feedback for once. I was, however, a bit confused when she refused to prescribe some anti-anxiety medications. She agreed he has anxiety and ODD (oppositional defiance disorder) but we're going to lower his patch dosage and supplement that with a three hour pill in the morning while the patch is taking effect.

O. Kay.

We haven't been anywhere today so I can't say anything about the anxiety, but the ADHD? It's there. In full force. In fact he's screaming just for the pure hell of it as I type. That's what $180 buys me I guess. Thirty more days of this.

Oh, joy.

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Miss Hope said...

Oh heck, here goes the medication dance again. I hate that dance with a passion that is insane. Right now I'm at a steady waltz with my son, but I know the tempo is going to change and I'll be dancing to that tune again.

Are they having you do a behaviour journal? I had to do one with my son and that binder got thick quick. I had to write down days, times, actions, name it. I hated that binder, too.