Monday, February 18, 2013

School Update

So we are quickly skating into March and I haven't paid the re-enrollment fee.  Yet.

I met with the junior high principal of the private school last week.  We have gotten no information about that transition so I felt a chat was in order.

The man was nice enough, but, eh, I guess I was expecting too much.  I wanted the we-want-your-kid-here-to-get-a-Christian-education-and-since-you're-paying-we'll-do-everything-we-can-for-you conversation, but what I got was the ole kids-will-be-kids-junior high-is-hard speech.

I can't really say I am surprised.

He did say he would arrange for him to have a top locker next year!   Whoopee!

What I basically took away from it that helps me is:

*65 students in seventh grade
*8 classes with one study hall, one fine arts elective, and (ugh) gym.
*they can drag their backpack all day long, no rules about that as opposed to the public school
*no bully policy, but any issues will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis as necessary
*no learning lab, no academic accommodations, but tutoring offered every afternoon (for free) in most subjects.
*only a handful of teachers who teach the 8 subjects, so he will likely only deal with 3/4 teachers again.

Tomorrow I meet with the principal of the neighborhood middle school.

Friday I meet with my neighbor who homeschools her boys (Jacob's friends) through Texas' K12 virtual academy (computer based learning).  She has so very graciously offered to teach Jacob while I work, but I am not sold on this.  At all.  Just thought I'd listen to what she had to show me and have all my available ducks in a row before I make a final decision.

Oh, and then there was that letter sent home the day after this talk stating their would be a meeting about junior high next  year on Thursday.  I guess once the crazy lady showed up they thought it might be good to let everyone know what was going on.  I may or may not attend that since I think I got what I needed, but who knows.

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Fran said...

My friend Allison decided to homeschool her son. He is autistic and was having so much trouble at school. His transformation is nothing short of amazing. She has a blog
I don't know if that is the answer or if it would work for you and Jacob. I want so much for you to find the perfect place for him!!