Saturday, October 12, 2013


Dear Crazy French Lady,

I just wanted to let you know that my daughter's party invitation was somehow misplaced between your house and her backpack.   We would really have loved to have attended, especially since it's all your child has been talking about for weeks.  I hear it's to be a big shindig.  The rest of the parents and children have been filling us in.  They, of course, are also surprised to learn of our missing invitation.  It renders them speechless.

I know the invitation must have been lost because surely you, as a teacher, would NEVER have excluded ONE child from your fancy party.  I am sure, also, you realize that if you send the invitations to school you have to send one to everyone in the class, it's in the handbook after all.  You did read it didn't you?  Sounds like such a petty little rule, but it is Christian school.   Don't we want to include everyone, show the love of Jesus?   I mean, that IS the proper thing to do, isn't it?

Crazy French Lady, I don't really know what your deal is, but I have a very sad little girl on my hands today.   If you don't want my daughter at your house, fine, just teach your own daughter to keep her mouth shut when you blatantly exclude others from the fun.   As a teacher, you should already know the heartache this causes.  As a parent, well, I guess you can see how it is come April when your invitation gets lost in the mail.


The Crazy Lady Who Will Never Put Her Kids in French Class

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Jana said...

Ugh! The nerve! I am so sorry this happened to sweet Elizabeth. Sometimes people just suck.