Sunday, January 06, 2013


I don't know why January 1 makes me want to change things.   Why not April or October?   I guess if everyone else is doing it......

1.  We will eat more healthy foods and less junk   I can't remember everything I resolved to do in 2012, but I do know this was one of them because I did better with this than 2011.  I can still do better though.   So far I have quit making desserts and buying sweets at the store unless on a special occasion.  I also stopped buying soda and we drink only water unless someone wants milk.  I will splurge at times on the fresh squeezed juice at the store, but only that.  If the label says anything other than juice and water I won't buy it.  In the next weeks I am going to eliminate salty school snacks in place of more fruit and hopefully by the end of the year we aren't eating much processed food at all.

2.  I am going to lose twenty pounds   I've gained twenty pounds since I started working.    I am sure it's from the Thursday night pizza and quicky, fatty casseroles I've put together when I no longer have that much free time.  Probably the fridge full of soda my boss keeps stocked for us too.   I love Pepsi.  And Dr. Pepper.  I don't usually  choose the bottles of water when I see that staring back at me, but in an effort to bang out numbers 1 AND 2 that's my new plan.   I am also going to use that fancy bicycle my husband bought me two birthdays ago that has only been used twice.  And that six month old Zumba video that's still in the packaging. 

3.  No More Facebook Games  I am down to only one and I only do it once a day right before I head to bed.  I bought a new computer since I fried my fourth one and my husband refused to load Flash onto it because he is sure I am getting viruses through the games.  I was mad about that at first, but not being able to get on the games has really freed up a lot of my time and I actually don't miss them that much.  It was hard to let go of the 1000 horseshoes I'd amassed and the three plus year to get to level 110, but after a few days I realized it really wasn't all that important. 

4.  I will blog once a week   This totally counts as week 2 right?

5.  I am going to organize this house  I usually do this in the summer, but I made a conscious effort not to do it this year.  That and I just never could get into it.  I don't regret it much since I was able to mostly relax and hang with the kids, but now with the new Christmas toys it's a bit messy.  I have set aside a Friday each month  ( I am off on Fridays) to do one room.   I also ordered tons of cute stuff from Thirty-one to keep all the school stuff, mail, and my lesson plan stuff all in order. 

I will update the baby books   One day.

7.  I will say a prayer over each of my children before we head out in the mornings   I've done this a few times in the car after some excrutiatingly rough mornings and it has at least helped ME get on with my day.  If we make it a habit before it gets crazy, then maybe it will calm things here.  We have notoriously bad mornings with Jacob's meds taking half an hour to kick in, so hoping this will help, if nothing else they can leave and know no matter how loud I may get, I still love them and want God to watch out for them. 

8.  I will take my children to Disney World and I will not over plan it and just let them enjoy it
I mean, what fun is it if Mom is telling you everything that you should do?   That book just overwhelms me and my blood pressure goes up when I open it.   I booked the hotel and a couple meals and the Princess makeover.....I am done.  I want to show up and have fun now and I will pretend that letting the children run wild will make a better, understanding, teaching parent. 

Eight is enough


Jana said...

Love these - especially #7. I hope you achieve them all!

Sadie said...

I'm gonna try to do 52 posts this year too. We'll see, but I'm at least gonna give it a go.

You know, my mother recently gave me my baby book. It had like 4 things in it. And I still love her. :)