Saturday, December 10, 2005


Our neice, Laura, died in September. She was born with a rare lung disease and lived to be 14 before it was determined that she needed a transplant to live. Obviously, she didn't get the transplant. She waited 6 months for one and ended up on life support for about a week after a cardiac episode. She was a sweet girl; I hate that she missed out on the things in life she was most looking forward to....a drivers license, the prom, having babies. This is my favorite picture of her...she is with my neice, Abigail. They were very close. When we got to Florida at Thanksgiving she asked us if we had brought Laura with us. She is only 2, too young to understand the concept of death. She even had Teresa buy a Christmas gift for Laura when she realized there were none under the tree. Teresa didn't have the heart to tell her no. It will be hard on all of them to gather at the tree to open presents without Laura, we all miss her.

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