Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Oh, Christmas Tree.....

Since we won't be here this weekend, we put our Christmas tree this past weekend.

Elizabeth had a blast. For every three ornaments we hung on the tree, she ran off with one. She has a secret stash somewhere, I just haven't found it yet.

She also spent a fair amount of time saying cheese, wanting me to take her picture. I have a couple dozen more pretty much just like these. How can you turn down a kid saying cheese?

Jacob was not as enthusiastic.

Apparently it is not fun Or cool to decorate a Christmas tree with your parents when you are SEVEN! Seriously? I got only six fun family ornament hangings with him? I feel gipped.

Thank goodness I had my cheesy girl to make me feel better about it.

Adam missed it all together because he chose to spend the weekend with his grandparents. But because I love him too and don't want to leave him out, even if we did have super family you're-causing-me-to-miss-Ben10 fun without him, here he is:

Christmas in November. Not how I planned it, but ready for it anyway.


Aunt Becky said...

You'll have to let me know how she does with the Christmas tree. I'm so afraid of the damage that Alex may inflict upon it.

4funboys said...

I want a tree... can you do mine???

Miss Hope said...

My 14 year old informed me last night when we were putting up our tree that she *hates* doing it and has never liked it. I said, "Oh, really?"

I then went on to inform her that she will keep her mouth shut and smile whilst decorating and when she got her grinch butt out of my house she could exercise the option NOT to have a tree up where ever she lived.

Sounds like we had a family blast decorating, doesn't it?