Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Strange Addiction

Do you watch that show?  Wow.  That's all I have to say about that.

I feel I can't judge because I have my own issues.

I can't.  Stop.  Buying.  Clothes.

For my kids that is.  I'm still wearing the new clothes I bought for my honeymoon.  Well, the shirts anyway.

Obviously you can tell this is Elizabeth's closet.   You may have seen it before....It's only gotten worse since then.

Yesterday, Wednesday, I drove Jacob two towns over to his summer art camp and was in the direct fire of a few of my favorite resale stores.  Now, I don't go there often because, well, they're two towns over and you've seen gas prices and, honestly, I just dont' like to be in the car with my kids that long AND, well, you see the closet.  I knew how close I was but I resisted because I know my children have plenty of clothes.  I did well on Monday, and even Tuesday, but I had some extra time to kill on Wednesday and I was pulled into their orbit where I became $65 poorer.  Almost everything I purchased was sixty percent off secondhand prices so I came out with a big bag.  I even had some things for the boys.  Two shirts and a pair of shorts.  The rest, all for for Elizabeth.

The guilt.  All mine.

She didn't need any of it, even if I did get a brand new Gymboree outfit for $7, she did not need it.   Especially since last week I spent $70 at JCP, $25 at Target, and the week before that I spent a whopping $80ish at Old Navy.  BUT IT WAS ALL ON SALE AND I GOT REALLY, REALLY SUPER DEALS ON ALL OF IT.

This morning, when I took the pictures, I counted 80 dresses, 88 skirts, and 72 tops crammed into her walk-in closet.

There were only a handful of pants/shorts in her drawer, maybe 10 total, so I didn't take a picture of it (also it was very messy).  She did, however, have 22 swim suits.  What can I say?  We do go to the pool a lot.

I didn't count the bows either because I wouldn't get an accurate count since they are all over the house.  Bows are expensive.  She usually doesn't keep them in her hair long so why do I buy them?  She could really get by with a clippie barrette every day, but what fun would that be?  I never thought I'd be a bow mama, but I am.  *sigh*  

She wanted a short hair cut this week so we won't be using those bows as much anyway.

They are having a $1 sidewalk sale at another store I'll pass this afternoon.  I am so hoping my car stays straight and goes only where it needs to go today.


Fran said...

My daughter definitely has more clothes than her brothers and she likes clothes but since she is almost always in just her undies at home I have been less tempted to buy them for her at every turn. Just as ong as I don't see anything with My Little Pony on it or (god forbid) a pink shirt with any superhero logo on it. Or anything purple since it is her favorite color.
Of course now that I am about to live smack between the Woodlands and Willowbrook, I am a little scared...but then again she will be in school and I never buy anything without it being tried on first....mostly ;)

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

Girl.... You need an intervention! I get the cuteness factor of girl clothes, but count how many days there are in a season and figure out how many outfits she has. The possibility of wearing the same outfit more than once may not even exist if she has that much stuff!