Friday, January 04, 2013


Okay, so the Thanksgiving posts didn't happen.   In a nutshell, I have a lot to be thankful for, maybe I'll elaborate on that in November.

Anyway, Kether has inspired me.   I am going to attempt to blog 52 times this year.  Yes, you read that right.   Once a week.   Wouldn't that be awesome?  I mean, if anyone really reads my drivel anymore.  If nothing else, maybe I'll have something to print out and add to my very thin baby books.

 I am grateful to still keep in touch with many of you through Facebook (All hail the mighty FB).   I started blogging in 2005 when my middle child (Adam) was nine months old.  He is now almost eight.  Startling.  I lived in a strange neighborhood in a relatively new state with not one local friend.  Blogging got me through colic, speech therapy, a surprise pregnancy, a new job, and the still ongoing ADHD/Aspergers/Whatever the new trendy label saga.   I miss the daily blogging.  I miss my virtual friends.

Until I find something to write about next week, here is 2012 in pictures:


Adam turned seven and all three children got along for the entire day.


Then we celebrated our sweet Ezra's 14th birthday.   We had steak, bananas, BBQ, and pop-tarts.  He was very happy and showered with tons of love.


We have lots of birthdays at the beginning of the year......Jacob turned 11.  Go ahead and check out the beginning of my blog if you can't remember that this child was FOUR when I started.  Man, I feel old.


Yet another birthday.   Elizabeth, who did not even exist at the onset of this blog, turned five.  FIVE!   I miss having a baby, but I have to say, she is a wonderful child.


Elizabeth graduated preschool.   I cried the whole time.  How blessed I was to be right next door to her for two years.  I miss her this year.


Elizabeth's first dance recital!  I actually imagined this not long after the doctor said "it's a girl!"  Costumes, dancing, the sweetness!  She loved being on stage and did fabulously!  I cried through the whole thing.


Our annual trip to The Woodlands.  This time we spent a day at Splashtown.   That was the week it flooded in The Woodlands so we cut it short and went back again in August but I forgot my camera.


School started much too early for our taste.  You can just see how happy they were about it.  I now have three school children.  No more babies for me.  *sniff*


Our precious Ezra passed away.   We still miss him.   He truly was the best dog ever.


Elizabeth lost her first tooth.  I was not ready for that.  I cried.  Again.


Adam made a diorama about the sperm whale.  All by himself.  With no help from his parents which was very evident in comparison to all the others lining the hallway.  He made a 100 and was so proud of himself.  He also did this in October.  Apparently I didn't take any pictures in November.  Oops.


We went to the Hyatt Regency Lost Pines in Bastrop, TX for a weekend thanks to Derick's company.   It was absolutely awesome and I did seriously consider canceling our March Disney trip to go back.  Two days was not enough.

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