Sunday, January 27, 2013

Dog Gone It

I miss my dog.  

Fourteen and a half years was not enough.  

The house is very slowly losing all the hair.  And the smell we used to hate but now seek on every little thing we find we had forgotten we had, like the dozen green stuffed frogs minus their eyes and squeakers shoved under some scrapbooking supplies in the garage because we were trying to get rid of that same smell we now miss.  

Someone has offered to give us her two year old chocolate Lab because she just doesn't have the time nor energy to devote to his time and energy now that all her children have left the nest.  The kids really want him, but I don't know.   I miss MY dog.  I want MY dog.  I don't want someone else's dog.  Just mine.  Right beside me.  Right now.  Stinking up my carpet and begging for my pizza crusts.   

Could I even love another dog?  Do I even want to love another dog?  They die you know.

I miss my dog.


Aunt Murry said...

I lost my first baby, a yorkie, last year at this time. She was my first. She will not be my last. Wait until you are ready. You can love another dog. I miss my girl.

Sadie said...

This made me cry at my desk. I'm so sorry Andria. I know it will be hard to decide it's time, he was such a great dog and an impossible act to follow.