Thursday, August 16, 2018

Is Anybody Out There?

So now are you singing Pink Floyd?

Well?   Is anybody out there anymore?  

I sure miss blogging.   When I started Jacob wasn't even in preschool yet.     He will graduate in nine months.   From high school.   Really!

Adam is in 8th grade and Elizabeth will be starting middle school (6th) next week.   It doesn't seem possible but then at the same time it does seem possible.   What is that they say?   The days are so long but the years are short?   Something like that.

I taught preschool the past eight years and loved it (mostly).   I quit in May and will be a stay at home mom again until next school year when I hope to go back.   Hopefully this newfound free time will help me be able to blog more.  

Raising three kids to adulthood is a hard thing to do.   Who knew?   Maybe I can work through some of our issues here, maybe someone is going through the same things and could use some support?   Isn't that why we all started blogging in the first place?  

Let me know if you are out there?


Krys72599 said...

I'm here... I'm not blogging anymore, well, once a year maybe? Want to retire so I can spend more time on the computer. If it wasn't for Instagram (totally addicted, I am!), I wouldn't know what was going on with any of my internet pals!
Glad you're still here!!!

Star said...

I'm here! And wondering how you are doing form time to time. I was never a big commenter, but always read you!

No blogging here either anymore, facebook & Instagram ate my blog :)

Unknown said...

I never comment but I follow!