Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I Already Need a Vacation

Jacob has been in school over a week now. Every afternoon he gets in the car and says, "It's four o'clock! I was at that school ALL DAY" I snicker at him because he's so funny about it, but he's right, he's there ALL DAY! This, though, is his only complaint about school.

I have a few complaints though.

1. Jacob came home two days ago with the pink portion of a triplicate form about dress code violations. He received a demerit for not wearing a belt. If he receives five demerits he could be kicked out of school. Three and we are having a heavy meeting with the big guns. The form stated in his teacher's fancy handwriting, that if he did not wear a belt the following day he would have detention after school for an hour. All school detention where he would sit with the high school kids as well. What will they do if he actually misbehaves you ask? Well...

2. The teacher's discipline plan is to move a child's paper bear on a popscicle stick to another can if he/she misbehaves. Anyone who has a bear in a white can at recess must run two laps around the football field. WTF? Although this might work for Jacob as there is no way in hell he will want to exert himself at all.

3. I am sick of the constant plea for donations. I pay plenty in tuition each month to cover all my child's needs. My child does not need a concession stand at the football field. I refuse to fund that and you can't guilt me into changing my mind.

4. A paper came home asking parents to sign up to teach an art project once a month. Isn't that what the teacher is getting paid for? I agreed to do one, but was told I would not be allowed unless I left the little ones at home. I won't be doing art this year.

5. We were required to attend an orientation last night at 7 p.m. The same orientation we got last year. The meeting where the headmaster lets you know that television watching is not allowed, you can only listen to Christian music, you should be feeding your children healthy meals, and the kids should be in bed by 7:30 each night to get enough sleep to have a good Christian school day. We were at that meeting until 10 p.m. With our kids. Thank goodness I had that Ipod.

6. After the late night orientation, I asked Jacob's teacher how he was behaving in class. She paused then said that he was very "enthusiastic". She didn't seem to like that he always has his hand raised to answer questions, even if he may not know the answer. Now, what's wrong with that? I kind of want my kid to have the confidence and self-esteem to speak up and take part. So what if he doesn't know it all, isn't that the point of school?

Yes, yes, I know. It's private school. They have to right to institute any and all rules they desire, but seriously. It wasn't this rigid last year. I liked it so much better last year. My child is six, not sixteen. School should be at least some fun. I have thought about removing him and placing him into our neighborhood school, but he would be heartbroken. He likes this school. His friends are there. He doesn't know that school could be that much more fun.

Only 172 more days to go.


ChupieandJ'smama (Janeen) said...

The whole "begging for money thing" is getting on my nerves too. We are expected to sell magazines here in a few days. And each child is expected to sell at least seven. SEVEN? I thought I'd buy one, but seven? Who am I supposed to sell these too? My In Laws are on Social Security. I can't expect them to spend $20.00 each on magazines that they don't want. I see a trend here.... Why don't they just charge us more money and lay off this lame stuff.
Sorry about the demerit. For a belt? I'll have to remember that for next year. Kindergarteners don't wear uniforms this year so I don't have to worry about this stuff. Good thing. The boy wouldn't wear his belt to school today.

OneHungMan said...

Yes, it is private school, and yes they can do things the way they want, but you're right, school is supposed to be sort of funnish.

YoungHung will be going to private school as well, but OHM is putting it off as long as possible because of all the crap you just wrote about.

Dana said...

Gosh, that school sounds kind of harsh to me. I hope the education is worth it because it seems the school staff are lacking in people/social skills! I be you pay a small fortune for it too.....are the public schools not good in your area? I think I'd be wanting to make some changes already!

Crazed Nitwit said...

Did you sing him up for military school by mistake? Cress code violations? OK make the kid feel bad even tho Mom does the shopping. I think I would have gone off them but that's me. You are much too nice to even consider it. I hope things get straightened out quickly.