Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Where Did The Summer Go?

How is it time for school to start already?

I cannot believe my baby is a big first grader! Can we rewind five or six years so I can enjoy those days instead of wishing them away like I did the first time? Why was I so anxious for him to learn things? I miss Gymboree. I want to go back to Gymboree. That was fun........

Oh, so little.

I've been told that all you ever really need to know you learn in kindergarten, so why don't I just go pick up my boy now and we'll go back to enjoying jammies until 10, a little Noggin, and maybe I'll make him a pot of gumbo since he loves it so much.

No, that would never work.

He is excited to be in school, although I think he will freak a little when he realizes he isn't going home at noon. He sits right in front of his bestest school buddy, so I am relieved he doesn't have to muddle through the day alone. He has oreos in his lunch so it should be a good day for him.

Mama, though, is lost without her resident pappy retriever, laundry toter, Adam entertainer, and Elizabeth giggle-inducer.

Mostly, I just miss having him around all day.

They were hard sometimes, but those preschool years sure were fun while they lasted.


ChupieandJ'smama said...

Oh NO!! You're making me cry.... I.Must.Enjoy.Everyday. I guess I should go let mine out of the "naughty corner" now, huh?

Colleen said...

Oh my! What a grown up boy in that first picture! I'm having some of the same feelings... and Zoe is only 2. I just wonder how those 2 years are just gone... and it really makes me realize how soon the time will come where she'll be gone to school all day.

Sadie said...

Oh my, he does look grown up. First day of school, I used to LOVE the first day of school!

I hope he has a great day! And you, too. ;)

JaniceNW said...

Wait until your BBB is about to be a junior in high school! If Brennan had lived, he'd be starting middle school. I feel very very old now. ;)

Tracey said...

I miss Gymboree, too. And travelling with ONE child. And feeling like we had sooooo many years with them. Now, I know they are slipping away and there's not a thing I can do to slow it down.


Miss Hope said...

Trust me. One day you will LOVE summer vacation from school and be SO ready for school to start back after a week or two. You'll find your sanity depends upon it.

p.s. I cry every year on the first day because it's one step closer to them being grown and gone.