Thursday, October 11, 2007

It's My Lucky Week

A while back, Janeen so nicely gave me some kudos in her blog by passing along this:
I am sure she thinks I have forgotten about it, but I haven't. It really felt nice to know that someone out there finds my daily drivel to be interesting and thinkable, especially when I don't make special effort to be that way.

Then, she was nice enough to give me this:

When, honestly, it's you people who are nice to me!

Then, the other day, Janice sent this my way:

So, my mission following these bestowals, was to pass it along to five other bloggers who make me think, are really nice, and really give thought to what they write about. I have tried all week to narrow it down to five and I just can't. Picking a "winner" makes me kind of feel like those snotty girls at the grade school sleepovers who insisted upon having beauty contests where they were deemed most beautiful and I always came in last or got some sort of consolation prize like best reader or something. I didn't want anyone out there to wish Bloody Mary would actually show up in the mirror and cart me to hell, so I decided not to decide.

I have a blogroll full of people who make me think everyday. I have learned about life-threatening allergies, limb differences, ADD, speech delays, adoption, autism, and homeschooling. I have made connections with other moms and dads who try the best they can to raise their children and the fact that they sometimes struggle, makes me feel better about the fact that I sometimes struggle. I have made friends with people I might pass on the street and never recognize, yet know that they will be there to comfort me should something bad happen and share in my happiness when something good does. I got more comments and well wishes and concerns from my net friends when my mom was sick and when we found out we were having a baby than from my real life friends. That says something. Maybe that I don't have many friends and should step away from the computer, but it was appreciated nonetheless. So, see friends, there is no way I could choose just five bloggers. I consider you all to be nice, reflective, thinking bloggers as you make me think and laugh and relate every day.


Shane said...

Wow! Congrats to you!! You always have me laughing while I'm reading your posts. You just crack me up. And, I really appreciate your help with the IEP mess a while back. Thanks for being my bloggy friend. :)

Lynsey said...

aaawwwww, such a sweet post! I love all my fellow bloggers also, but you are truly one of my personal faves. Now that I think about it, we've been "blog friends" for over a year now. Cool! :-) Thank you for all of your kind thoughts and comments, they really do make my day.