Monday, December 03, 2007

Can They Move Christmas to March?

Can Christmas be cancelled?

I'm just not in the mood for it this year.

I am usually very eager to begin the yuletide season, but, damn, I'm still cleaning up from Halloween. Seriously. The costumes are still draped across the upstairs banister and my middle child is sitting on the floor in the pantry eating out of his trick-or-treat bucket as I type. Can we just pretend it's Halloween a while longer? And I don't even like Halloween.

Usually, I'd be wrapping and baking and listening to Christmas carols by now, but I haven't even made a small dent in the Christmas list. I don't even know where to start. I hate going out this time of year. When I went out on Friday, I was smoked on, yelled at, flipped off, and shoved just trying to get some holiday jammies at the Old N*vy. Who says everyone's just a little nicer this time of year?

I might be a little more motivated, too, if I didn't have to listen to the husband scrutinize every single dime that's spent. My husband, he is Ebenezer Scrooge himself. He has decreed that he shall not be buying a gift for me because he does not have the time to shop and we don't have the money to spend and why should the two of us give in to the Hallmarkness of the holiday and just spend money to be spending money?? Awww, he's so romantic like that.

There's no time to string the lights outside. The tree will stay in it's box until at least Sunday. The weather's too warm, I'll be getting no Sugar Bowl tickets, and I just found out that we've been delegated to a motel for the Christmas holidays so there will be room for my sister's family, who refused to come unless they could "spread out". Bah. Humbug.

How does Santa stay so jolly? I need a little of whatever has been prescribed for him.


Lynsey said...

you sound just like i did last year, shacked up with the in-laws as our house lay in shambles. i'm sorry. wish i could make everything jollier. try some egg nog with the good stuff in it.

Jamie said...

Wow! No wonder you feel like you do. But it can only get better, right?

Never mind what anyone says or does, play your Christmas music as much and as loud as you want and just enjoy all of it.

I cannot wait to start my baking. I'm not going to wrap anytime soon because my youngest will just unwrap it all.

SydneyDawn said...

I'm thinking Santa's eggnog is spiked.

Shane said...

Christmas in March? Now, that would definitely fit into my schedule a little better! By the way...should I even mention the WVU game Saturday night?

JaniceNW said...

My, you have quite interesting family members..kinda like a few of mine, you poor thing. I, myself, did hotels, esp. with pools and room service. But that's me.

I won't get to any decorating until finals are over. I haven't really enjoyed Christmas since Brennie. I plan on trying more this year.

Tell your hubby you NEED a present as appreciation of your year of child corraling, gicing birth, dealing with a colicki baby and 2 boys whose normal speed is 85mph etc. In fact, I think you need some very sparkly!!!

OneHungMan said...

West Va's choke loss got you bummed?

Lynanne said...

repeat a holiday with kids hyped up on sugar? nononononono :) Let's just skip it and jump to May. I'm sure Santa and the Easter Bunny won't mind getting a year off.

andria said...

Yes, OH. I am hating the Mountaineers right now.

Miss Hope said...

I swear if I come up with one more present for someone I've forgotten about? I will just have to give in and get drunk for the first time since my bachelorette party for first marriage. Sounds better and better the more I think about it.