Thursday, December 20, 2007

Ho! Ho! Hum!

Five more days until Christmas.

I just want it to be over.

I haven't enjoyed this holiday season. I don't know what is wrong with me. I haven't tuned into the Christmas carols, I didn't put out the advent stockings, the tree was just thrown together out of necessity and at least half of the usual ornaments stayed in the closet this year. I think it's the sleep thing. Maybe if I weren't so bone dead tired each and every day I might be able to get into it, but so far I got nothin'.

I finally got most of the kid's shopping completed on Monday and was feeling a bit relieved and possibly even a tad jolly until I emptied my pockets onto my dresser and Jacob snuck into my room and read each and every receipt I placed there. Damn him for learning to read! I don't have the time or energy to replace that stuff so Mom and Dad are going to be a lot kinder to him than Santa this year. Maybe I should find a lump of coal and a note for his stocking and hope that 2008 is a better one for him? Santa brings grocery store gift cards. Did you know that? He's all stoked daydreaming about all the gifts he discovered when in reality I just sold most of it to his best bud's mom saving her a trip to the toy store. I'm now wondering if he'll put two and two together when he and buddy compare when they get back to school. Shit.

The husband returned last night but aside from the constant yelling at the children, I wouldn't have known it. He had a "horrible headache" rendering him completely useless except for checking his email and watching Battlestar Galactanerd on the Tivo. He's working late tonight and tomorrow and most of the weekend to make up for all the time he missed on his vacation. Oh, but it sure would be nice of me to go out in all the crowds and traffic and buy and mail his family's Christmas gifts since he just doesn't have the time. Yeah. Like that will happen.

I have to bake five dozen cookies, organize a craft, and find a white elephant gift by nine tomorrow morning. I have gifts to wrap, groceries to buy, floors to mop, and clothes to iron. And I don't iron. I need a snow day. I want a snow day. I'll take a slight dusting with chilly weather day because I feel like I'm trapped in a bad tropical vacation with this balmy weather.

Oh, and the remote finally hit the floor for the last time leaving the tube stuck on Noggin which becomes The-N after five. I can get another one for 249 dollars!

Merry Christmas!

Five more days until Christmas.

Somebody make me an eggnog please!


Lynsey said...

oh boy, somebody needs a drinkie-poo! hey, that's a plus this year right? the fact that you can atleast have a few drinks this year? i would get right on that.

Mommy Daisy said...

Ugh, hope it gets better. Our poor remote is about shot too. Also, I just heard the Noggin is going 24/7 soon. There you go. ;) HA HA!

Becky said...

Lack of sleep really does a number on you, eh?

I'm sorry you're not feeling it this year. Lot's of love and vodka ;)

JaniceNW said...

Oh my The nightmare at Andria's the night(s) before Christmas! You poor thing. My hub used to pull the same kinda crap when he traveled and the boys were young. There are entire weeks After 2-9-91 I don't remember, I was so sleep deprived.

I am impressed by your restraint. Can I come by and knock some sense into your spouse?

I hope things ease off rapidly.