Monday, May 26, 2008

Please Give Me Some Space

So everything is falling into place with the new house. After a six hour inspection with the most thorough home inspector in Texas, new brown house was deemed perfectly livable so we're just waiting for Wells Fargo to get their ducks in a row for the closing on June 3.

Why yes, that's next week. It only took the husband eight years to want to leave the current neighborhood, but once his mind was made up he certainly wasn't going to waste any time staying here.

I think he's just a little giddy over his brand, spanking new study.

You see, the husband has always wanted a study. He's always talked about one day having a room in our home that belonged only to him, a room to hold all his junk treasures that he'd keep under lock and key, his sanctuary against the cold cruel world of the family he so desperately needs to escape from on a daily basis. Of course, it doesn't matter that he already has his own private Idaho currently known as his office that none of us have or ever will see, but yeah, yada yada something, he deserves a study, he wants a place in the house all to himself, whatever.

I don't have any pictures of the study, though, because I am not allowed in it.

I'm okay with the husband having his little piece of solitude in the new house. Really. The kids will all have their own bedrooms, why not? Then I began to wonder, um, where's my private place? Where do I put my things? Where can I go to escape the noise and confusion?

Well, um, looks like right here.

I get this little, private nook off the dining room. It's the perfect spot, so I've been told, to place my laptop and the drawer is just right for holding pencils and paper and my daily calendar, it's organizational heaven right there with a granite countertop!

I. am. so. lucky. I mean, who needs a private study when you have that?

Oh, and the husband did say I could have the laundry room. Really. I can have the laundry room. I can share it with the cat who does her private business there. Don't ya'll be jealous now. My husband is smart AND generous.

I'm wondering if there's a way to squeeze a recliner in there.


Lynanne said...

Don't feel bad - i ended up with a corner of our bedroom closet. I had a desk in the study until my husband plopped his computer down on it. You see, when I became a SAHM, someone figured I needed LESS room for myself since I'm home all day long. Hrumph.

BethGo said...

You know you can always put the boys together and use the room as your own space. That's what I did.
And my boys like being together so it's a win/win situation.

Crazed Mom said...

I'm thinking of visiting you just to smarten up your hubby. What century is he in?

I know how you feel except my family room is really my room. My 17yo will only come in here when I'm gone to watch the HD tv. I decorated in my blues and oceany stuff and it's mine. I feel most at home here.

Don't be surprised if you feel restless in the new place. It takes me awhile to settle in.

I'll be praying for ya in the move. Hugs.


Aunt Becky said...


Dave, too, has an office with a door. And me? My iMac sits on THE DINING ROOM TABLE.


MARY-ANN said...

It's time like this that I love living alone, All the space is MINE!!!!
Thanks for stopping by my blog and yes if you havent jumped on the CVS band wagon yet, you defiantly need too! Check out Money Saving Mom's blog and click on her "CVS 101" lesson. It tells you everything you need to get started. Warning... It's very addicting!! hahaha

Lynsey said...

oh you poor thing. If anyone needs space around there it's you. Good luck with that tiny little cubby you have along with the laundry room. I'm almost certain you could fit a chair in there, along with a liquor cabinet...

Mommy Daisy said...

Ha, ha, ha! This would be what would happen in our house. I do like the idea about putting the two boys together and using a room for yourself, though. I used to have a "craft/hobby" room but I gave it up for our son. And my hubby still has an least he lets me have a little cabinet to use in there.