Friday, July 11, 2008

Random Thoughts From a Frazzled Mind

My husband has been on a business trip all week. It was unexpected. He left for work on Monday and then flew up north that afternoon sending me a short text letting me know of his departure. Nice. Turns out his colleague returned yesterday, but the husband, he'll be staying through the weekend to "monitor" the situation. And by "monitoring" he means taking a detour to his old hometown for a little family reunion. I haven't been away from my kids even to use the freaking bathroom since November when I spent three hours at a college night with somebody else's kids. Must be nice to have a little free time. Pshaw.

That's all I have to say about that.

I've been in extensive talks with our realtor about a potential offer on our old house. Apparently the wanna-buyers have financing but they're having "a little trouble" coming up with a down payment and will "definitely need help" covering their closing costs. Basically, the wannas wanna us to pay them to buy our house. Seriously. If we choose to "help out" and accept their offer, we'd pay 5,000 bucks at closing while the wannas pay $75! WTF??? And they don't even want to pay us the full asking price. BWHAHAHAHAHAHA! Crazy f*ckers. And I do believe that warrants use of the f-word today. They are using a government lender, too. No wonder we're in a housing crisis, America. Good rule of thumb when going into real estate: If you can't pay more than $75 bucks for a down payment, you probably aren't going to be able to make your mortgage payments either. AARRGGHH!

The new house doesn't have locks on the bathroom doors. Isn't that something? In fact, my master bathroom doesn't even have real door knobs, just two push doors that Elizabeth delights in throwing open at every opportunity. If I miss her, this is where I will usually find her.

And yes, there are TWO toilet paper rolls there. I really do love that. I do take delight in the little things. Of course, I am still the only one to fill them.

You must see Dan in Real Life. You won't be disappointed.

And....that's all I got. Have a good weekend.


Dana said...

You pay the closing costs? Um....I think NOT! That's just sucky.

As for no locks on the bathrooms? That's odd...dontcha think? I mean, with my housefull of boys, the bathroom is sometimes the only retreat I have. You must get some locks on those doors. It'll help preserve any sanity you may have left!

I think that when the hubs gets outta go to the grocery store and then text him that you'll be home in say.....3 days! That's fair, right?!?!

Anonymous said...

Lovin' the grocery store idea. LOL

That picture is too cute. What IS it with kids and toilets? Oh and 2 toilet paper rolls holders. That IS JUST AWESOME. You have no idea how many times I have had to reach for a diaper wipe because someone 'forgot' to change the roll. (A man of course)
Was that too much information?? I am stuck in a house with nine kids. I NEED ADULT CONVERSATION!!!

Aunt Becky said...

What.the.f*ck is wrong with people, dude? $75?

I'm insulted FOR you.

gingermagnolia said...

This definitely deserves the use of the "F" word. It really sucks to be a single mom, but it sucks even more to be a married "single mom" because you hubby is out of town. Hope you get some respite soon.

Miss Hope said...

Girl. A double toilet roll holder? That smacks of luxury in my world. I know you tallked about other stuff, but I blanked out after that picture with some kid in it. A double toilet roll holder?

Crazed Mom said...

HUGS!!!!!!!!!Your dh doesn't get it, does he? Honestly, I think you need to leave him with the kids for a full 24 hours. No phone for you, so no calls or texts. That's my dream for you. You could spend the 24 hours any way you wanted including staying at a secret location..aka a hotel you don't tell your dh about. OK I've had my fun.......

Can I send a reminder about top heavy toddlers and toilets? If they fall in head first they can drown because they cannot usually get out because their balance is top heavy.

Elizabeth is very cute! Good thing huh? My boys, when her age, adored playing with tp usually spreading it at far as it could go all around the house. :)

Wish I lived closer. I'd come check out the awesome house and babysit your kids.

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

I'm trying to be all cool and act like I'm not impressed by the double toilet paper roll thing you have going on, but it's not working. I AM impressed. And, a little jealous.

BTW, thanks for the idea. I think we'll try to get the sellers to pay our closing costs when we buy our next house. They just might fall for the little scheme.

Lynsey said...

are you serious? if they can barely scratch together $75 then they definitely might want to reevaulate the situation.

No locks on the bathrooms? WTF? I think that also warrants the F word! I'd be pissed! That will remind me to check for them with the next house we buy.

Also, I've been meaning to rent a movie. Thanks for the recommendation, maybe I'll get that. FYI- Vantage Point is excellent if you're looking for movie to rent this weekend. Sorry the husband is out of town, if anyone needs a weekend off, it's you my friend!

tonywade said...
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