Sunday, October 26, 2008

One Week Ago....

Elizabeth was eighteen months old.

A year a half old, she is. Amazing. Wasn't it just Adam who was eighteen months?

Dear Elizabeth,

I can still remember this day. It doesn't seem that long ago. I still feel a wee bit giddy when I buy a pretty dress or lacy socks. Will that ever get old?

I pulled your baby book out of the waterproof hurricane container and I almost cried when I realized I hadn't kept it up as well as I should have. I know you have more than six teeth and you had a first word. Just don't ask me what day they came. Or what the word was. It was kitty wasn't it? Adam maybe? I know since you are a girl you will want these milestones recorded and I'll try to do better from here but the fact remains that Jacob has an extensive chronicle of his baby/toddler/child days because he came first. There are advantages to being the baby. This just isn't one of them.

You are talking more. In fact, you talk a lot, we just don't understand most of what you say. It sounds a lot like babble, but there's an inflection to it that makes me think it's words you have either made up or just can't pronounce yet, either way it's very cute. Your words we do know are: Mama, Daddy, Adam (Am), Brother (brub), Ezra (e-ra), kitty, NO, baby, snack (nack) and Star Wars. Seriously. We sat down to watch the new cartoon a couple weeks ago and as soon as it started you pointed to the screen and said "Star Wars". And I don't want to forget that this past week you always say it twice, "Star Wars, Star Wars". It is really sweet, but Gammy doesn't like that she rates after your brother's latest obsession in your language acquistion.

You are a picky eater. If it doesn't contain sugar, you don't like it. You still eat baby food, you love baby food, and it's really the only way I can get a vegetable down you. You do love green peas, though. Can't get enough of those. Or bananas. Or the H*rmel Natural Honey Ham. Only that brand and that kind. How dare anyone try to sneak cheap turkey in on you. You also love cereal, all kinds of cereal. You figured out how to pull off the door knob covers and I spend a good portion of our day dragging you out of the pantry and sweeping various kinds of sugary goodness from the floor.

You are still teeny, but you're getting taller, about thirty inches now. You can wear your six month dresses, but they are awfully short so you are wearing mostly twelve month things now. With size two diapers. Size three just falls right off of you. You still face backwards in the car seat because you weigh only eighteen pounds. You don't mind it much, though, because you can see the boys better this way.

You think you are one of the boys. If they ride bikes, so must you. If your legs were longer, I know you'd just take off on Adam's little bike, but now you just scream as loud as you can and one of those boys will come running to push you and it makes you so happy. Ditto for the backyard swing. And the wagon. You love your brothers and greet them every morning with a kiss. Sure they gross out and wipe it off, but they really love it. You were smart to come last and have two big brothers to take care of you. I don't think you'll have to worry about anybody ever messing with you. Of course the dating years may be rough.

So you are eighteen months today (okay, last week). I promise I'll try to do better with the baby books. Maybe your two year post will occur on your actual birthday. Just know that we are still just as thrilled as we were a year and a half ago, Sweet Goosey Princess, and I know that will never get old.


Lynsey said...

*tears* she IS getting so big already! Why do they have to grow up so gosh darn fast?? And I have to say, being the girl with 2 brothers is rather awesome if I do say so myself...even my little brother who is 10 years younger than me, does his best to protect me in any way that he can. And my big brother was the best that anyone could ask for. Elizabeth is a very lucky little girl.

Heidi said...

Terribly sweet. Many of the things you mentioned hit home with me. The pantry, the bikes... I have a 22 month old boy and it seems like they are in the same stage. Oh, and the baby book is not kept up nearly as good as my first child.

Tracey said...

Awwww... sniff. Shoot, I PERSONALLY remember her babyhood. The discovery that she was a SHE.

Happy 18 months, Elizabeth. You sure are a cutie!

Miss Hope said...

I can't believe how fast time is just flying by. I know that sounds cliche and such, but it really is!!!

Next thing we'll see is stupid high school graduation notices. Argh. I'm gonna go color my gray now.