Tuesday, January 06, 2009

You say it's January?

It's still Christmas at our house.

Really. The tree is still up. The stockings still hung by the chimney with care. The Christmas photos just now loaded onto the computer.

I know you're probably all holidayed out, but here's our Christmas recap. In pictures.

Jacob loved the Optimus Prime that Adam bought for him. Poor Adam, though, didn't quite understand that once he opened it, it didn't immediately return back to him.

We let the kids open their gifts from one another on Christmas Eve morning. We take them shopping separately, give them ten bucks and let them pick out for their siblings. Amazing how much they love the matchbox cars and crayons that might otherwise get pushed aside by the bigger things on Christmas morning.

We went to church on Christmas Eve. Elizabeth had to have somewhere to wear the fancy dress I couldn't pass up. You can see that the fancy headband lasted all of two minutes.

And this would've been the best. picture. ever. Think I could just pencil some eyeballs in there?

The only night of the year my boys go to bed quietly, happily, and willingly.

Elizabeth. Not so much.

I know this was Jacob's only Christmas wish, but really Santa, do you know just how many of those teeny weeny pieces are covering his floor at this moment? 799. They hurt when you step on them.

That baby sure was a big hit.

Until the Bumblebee was located.

Just let us open the presents already!

My mom gave Jacob a Nintendo DS, he asked for one, but knowing he'd probably figure out what it was, she wrapped it inside a shoe box.

Pretend there is a picture of him with the most sour look on his face because my camera never would snap for that one. It was classic. I know you shouldn't laugh at your kids, but it was truly funny. "SHOES! I didn't want SHOES!" Good times.

Adam, for the record, was happy to get shoes. Of course they were Optimus Prime shoes.

And that's about it. I refused to be a slave to the camera this year and just enjoyed the moments.

The kids probably got half of what they've received in previous years which was nicer because they were able to actually PLAY with everything. No toys left in boxes or poor misfit toys unloved in a corner. One nice thing about being poor this year.

Only 353 more days until we do it again!


kelly jeanie said...

Our tree is still up too, and I don't have the excuse of a week or two away from home. I hope that makes you feel better!

Great pictures. Elizabeth and that baby are priceless. I can't decipher the look on her face there.

Mom of 4 Busy Kids said...

Ahh yes, the blasted pieces from the ATTE. Nothing like spending over a hundred bucks to drive lego into your feet in the dark creeping to the bunkbeds.

4funboys said...

cute pix...

I had to take down my real tree, or it'd burn the house down by now; and all the other trees kept getting ornamen ts broken.... so I figured we were done. With all the work it takes to put them up, I'd rather them be up longer... but you know how that goes.

Lynanne said...

My husband got upset that I took the tree down yesterday "Today is Epiphany," he pouted. He really wanted me to leave it up until January 14 (Swedish tradition) but I put my foot down on that one.

Adorable photos! I had to laugh about the legos - we've been going through the same thing here. Guess what, though? The sets get more and more pieces the older they get. :)

Burgh Baby said...

Heh. Packaging is everything. Alexis' favorite present was a plate and bowl set. She loved it because I wrapped it in a Target box. No lie.

Happy (belated, but if your tree is still up, it's all good) holiday!

Dana said...

My tree is down, has been for about a week but the dang holiday decorations are still up. It's just too hard for me to lug the storage bins up to put it all away. I must do it soon though....UGH! Sounds like you guys had a great holiday!

Maggie said...

Glad you guys had a great Christmas!! =) I loved all the pictures!

I can't believe you guys still have your tree and stuff up - guess you don't follow along with the whole decor down before Jan 1 for good luck while you eat black-eyed peas??? LOL Don't worry - we have neighbors down the road that keep theirs up until April!! LOL

Lynsey said...

I just love that photo of her feeding the baby. Too cute. I felt the same way about snapping pics as Brendan opened his gifts. I just put the camera down and enjoyed his expressions. It was so cute.

Happy New Year! Hope to see you soon and soak up some of that warm weather you've been bragging about!