Wednesday, July 08, 2009

You Asked, I Answer

I get tons of hits here every day from people wondering about Facebook.

A sample of some of the things Google sent my way are:

What happens if I ignore a friend request?

Do I HAVE to follow a friend suggestion?

Will my friend get a message if I ignore her friend request?

Did my friend ignore my friend request?

Never fear! I am here to help!

Thanks to Krys and her generosity with her Facebook for Dummies book, I can alleviate your Facebook anxiety once and for all Google searchers!

If you get a friend request you can do three things: confirm it and then maybe you can get another street for Parking Wars, ignore it and it disappears from your notification page, or leave it there to haunt you every time you log in. If you choose to ignore it, the friend will not get a message letting her know you dogged her on the world wide web, BUT, if she happens to go back and find you again it will say Add As Friend again. If you leave it there and do nothing it will say
Friend Request Pending and your "friend" can just think you never check your account.

The friend suggestion is just that. You can ignore that and no one will know the difference, unless the friend who made the suggestion is keeping track. If you request the suggested friend and he confirms it, a notification will go back to the person who suggested it.

Be careful who you add to your friend list. This winter I confirmed a request from a girl with whom I supposedly went to high school. The minute I pressed confirm, that "girl" planted a load of spyware and viruses onto my computer and until my husband could figure it all out and save it, I lost everything. I saw that everyone else in my class was friending her and I just thought I must be losing it for a bit and I'd surely remember who she was when I read her wall, but she had no wall. Just a bunch of saps "friends" from my hometown. I am now extremely careful. I know I have probably ignored requests from people I really do know because I didn't recognize their married name, they didn't have a decent picture of themselves on their profile, or they could have been internet friends who forget I don't know last names and sometimes only know pseudonyms. If you were a victim of my ignorance in that situation, I'm sorry, if you still wanna be friends, add a personal message with your request letting me know who you are.

Got any more questions?


I Am Boymom said...

Yeah...Facebook can get out of hand really quickly if you start adding folks you don't know. And I think there is a special place in Hell reserved for people who use viruses to mess up our technical lives. Seriously...Who does that?

Sarah said...

YEah...I've had to school my husband on not friending people he doesn't know...especially girsl with boobs hanging out in their profile pic. Men.

But yeah, I've left friend requests pending thinking "We werent really friends in high school...why are they friending me now?" I did eventually friend them, but only if I actually knew them. A few blogging people I've not hesitated on, others I have. Depends on how familiar with them I am.

Leslie said...

I've declined some friends, or removed them, or whatever. We didn't talk then, we don't talk now... what is the point?

If it is someone who I would pick up the phone & call, I will friend tham. otherwise... nope!! :)